(Eng) Accusations and Demonstrations in Nicaragua (Cast)

neil birrell (neil@lds.co.uk)
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 17:58:45 +0100

Vilma Nunhes is a representative of CENIDH (Nicaraguan Centre
for Human Rights) and has always struggled to protect human
rights - I would say - in an efficient manner, protecting prostitutes
from police abuse, protecting people who have been kicked out of
their homes and she has published a report on the massacre and a
video which shows the brutality of the massacre.

A few days ago a government minister and Caldera (chief of police
and one of those responsible for the student massacre) accused
Vilma Nunhes of starting a 'boycott' against the pope (who is due
to visit in a few weeks time) and they claimed this was why she
was attacking the police.

On the other hand, in recent days, students organised visits to the
different regions of Nicaragua where they organised student
marches joining up with the students in those provinces in order to
come together for a unity march on 16th January.

This march will also be joined by those who havve lost their jobs
at Telcor (post and telecommunications) and ENEL (energy
company) after recent privatisations of both companies. I would
appear that also workers in the health sector will accompany us on
this march.

managua, nicaragua