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*** *** *** EL ACRATADOR *** *** ***

Counterinformative 'zine Issue 47 Sept '95
English excerpts, translated from Castillian by Luis Prat (thanx!)

Ateneo Libertario
Apdo. 3141

Centro Social Autogestionado Angel Chueca
Coso, 186, bajos

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For Jacques Chirac a question of patriotic honor, for other politicians an
embarrassing subject or some profitable declarations; for Greenpeace a
combination of self-advertisement and vindication; for the press a lode of
sensational news and for the planet, nuclear test number X. These short
phrases recap the whole set up surrounding the protests against the
resumption of nuklear tests in Mururoa.

Unfortunately, with the sole exception of ecological groups, and not all at
that, there has been a lack of global vision of the root of the problem, as
is the existance of an enormous potential, in weaponry as well as in
industrial base, linked to nuclear energy and controlled by very few hands.
Another great miscalculation has been to diminish the importance of the
antinuclear struggle after its boom during the sixties and seventies. It is
revealing that it's precisely after these years that the definitive
expansion of the nuclear industry has taken place and that the existance and
development of clandestine nuclear programs in the hands of such dangerous
elements as the iranian ayatollahs and Sadam Hussein, in a permanent pre-war
state, has become known.

It also seems that we try to forget that today in the USA and in the former
USSR there still exist areas banned to humans due to the nuclear testing
done 40 years ago and in spite of this the french government tries to sell
the idea that radioactivity is well under control. Ask, for example, the
Lapps who, living more than 2000 Kms away from Chernobyl, are beginning to
suffer alarming rates of cancer, or the Sioux tribes that live over the
terrain where "secure" nuclear tests, such as those of Mururoa, took place.

We don't want to undervalue the positive aspects of the actions and
mobilizations carried out all over the world in which we've been able to see
the compromises taken by the forces traditionally reluctant to oppose the
state even while attempting to obtain political advantage. In addition,
these mobilizations have served as a platform from which to remember that
even today several european countries maintain imperialistic residues such
as France with its South Pacific territories, which forgotten by the
international community suffer exploitation, if not hushed extermination by
the West.

All of this will be useless unless we do some serious reflections about the
reasons for the relaxation of the antinuclear fight these last few years,
when it's been more necessary. There's a lot to be done and it wouldn't be
bad, for starters, to stop the nuclear dump at Los Pintados, a little more
than 80 Kms from Zaragoza or not to forget that the spanish state keeps
eleven nuclear plants functioning and has a few more in the works.

*** LABOR ***

Boicott Tele-Pizza

(CNT) Tele-Pizza is a junk food multinational that bills 12,000 million in
Spain and is a leader in the pizza delivery sector, but to get these hefty
profits it gives its employees a third-world treatment. Among such niceties
it withholds pay for part of the hours worked, there aren't any union rights
and it permanently keeps under threat of firing those employees that claim
them, and often employees lack the proper equipment to do their jobs or it
is in the worst of conditions (motorcycles, uniforms).

To this we must add actions such as sex discrimination and junk contracts,
made possible by PSOE's labor reform, that withhold the right to collect
unemployment compensation. The CNT of Gijon, two of whose members have been
fired, has started a boicott.

The campaign has given results and representatives of CNT-Asturias met with
company's representatives that came from Madrid. They've got improvements.
CNT-Asturias asks, for the moment, for the suspension of the boicott. For
more information: CNT Aptdo. 289 // 33280 Gijon (Asturias)
phone/FAX (98)5350368

Asturian workers on trial

(Llar)Jorge Mun~iz, secretary of the CGT-Asturias was tried in Oviedo,
accused of erecting a barricade on the expressway in conjunction with the
struggle at Duro-Felguera. Later there were two other trials against 3 and 4
workers of this company accused of erecting barricades.

Eight miners from Pozu Candin (Hunosa) have been tried for false testimony
in the case of Jose Primitivo, syndicalist miner that continues in jail (see

The district attorney asks for 18 months in prison for 6 workers fron
Ensidesa, accused of holding three executives of the company. The events
ocurred in April 1994 when one hundred workers helds the executives for 24
hours as protest for the "readjustment". The civil guard intervened and
arrested 19 workers.

Fishermen in the struggle.

Galician fishermen have been out of work for several months due to the
failure of the administration to reach agreements with third countries. They
receive a minimum salary and they continue with strong mobilizations (Acrat.#46)

In August they blocked a highway with barricades and jettisoned a junked car
from a bridge. In September hooded workers occupied two bank offices, in one
they got the postponement of payments, not so in the other which was
thrashed. On September 19 they continued with barricades, the burning of
abandoned cars and the car belonging to an indiscreet secret policeman.


Those that criticize youth (mainly politicians and televangelists) for its
passivity, lack of ideals etc., are the same that criticize insumisos
(people who refuse to perform military service T.N.) for being insolidary,
the young people that go to antifascist demonstrations and squats for being
hooligans, provocateurs and I don't want to talk about what they say about
the radikal basque youth.

Their latest is to attack Cadiz's youth arrested for taking part in the
mobilizations of the shipyard workers, alleging that they're "outsiders to
the company". These individuals with fat paychecks at the end of the month
don't understand neither the crisis that affect whole towns nor the
unemployed youth nor the students that struggle side by side with the workers.

Paying attention to these blokes, if you don't work at AESA you can't go to
demonstrations in support of workers, if you eat everyday don't ask for the
0.7 for the poor, if you have two legs don't ask for the removal of
obstacles to the handicapped, if there's no war where you live don't ask for
peace, if you live with your parents or you rent don't go to squatters
demonstrations, if you're not an insumiso don't be antimilitary and if
you're not pregnant don't ask for the right of abortion.

