(Eng)Quebec Referendum(Fr)

neil birrell (neil@lds.co.uk)
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 03:12:31 +0100

The Quebec Referendum - A few comments.

Here are a few personal observations concerning the forthcoming
referendum in Quebec (set for this Autumn; or more precisely the 30th
August according to the latest) concerning Quebec soveraignty
(combined with an economic association with the rest of Canada - which
doesn't seem to be so straightforward for the latter)

1) We the people whether we be under the tutelage of a Canadian or
Quebec government makes no difference to the fact that we are still in a
position of submission to a regime. Democratic or otherwise our voice
counts for little in the balance faced with the weight of the state.

Quebec Refereendum (24/25)

We are all born into a State whether we agree with it or not. There is no
choice, because we live at a time when there is not even a small area
which is not under the control of some state or another, that is to say
under the domination of a group of men ( the most privileged) over the
many (the least privileged.

One day we must come to realise that we do not have to accept this State
as an irresistible truth.

2. This referendum is only of interest to the politicians. And who today
has any faith in politicians? As soon as they are elected they become the
new beneficiaries of economic privilege and social inequality

However, a majority continue to use the ballot box and the hopes they
have aree quickly dispelled. For how long are we going to continue to
hand out blank cheques?

3 For now we are still awaiting the great social plans demanded during
the period of public consultation by a great majority of the population
(and this is the vital issue). The Quebec Party has promised it for the
future, but now we begin to wonder what this delay means in reality. It is
obvious that the politicians have given in to the idea against their
wishes... and above all this only goes to show that they only have
economic considerations in mind. Not the eeconomy of the majority but
only the pseudo elite of society.

For more than 30 years the people of Quebec have been making a quiet
revolution and have at the same time got rid of religion. Now it is time
for them to throw off the yoke of the state. That is why my slogan for the
next election is:


Abstain on the 30th October!

We don't want to put the Quebec middle class into power but to fight
against economic and social oppression!

UNYC. Take a look at the various documents on the nationalist question
[more will follow]

Quebec Referendum (24/69)