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Luis Prat (prat@sbmm1.ucsb.edu)
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*Insumiso* from Zaragoza Emilio Mormeneo was acquitted because of "technical
reasons" this past September 28th, this being the first ruling of its kind
in Aragon. The judge presiding over courtroom no. 3 had previously condemned
other insumisos, but this time she took into account the paperwork
irregularities and allowed Emilio to do his PSS, which he joined, leaving it
(PSS: Prestacion Social Sustitutoria. Substitute community service, without
pay, which those who claim conscientious objector must do in lieu of
military service. When one refuses to do PSS then one becomes insumiso. T.N.)


Several insumisos imprisoned in 2nd and 3rd degree at Torrero prison have
been denied rights such as conditional freedom or diminishment of their
sentences (something Amedo and Dominguez enjoyed very quickly). At this rate
the serving of complete sentences is going to be applied to insumisos even
before the new penal code. Responsible for this attitude are the Torrero
prison's directive team and old gizzard Luis Perez-Romero, penitentiary
overseer judge.


In view of the many inquiries, here's the list of insumisos imprisoned in
Zaragoza as of November 15.

Second degree (8):
Chavier Gimeno, Jose Antonio Aliaga "Pitu", Javier Aguado, Manolo Naudin,
Javier Clarimon, Sergio Callau, Nacho Contel, Javier Estella.

Third degree (22):
Natanael Falo, Alberto Perez, Jose Manuel Santo Tomas, Fermin Puertolas,
Eduardo Campos, Felix Romeo, Jose Ramon Zambrano, Jose Gonzalez, Luis Merin,
Martin Abril, Salvador Lopez, Chuaquin Polo, Jose Antonio Esteban, David
Burgos, Miguel Mut, Sergi Rodriguez, Alvaro Arnaiz, Ricardo Royo, Jose Luis
Pueyo, David Grima, Rafael Martin.

On October 18th Pinsoro's insumiso Jose Luis Ruiz Baines came out in
conditional freedom, he had violated the penitentiary third degree on
December 11th, 1994. Also freed were third degree prisoners David Goni and
Cesar Gobernado.


Ronal, total insumiso that was arrested this past September in Girona, was
tried on October 18th in Zaragoza, after a long time in preventive custody.
After the trial, in which he drew a 28 month sentence, he was set free. On
the other hand, Javi Ortega, insumiso from CAMPI-Aragon, did not show up at
his trial on November 14 and is now under search and capture, which brings
to 15 the number of rebellious insumisos in Aragon. In solidarity with Javi
there were a concert, vermouth and theater play at Plaza de la Magdalena on
the 14th.


The weekend of November 11 and 12 in Zaragoza the IV State's Meeting of the
Association of Families of Insumisos took place. The meetings had a healthy
attendance with people from all over the peninsula. There were debates,
particularly on the situation of jailed insumisos and there was a gathering
with release of pigeons in Plaza Aragon on the 11th.


During an act of surrender to imprisonment of two insumisos, on November
6th, the police acted up again. During a peaceful human chain that was
happening at the courthouse the police intervened in a "conclusive" manner,
as usual, charging against the chained people, identifying several and
arresting ten antimilitarists, among them the insumisos that were to go to
prison, and causing several injuries. The evening of November 11th an
antimilitary group walled up the entrance to P$OE's headquarters in Granada
and did a *pintada* which read:"So that you learn what 300 insumisos go


300 antimilitarists took part in an insumiso march this past November 12th,
called by Kakitzat, that went from Loiola's barracks to Martutene's jail.
The march was called in solidarity with two insumisos that were arrested on
the 10th after locking themselves up in the old Ventas barracks in Irun.


The National Confederation of Labor (CNT) owned, during its heyday, tens of
places, machinery, archives and, of course, militants. After the civil war
Franco took this inheritance and got busy assassinating a large portion of
iberian anarchists.

When transition came, with the "loss of memory" of 40 years of dictatorship,
the different governments "forgot" to return this heritage, that is worth
millions. However, UGT recovered a great part of their ancient holdings, and
even the state and business organizations benefitted from the old union's
real estate holdings (as is the case with the premises at Paseo Constitucion
in Zaragoza). Despite this clear discrimination and the recognition by
various court rulings of the CNT's right to its Historical Syndical
Heritage, the anarchosyndicalists haven't yet recovered but a minute part of
it (barely a few places) and that thanks to the effort of comrades in the
cities where these are located.

