(Eng) scontri e arresti a torino

Steve Wright (sjwright@vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au)
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 10:50:36 +1000

Two people arrested for a handful of rotten fish

Turin, Italy: after the forced eviction of three occupied houses, a group
of demonstrators went to the town hall to protest against the 'progressive'
mayor. The demonstration, noisy but peaceful, was transformed by the absurd
reaction of the forces of order into a showdown on Via Garibaldi. After the
speakers' area was broken up - without warning - two police officers and
one traffic warden set upon a number of people, beating them savagely.
Others were threatened by drawn weapons. Seven demonstrators were taken
into police headquarters and again beaten; two of them were arrested and
taken away to the Vallette prison. They face a whole range of charges,
including causing injury, graffitti-ing, resisting arrest, 'outrage'
against a public official, incitement and seditious assembly. In fact, all
they had done was flee from the blows of the police and traffic wardens,
along with two council officials, who had passed there by chance and asked
the wardens what was happening. The result is a 6 months sentence for Lino,
arrested Saturday and released today (Tuesday 16 January), while Bruno, who
was taken into custody with him and is still in prison, can expect some
form of house arrest.

This is not the first time in Turin that the cops have got completely out
of hand, even in situations completely under control. But it is the first
time that a sadistic traffic warden who thought they belonged to the SAS
had been encountered. It looks like the progressive council's new municipal
policy of closing off the centre of the city, of ripping up park benches
and evicting occupied houses, depends upon this sort of fascistoid force
for its implementation.