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Dear friends,

I'd like to submit the below article for circulation via the
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Recently, the Swedish government has decided to deliver 16 people,
who on extremely justified grounds have applied for political asylum
here and who in some cases have been living in this country for more
than three years awaiting a decision on their applications, into the
hands of the oppressive and genocidal Fujimori regime in Peru.

There is great danger that such expulsions will be carried out in the
immediate future, unless sufficient pressure can be brought to bear on
"our" government for those persons - who speak so "nicely" about
"democracy", "freedom", "humanitarianism" etc, who call themselves
"socialists", even - to revoke their truly criminal decisions.

They intend to carry out torture, possibly murder, by long-distance and
on the sly. They need to be told that the blood on their hands, if they
go through with this, can be seen from afar, too.

One of several ways for readers of this to support the demand that
these decisions be retracted is by forwarding this article or part of it,
with the addition "Agree", to the government here, c/o the prime
minister, address:

Why has the Swedish social-democrat bourgeois government made
those heinous decisions, and why has it made them just now? How can
it be, also, that today it dares even think of committing such crimes?
And is this really a "wise" thing for the bourgeoisie here to do to,
considering their own interests, in which of course the well-being and
the lives of "ordinary" people, whether native or foreign-born, in reality
count for little, but where such things as power, security and profits for
themselves are the ones that matter?

These questions in my opinion contain some food for thought in this
connection for the adherents of the ideology of Marx, Lenin and Mao
Zedong, and hopefully for others, too. I'll try to give some brief answers
to them in this article.

The present immediate grave threats to several Peruvian refugees here
of course have international causes. Obviously, the Swedish
government has bowed to pressure from above all the government of
the United States, which is the most important force backing up the
extreme exploitation, tyranny and genocidal war of the Fujimori regime
against the Peruvian people.

The decisions now demonstratively to hand over refugee opponents of
that regime to it come at a time when it's quite obvious internationally
that the so-called "Operation Capitulation" mounted by the CIA of the
USA and the Peruvian SIN and directed against the PCP, the
Communist Party of Peru, which is leading the armed insurrection
against the regime, in the main has failed. The guerilla forces may have
suffered a setback because of it. But they haven't laid down their arms.
Information which despite the last months' general silence on this in the
media here has "leaked" to Sweden, too, e.g. via the Internet, shows
that the people's war in Peru continues.

This is an uncomfortable fact for the bourgeoisie of all countries, not
least for those among them who, as in the USA, in Russia and also in
countries like Sweden, get a large part of their profits from exploiting
entire foreign peoples, in the Third World and in Eastern Europe. In
their opinion, it "sets a dangerous example". They would like to have
people believe that there's "no more civil war" in Peru, "no more"
murderous oppression in the government-controlled areas, "no longer"
any arbitrary arrests or any systematic torture in the prisons, etc.

There "now is democracy" in Peru! This is the main "reason" given by
the Swedish government for its "change of practice" from 12.10.1995
onwards concerning applicants for political asylum from that country.
They're trying to convince those who in one way or another get to know of
their actions, which the media here are keeping deadly quiet about,
that political opponents of the Fujimori regime - whether they are PCP
adherents or not - "run no risk" at its hands. Will anyone believe this?

They probably are trying to sell this "argument" by pointing at the
so-called "elections" which took place in Peru last April and with which
the Fujimori/military clique tried to get its dictatorical rule "legalized".
But it's a well-known fact, at least to the readers of some of the
newsgroups that I'm posting this article to, that those "elections" were
phony and also, justly, boycotted by even more people than any
previous ones in Peru. All half-way credible reports show that the
oppression in that country is as bad as ever.

Do these recent expulsion decisions have anything to do with the
reactionary practice in Sweden as well as in some other Western
European countries in recent years to restrict the number of refugees
and immigrants in general accepted, "for economic reasons"? Hardly.

It's true that here in Sweden, which used to have a yearly economic
growth of 5% and up until 1973 recruited tens of thousands of workers
from poorer countries, the arch-reactionary "green" policies and campaigns
of the last two decades have been driven to even more extreme lengths than
elsewhere. This deliberate destruction of large
parts of the country's industrial base in recent years has resulted in
600 000 jobs being lost out of a total of 4.5 million, and so "our"
bourgeoisie now are advising would-be refugees and other immigrants
from lower-wage countries that they should stay where they are so that
they can be exploited properly and make up for that lost production.
But in this respect of course 16 people more or less make little
difference. The reasons in this case are political.

And there probably is one other and even more important political
reason why Peruvian refugees in Sweden - whether PCP adherents or
not - have come under such serious attack just now, in addition to the
interest of giving the Fujimori regime directly a hand and making
believe that "all is well" in Peru. In connection with the abovementioned
"Operation Capitulation", a certain debate just now is developing
within what you could call the international Marxist-Leninist movement
if that didn't sound too pretentious - for at the present time, this
movement is so weak and in part so led-astray as to be practically
non-existent - or within the international anti-imperialist movement, at
least. This debate in important respects involves some different
forces precisely here in Sweden, and there's reason to believe that
it's very little to the liking of the U.S. imperialists, who would rather see
that a certain important international fraud, which has worked so "well"
to their interests for more than a decade, should *not* now come under
general suspicion and attack.

It would carry too far to go into the details of the whole burning issue of
this debate in this article. I'll post more on that subject later. For now,
interested readers can only be referred to some previous publications
by me and by others, which are listed at the end of this article.

(NB: I delete this list in the version of this article submitted for
dispatch via the mailing list antiracism-eur-l.)

It must be pointed out that, if it hadn't been for that present extreme
weakness of the international Marxist-Leninist movement, the fact that
those meagre genuine forces which there may be in the different
countries are so more or less totally cut-off from each other and so
massively immersed in a sauce of completely opportunist and corrupt
forces, the government here in Sweden would never have dared to
commit such crimes as they now are planning to do. They would have
been met by massive international protest at once. Thus that
subversion which the CIA and other reactionary forces are carrying
out against that movement, a "fact of life" which certain opportunists
don't want to see and certainly avoid all mention of, also contributes
to the present grave personal danger for some people here. The
issue of this subversion must be brought up on the table and
discussed internationally!

Is it "wise" for the bourgeoisie here to go through with these crimes,
taking their own interests into consideration? It isn't. Bourgeoisie of
course is bourgeoisie, but they always have a choice between a
more extreme superpower boot-licking stand and a less extreme
one. Their decisions now to hand over political refugees to the
Peruvian murder regime largely at the request, one may gather,
of U.S. imperialism, is an expression of the more extreme lackeyism
but it's precisely this grovelling-policy that also, during the last two
decades, to such great extent has helped the superpower-sponsored
"green" extremist forces here destroy the Swedish industrial base and
cut deep holes into the pockets not only of working people here but
even into those of this country's bourgeoisie itself. Thus also in order
for them to somewhat increase and not decrease their profits - for
as long as their rule may still last - it really is more sensible for the
bourgeiosie here, too, to tell the U.S. imperialists off and *not*
continue grovelling in the dust completely to them.

No expulsions from Sweden to the Peruvian murder regime!

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