Anarchist Black Cross Raided by SWAT (fwd)

Joshua DeVries (
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 15:40:05 -0600

Just got this today.


>>> At 1 PM Friday, January 12, 1996, 22+ tactical SWAT unit and police
>>>intelligence officers with evidence technician vans raided the residence of
>>>Jacksonville Anarchist Black Cross SG and Youth Action Movement.
>>> During the 3 hour raid police took into custody Rob Cluesman, confiscated
>>>2 legally owned shotguns, a police scanner, spray paint, stencils, political
>>>literature and computer disks.
>>> Police quarantined the 3 remaining collective members in one room of the
>>>house while other officers searched the house, took photographs of the house
>>>and members. Members of police intelligence attempted to interrogate
>>>collective members about their political activities and affiliations.
>>>Collective members refused to sign consent forms to allow a legal search.
>>> No one knows what Rob Cluesman has been charged with and have allowed no
>>>contact with him. The story has yet to fully develop, this is all that is
>>>known. More updates will follow.
>>> The situation is very serious and all ABC affiliated groups and supporters
>>>should be cautious and prepared in the event of similar occurrences.