Then there are the "ex-progress" in power that easily call everything
"fascist" when they're the ones creating fascism with their GAL, their
corruption and their permanent kidnapping of democracy. They equalize,
shielded by tele-preachers, the violence of the shipyard workers and the
basque youth with that of the nazi skins or the louts of Mostoles (who
assaulted the town hall because of the suppression of a bullfighting act). A
weekly called these groups "the new terrorists".

Whether this bunch of thugs likes it or not, we'll continue supporting all
the struggles that affect us directly or indirectly.


Assaults in Zaragoza

This summer the nazis haven't taken a vacation. In July, Jose Luis Baeta,
militant in the neonazi micro-group Thule, was arrested for attacking a
young chinese woman. On September 7 this jerk, together with his brother,
severely beat up a young man in San Pablo street. The man received 17
stitches on his face. The police, alerted by some neighbors, arrived and the
bone-head declared that he had been the victim. The injured youth filed
charges and the following day Baeta was arrested and interned in prison. Two
days later he was set free by the well known ultra judge Lasala. The nazi
thug, very well known by antifascists and police has been arrested in
numerous occassions and has various charges for assault pending. But he
walks around as if nothing happened and boasts of his actions in the press
with the impunity (complicity?) that the police and the justice system grant
him. This past December Baeta's house was attacked, with Grupos
Antifascistas claiming responsibility.

Besides this one, at least three other aggressions were made public.

Neonazi sect accuses

The neonazi sect "Nueva Acropolis" accused the "director" of the Ateneu
Llibertari" of Tarragona y Barris for painting graffitti against the sect
and for causing damages to the local's door. When nobody form the Ateneu
showed up (logically, this colective does not have a "director"), they were
found innocent since there wasn't any evidence against them.

Another nazi murder?

In 1993 a young woman, Susana Ruiz, was found dead in a field outside Madrid
and the case was closed for lack of evidence. An ex-nazi skin, whose
whereabouts have been unknown for months, left a recorded tape where he
tells of the assasination of Susana by nazi groups. The police gave low
credibility and spoke of "fantasies", but there was data on the deceased
that hadn't been made public and had been gathered in the autopsy. For now
the provincial court of Madrid has reopened the case.

Mysterious death

Civil Guard Eduardo F. Garcia was assasinated July 25 in Barcelona. At first
his death was attributed to nazi skins. Later it was found that he was a
member of a neonazi gang.An anonimous announcement from the alleged neonazi
group blamed "antifascist goups". There was also talk of weapons and/or
drugs traffick.

Close nazi press

The Civic Platform for Ana Frank Street asks for the closing of
press/bookstore Europa (of CEDADE) in Barcelona's Gracia neighborhood. This
press prints books and publications of national-socialist idealogy for the
whole of Europe. The Platform asks that that section of street be named Ana
Frank. In two months they have received the support of more than 6500 people
and 125 associations.

Nazi store burned

(Molotov) An anonimous communique took responsibility for setting on fire
the neonazi and military materiel store Soldiers of Fernan Gonzalez street
in Madrid , on July 16. As a result of the attack, part of the display and
the interior were destroyed. The store had to close, the owners have tried
to conceal the damage as "reforms". The end of the deed was "to attack this
chain store to, at the same time we cause them the greatest possible
damage, bring to the fore their close relationship with the most violent
circles of the extreme right (Bases Autonomas, nazi skins ...)". The
communications media, in spite of knowing about it, turned silent on the action.

Arrested for pintadas (political graffitti T.N.)

(Molotov) July 20 seven people that were painting antifascist and antiracist
graffitti, in Madrid's Salamanca neighborhood were arrested by the police.
Because of this simple deed they spent two days at the police station,
suffering the habitual treatment: insults, sleeping on the floor, five hours
not being able to urinate, they set the room's heat to the max,... They were
booked as "urban tribes" (Sharps, punkis and heavys). After being
transferred to the court's jurisdiccion they were set free.

Facist kkkop

(Molotov) This past July 22, in Madrid, a group of people that were trying
to get into the Pub Graffitti were attacked by ten fascists. Among the
agressors was the Pub's doorman that turned out to be municipal police. They
went to the hospital where the doctor turned out to be a wee-bit fascist and
reported only concussions. Two days later, two of the victims, one of them
lawyer Endika Zulueta had to be hospitalized and underwent surgery for
facial fractures. When they went to file charges they learned that the
fascist cop had already filed against them for insults and because "they
were going to denounce him unjustly for assault". The trial has been
suspiciously slow, although when it was made public it speeded up.

The trial against two squatters from Minuesa accused of assault and battery
(see Acrat.#46) was suspended as the attorney for the defense, Endika
Zulueta was hospitalized.

Short Antifas

-September 2 ten nazis were arrested after thrashing a metro wagon in Madrid.

-August 27 in Dixmunde (Belgium) police arrested and deported 200 neonazis
from France, Germany and Holland during an act of flemish nationalist

-September 7 a young man was attacked by five nazis in Gijon because he wore
a Che Guevara T-shirt.

-The nazi listing with 100 addresses of antifascists, red skins, anarchists,
punks, squatters, communists and independentists of various cities has
caused much attention in the mass media. Much of the data was inaccurate,
although we begin to see a coordination of nazi groups in different cities.
The antifascist movement also has its own secret information services, very
well trained by the KGB and the Stasi.

-June 29, a demonstration by ultra Alianza por la Unidad Nacional (AUN),
Ynestrillas formation, passed in front of a movie house where an event by
the "Plataforma por la Autodeterminacion y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos
del Estado Espan~ol" (Platform for the Self-determination and Solidarity
among the Peoples of the Spanish State) was taking place.There were minor
confrontations that were cut short by the police. After a while, there was a
bomb threat in the movie house and the police evacuated the place and held
60 people in custody.