(eng) Fets del 10 11 95 (cas)

Sat, 11 Nov 95 21:19:19 CET

This is a translation of the letter sent to the CDC (Convergencia
Democratica de Catalunya).

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> Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 18:08:43 +0000 (WET)
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> To: cdc@servicom.es
> Subject: Fets del 10 11 95

To Jordi Pujol
To Miquel Roca
To the Comite Nacional de CDC
To the managers of the council of Barcelona

Today, the 10th of November at 3pm there were some 30 people gathered to
give information about the Euro-army and the insubmission (insumisio'n -
translator) against the Military Government. At the time when these
people were dispersing, a number of cars and motorbikes of the Guardia
Urbana (city police) moved in, seriously threatening the safety of the
people passing in that street and attacked indiscriminately. The police's
violent action caused panic and people fled in disorder. Due to the
aggravated action of teh Guardia Urbana and their negligence, an action
which was merely informative, and furthermore, had finished, was transformed
into a stampede, the consequences of which were suffered equally by
passers-by, the people surrounded and the police themselves.

As a result of this 14 young people have been detained arbitrarily en
different points of the centre of Barcelona. And remain detained completely
defencelessly. These detentions have been carried out throughout the
afternoon, appearing to be more of a tactical exercise than directed at
people related to the acts. For example, a journalist, who was there covering
the informative action, was detained as well, and their material confiscated.

Once again, we denounce the indiscriminate repression against people that
are trying to express freely their rejection of the all the time more
evident militarization of society and that they are in favour of

Platform for the freedom of expression

Barcelona, 10th November 1995.

Telephone: ++34-3-4422101