In Zaragoza CNT occupied more than ten years ago the premises in which it is
located today, Ave. San Jose 146-148, having received confirmation from the
Ministry of Education, who owns them, that there was no problem remaining
there, since they were not being used.
But early in 1995, the state's attorney initiated actions against the CNT
and demanded the vacating of the building's first floor alleging it didn't
belong to the CNT and that it had no right to be there. This is the begining
of the pilgrimage of the union's members to obtain an interview with the
government's delegate Pilar de la Vega, which in previous years had been
unsuccesfully tried with other civil governors. The trial goes on
hopelessly, since whoever makes the law logically always wins. After an
interview with the provincial delegate from the Ministry of Labor, it was
decided to carry out harder hitting actions and on October 6th a large group
of anarchosyndicalists, supported by members of JJLL (Libertarian Youth) and
Ateneo Libertario occupied the headquarters of the Unit of Mediation
Arbitration and Conciliation in Plaza Constitucion 12. This building, which
should be destined for union usage, houses state institutions such as UMAC
and even business institutions (besides CCOO (Comisiones Obreras, communist
labor union) always favored by the state).
Resistance continues in the premises until 23.00 hrs. when some anti-riot
units break down the first floor door and despite the barricades make their
way upstairs to the sixth floor, evicting the comrades that were spending
the night in the building. Meanwhile, in the street there are screams, boos
to the police and many passers-by on the eve of the Pilar festivities.
Once more an interview with governor Pilar de la Vega was attempted, the
date being set for November 2nd. A group of CNT members gathered at the
civil government and the cops at the door, in all their arrogance, repeated
Pili's phrase:"Today everybody can come in except the CNT". Three
anarchosyndicalists break through the security barrier and are very roughly
dragged out of the building, a machine gun rolls on the ground with the
subsequent alarm and talks aren't possible except for a phone conversation
with one of the governor's lackeys who didn't dare show his face. Continuing
to apply pressure, on November 10th a group of CNT anarchosyndicalists and
members of libertarian collectives Ateneo Libertario, Libertarian Youth and
CAMPI occupied the local belonging to the General Council of Aragon, located
on the 7th floor of Paseo Constitucion 12 building, in this instance the
police hurried more and evicted them at 15 hrs. But the CNT does not give up
its determination to obtain the accumulated historical heritage that belongs
to it and which ownership has been upheld by several rulings of the Supreme
Court. They have our support and we hope yours too.

*** BRIEFS ***


- Between October 30th and November 13th took place, at the CSA Angel Chueca
and Candombe Bar, an art show entitled "Drawings from the prison" by artist
Rey Acratador from Jerez. A different approach to art as alternative
expression and social protest. In this case, the situation inside the prisons.

- On November 2nd writer Eugene Nelson, member of Homes for All, gave an
interesting speech on poverty in the USA at the University of Zaragoza.
Organized by Ateneo Libertario, the talk was attended by a good number of

- On November 10th, at CSA Angel Chueca, there was a party to collect funds
to cover the expenses of the frame-trials against two comrades from the
Ateneo this last few months and which were successfully solved.


The reokupation of Campol planned for the last days of September could not
be carried out due to the presence of a large herd of anti-riots from the
Guardia Civil that cut all accesses to the village and impeded the okupa's
arrival in the area. In spite of it all, the rural okupas haven't lost heart
and promise to forge ahead. Likewise, KALA (Kolectivo Alternativo de la
Almozara) okupied a house late September in this zaragozan neighborhood, but
only lasted a few hours before being evicted by the police in a more or less
peaceful fashion.


One of the anti-riots that savagely beat several syndicalists at the
entrance to El Corte Ingles of Zaragoza during the general strike of January
27th has been sentenced to pay a fine of 500,000 ptas. to one of the
victims. At the trial, which tooke place at the end of September at the
Provincial Courthouse several othe pigs appeared as defendants, but only one
was considered positively identified (by a newspaper photograph) and only
two of the several complaints were pursued. However, in any other type of
arrest, any photographic identification is considered valid.


