(Eng)Boletin UPA - Part 1(Cast)

Luis Prat (prat@sbmm1.ucsb.edu)
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 17:25:17 -0500

From: Alberto <alberto@acom.gn.apc.org>
Organization: Altercom - Una red para la comunicaci"n

Zaragoza. Guella Negra 30/10/95

During the early morning of October 27-28 the social center "Angel Chueca"
of Zaragoza suffered an arson attack, as yet unclaimed but with all the
signs of being the work of fascists. The arsonists sprayed the front of the
building with gasoline, and then set it on fire. The fire scorched a
showcase window and the wall, causing minor damages (the firemen arrived
soon). Some neighbors saw a skin-head running away from the place.

Burgos. UPA. 2/11/95

The four Burgos antifascists that were tried this past October 17th have
been acquitted of all charges. The bail money they put up has to be
reimbursed and they're not liable for trial costs. They are investigating
pressing charges against the nazi that accused them and sueing for damages.
The day of the hearing 300 people gathered in support of the accused in
front of the Civil Government, where a written statement was delivered and a
press conference took place. Later the people marched towards the Court amid
a strong police show of force. This demonstration had the support of well
known syndicalists, such as the general secretaries of UGT and CC.OO.,
members of Tierra Comunera, Communist Youth, Anticapitalist Block. The
demonstration remained in front of the Court for several hours until the
accused came out once the hearing was over. During the trial the police
escorted the nazi that filed the charges out the back door to avoid his
being attacked. We remind you that there were two trials against four
antifascists within a time span of three quarters of an hour. In the first
they asked for one year and 15 days sentences against three people, accused
of having administered a beating to the nazi. The second was a tort case
against one individual (spokesperson for a antifascist and antiracist group)
whom nazi David Lopez accused of making "malicious phone calls", threats,
attempts to run him over, attempted assault and graffitti on his house,
without presenting any evidence.

CNT. Zaragoza 31/10/95

Zaragoza's CNT okupied on October 6th the sixth floor of the AISS building,
part of the CNT's heritage, illegaly occupied by the Ministry of Labor and
the Diputacion General de Aragon.
Before the okupation they held a meeting with the Treasury Delegate, the
Minister of Labor and in five occasions they had tried to meet with the
Government's Delegate, who received the union's comittee flanked by the
civil guard.

At 10:30 October 6th, a large group of comrades from the CNT, JJ.LL.
(Libertarian Youth) and Ateneo Libertario went up to the sixth floor. They
spread out peacefully throughout the rooms and brought the burocrats to a
standstill. Later they took a written note to CC.OO. (Worker's Commissions,
the communist union T.N.) that occupies five floors, to inform them of the
action. At 14:30, when the workday was over, the burocrats informed that
they had orders to remain to guard the premises. A couple of times they
tried to open the back door to allow the police access . During the night
the anti-riots arrived, and after an hour's resistance they succeeded in
evicting the okupas. The mayority of the media ignored these events or they
gathered the information succinctly.

For the last 10 years CNT has been housed on two floors on Avenida San Jose
in Zaragoza, in a dilapidated state, waiting for the Administration to give
them proper quarters. For several months now the Administration has tried to
evict them from their permises in order to especulate with the building.

Irunea. Egin. 30/10/95

Around 15000 people demonstrated on saturday October 28th at Irunea, called
by the Coordinadora de Itoitz, to demand the stopping of the reservoir's
construction. As is well known, a ruling by the National High Court has
upheld the Coordinadora, declaring the project and the works illegal. In
spite of calls to the Ministry of Public Works and the Government of
Nafarroa to stop the works, heeding the ruling, the construction of the
reservoir continues.

The multitudinous protest, possibly the largest of the many against this
reservoir, took place without incidents and in an atmosphere befitting a
struggle carried, for once, to a good end. The Coordinadora's attorney, Jose
Luis Beaumont, challenged the Administration to comply with the ruling and
stop the works. If not, the Coordinadora will demand the execution of the
sanctions, something that could happen within weeks.


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