(eng)FRANCE, our country on strike

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Wed, 6 Dec 1995 19:54:10 +0000 (GMT)

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 04:44:27 -0800
From: Dgejte from 3614 ENTROPIE <dgejte@KOMICOM.REMCOMP.FR>

On Tuesday, almost all the personel of public service is on strike,
the 'uprising' started in ROUEN (Yo, it's our town, in ~Normandie~)
with a strike of the student (Yo, most of us are students in Rouen,
and union activists on the campus, but not me, I am unemployed and
living thanx to state Welfare). The strike was stopped
when UNEF-ID(a trade union,if the word apply to students) and so-called
COMMUNISTES-REVOLUTIONAIRES were happy to have the gov renounce to
lower the budget of 12,000,000 but finally lower it of 6,000,000 Francs.
Before we even heard of the budget cut, we wanted to fight for a raise!!!
And the UNEF-ID an friends considered a 6,000,000 cut a VICTORY and
had a "fiesta" !
It was an obvious manipulation from the Juppe's GOV, but it had a
'pervert' effect, other universities got on strike to have
what the gov. called "a constructive negociation", so did the
workers from SNCF (railroad).
At the same time Alain Juppe had presented a reform of National Health
(~Securite Sociale~) and the raise of the contributions for the retirement
The opposition (~parti Socialiste~) did not protest !!!
Only the little ~parti Communiste~ protested. The First time a
president and a gov. is so unpopular, there is almost no opposition
in parliament ! Something rotten in the Republic of France...
All left-wing Unions, sometimes against their leaders, asked the
withdrawal of the whole Juppe's Project and the guarantee that
telecommunications and other services won't be privatised.
At this very moment, even the FASP (main Police Union) joined the
If the government doesn't renounce, not only the ~Service Public~ but
all the workers could take strike action (even the unemployed persons
as they are joining unions and associations are involved).
And president Chirac, direct from Cotonou, Benin (A French
African "~colonie" ) tells us : "be confident...", hu hu.

I hope u have understood at least half of that ^^^^
Anyway, are their any students on this list?
Do u intend to have trike action (or what?) in your countries?
F..K the Labour Party, F..K the ~Parti Socialiste~ this french party
that discredited the LEFT during 14 long years and made the RIGHTISTS
so strong, and the people of France so ignorant.

Raul Menfou /'De Gauche Et Je T'Emmerde' association. Rouen, France.

PS: Because of the strike of public transport : we had 560 km of trafic jam
in Paris, on monday morning. Not so good for environment :)

PS bis: The uprising here seems serious, but it could stop tomorrow...
the morning of the big evening hasn't come yet (or whatever you
say in your barbaric language for ~"Le matin du Grand Soir n'est pas
encore arrive"~ ;) )