The antiauthoritarian collective Rebel has opened a new place in Zaragoza's
Magdalena neighborhood, named Sala Arrebato. There have been concerts, art
shows, meetings etc. You may find it at 28 Palafox St.
The collective Kontracorriente has opened a documentation center (in which a
large amount of books, magazines, fanzines, bulletins etc. are available)
named Index of the Association of Neighbors of Venecia (43 Granada St.)
which anybody can join with only 500 ptas. plus DNI or the donation of a
book of social interest. Drop by for more information.


Finally and after many technical improvements and over three months off the
air, Radio Topo returns to the airwaves with renewed energy and a whole city
coverage. We remind you to tune in to 102.5FM everyday from 19 hrs. and all
day saturday and sunday. The Ateneo airs the counterinformation program "El
Acratador", every thursday from 8 to 9 in the evening.


On November 7th an educational strike at the national level tooke place
against the Pertierra law, called by STE and CNT. In Zaragoza 150 people,
between students, professors and staff gathered in front of the delegation
of the MEC, after the gathering traffic was blocked for several minutes
without incidents.


Vicente Anton, syndicalist from CUT (Unitary Workers Collective) of TUZSA,
has been fired for repelling a biker who climbed into his bus to attack him.
With this excuse the company fires him for the fourth time (the three
previous times he was readmitted). The termination hearing took place
October 3rd and there was a gathering of many bus drivers at the courthouse.
The ruling, which upheld the company's position, has been appealed.


On Saturday October 22nd Zaragoza's local police caught a group of young
people dumping garbage containers. They beat them and forced them to remain
on the ground with arms outstretched for over half an hour. A 15 year old
boy suffered broken knuckles from a kick to his hand. Two of the victims
have filed charges.


During transition, coinciding with the opening of the academic course at the
university of Zaragoza, leftist students organized the Parallel Aperture as
an act of demands. In time its character was lost, becoming a holiday in
which thousands of students participated and there were on campus class and
collective bars. In 1992 the rector prohibited the party citing damages and
the accumulated filth after each edition. This year the ghostly Coordinadora
de Estudiantes de Aragon (linked to Rolde Joven of the PAR and to New
Generations of the PP) together with the most fascist members of some
student delegations moved Aragon Day (April 23rd) to October 19 trying to
copy the previous Parallel Aperture. All this with the profit motive since
the money was neither for collectives nor for student trips, but for the
dickheads that don't have enough with the money daddy gives them.


Between October 24th and 28th the Libertarian Youth of Zaragoza put together
Libertarian Days on Anarchoecology with four talks (urban environment,
climatic construction, biological agriculture, renewable energy) and an
ecological party at CSA Angel Chueca.


Worldwide mobilizations against french nuclear testing at Mururoa continue.
In Zaragoza there will be a demonstration on December 17 at 12.00 hrs. in
Plaza San Miguel. On saturday November 17th there is a gathering and march
against the military service lottery. Starting at 18.00 hrs in Plaza del Pilar.


The VIII Congress of the CNT will take place in Granada from December 7th to
the 10th. AIT representatives from all parts of the world will attend as
guests and observers, as well as members of the Libertarian Movement at the
national and international level, distinguished thinkers and of course
delegates from all the syndicates that make up the CNT. Parallel to this
from December 1st to the 10th there will be some very interesting
Libertarian Cultural Days in which there will be music, debates, theater
etc. Admission to all the events will be free or very popularly-priced, but
to attebd the congress as an observer it's necessary to obtain accreditation
from the nearest CNT local.


The German Bundestag has been studying for several months a proposal to sell
hashish and marihuana with prescription in drugstores. In practice it is a
way of legalizing the sale as well as the use, already legal in several
countries. As far as the sale, it would be the second country in our
environment to legalize it, after Holland.


Ultrareactionary newsman Alfonso Ussia (writer for the extreme right wing
paper ABC and radio and TV speaker, whose best argument is to name "son of a
whore" whoever doesn't think like him) was put in charge of the announcement
in the feast of San Mateo, in Oviedo, on September 15th. Many "sons of a
whore" went to the act to boo and brand Sr. Ussia as fascist and terrorist,
and as he would not stop talking there was no option but to throw eggs and
tomatoes at him. The police arrested six local "sons of a whore".


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