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(en) Greece, liberta salonica: Solidarity gathering with the arrested anti - fascists on 19 March 2017 | Thursday 25/10, 09:00, Thessaloniki Courts [machine translation]

Date Sat, 27 Oct 2018 09:13:23 +0300

On Sunday, 19 March 2017, the fascist city of the city attempted once again to surround its rotten flesh in our city. The anarchist and anti-fascist movement of Thessaloniki, as it is obvious, could not have left their way into this city. In the city of 35,000 Jews exterminated in the Nazi concentration camps, tens of thousands of refugees have been sheltered in the city, in the multinational and racing city of Thessaloniki there is no room for the remnants of the Nazis and Gotsamans. With the concentration of fascists and anti-fascists at a distance of just a few tens of meters, the state once again fought for the 30 sorrowful wounds of the "Holy Lodge," playing the role of a "protector of public order". But for anyone who sees that on the one hand there are the advocates of freedom, equality and dignity, and on the other hand the defenders of capital, power and inhumanity, it becomes apparent not only that the state takes its place but that the fascists are its long hand, regardless of whether the government is right or left. Through a miserable provocation, the cops found an opportunity to attack the anti-fascist concentration and make arrests.

The oppressed and the exploited have nothing to divide between us. Our oppressors are common and have the same name, regardless of their nationality, and they are the state and the capital. The only thing that nationalism manages to do is to separate and distract them from the bottom by facilitating the bosses, and that is precisely the service that offers sovereignty, that is why it is systematically promoted and planted on the social basis. We, for our part, will strive to dissolve every separation on the body of the oppressed and exploited. Therefore, we must fight together with the oppressed and the exploiters of all countries to create a common internationalist front that will raise a barrier to nationalism and fascism, who will fight against the state and the capital, which will thunder that it will not let our bosses separate us on the basis of nationality, color, sexual orientation, gender, religion or any other line. Who will fight for an a-state, a-class, a-national life society, for a free life.

Alongside nationalism, we will struggle to crush its most advanced form: fascism, whenever he tries to raise his head. In this city, we saw the various fascists trying to appear on the road with various occasions. We see them now and lead the a-colored rallies, the first berry behind the banners, the first berries in the "episodes". The ending of the total movement of the national torso and fascist frontman has so far recorded attacks on combat venues (the arrest of Libertatia occupation, attacks on the ESC School, the ESF Favela, the Free Self-managed Theater Forward , to fans and players of the self-organized football team of Progressive Toumba, to the occupation of Lely Karagianni 37, to the occupation of a former PIKA, in the former Murder in Alexandroupolis just a few days ago), defections of the Jewish Holocaust Monument and the Jewish cemetery, attacks on migrants or passers-by because they carry Muslim religious symbols. We can see now clearly that the organized core of these rallies is the epitome of the black reaction, especially if we take into account the anti-Semitic actions they have undertaken, the chauvinist-racialist rhetoric they are stating, by generalizing it generously with conspiracy theories of absurd stupidity and obsessive perceptions, but also the anti-anarchist and anti-communist slogans that shout. All of this simply complements the overall fascist (hence unarmed enemy of the proletarian masses) profile of the organized front of the rallies, trying to take root in the public sphere. It is worth mentioning, however, that aiders in the theme of nationalism, as shaped by rallies for the Macedonian issue, are amongst others bourgeois parties that oppose the search for votes within a conservative-reactionary audience, the church, the Russian factor (see bribery right-wing and metropolitan bishops by Russian diplomats) and various pieces of the local bourgeoisie, thus confirming that from this whole case the only real winners will be the states and the head Laius on both sides of the border. The racist storms continued in the nationalist rally on 8/9, where the so-called "grandiose" rally picked up only 6-7,000 people, mainly fascists, nationalists, priests, members of partisan organizations, Christian-Taliban and other black and spooky guys with whom unfortunately we share our city. Once again, during the rally, the "protesters" (strangely this right-wing manhole is referred to by the channels as "protesters" and for so many years we all, workers and workers who go out on the streets claiming our right to life, are referred to as " hurt "), attacked cars that had Macedonian signs or carried Muslim women (the reason for the attack was the scarf that the passengers wore), one of them threatened a journalist with a gun.

The world of the struggle, the exploited and the oppressed, all and all that we have not forgotten the brutality of the historical past, we must drastically curb any attempt to develop fascism and social cannibalism in the world of the social base. We have to crush fascism in the whole social field in which we move and live: in the streets, in the work, in the schools and in the schools, in our neighborhoods.

Against reactionary and diabolically disciplined voices condemning violence wherever it comes, we find that proletarian anti-violence is a means of social and class self-defense and counter-attack in order to prevent social conditions of generalized violence and enforcement. It is a response of the oppressed to oppressors.

We, as anti-fascists and anti-fascists, no matter what the fascists invoke to get out of their hole and assemble a number of racists, greek-believers, religious, we see fascism as the long hand of capital. And that is why we are not separating our struggle against the fascism from it to capitalism. Fascism is the intensification of the capitalist condition of the exception. Our fascism wants slaves of the bosses. Fascism intensifies the misappropriation and militarization of labor, placing conditions of extermination on the "labor force". We have no illusion that the final blow to fascism will come through the legal way from the hands of the state, since fascism is a weapon of the bourgeoisie itself.

Fascism is the birth of this world of oppression, exploitation and exceptions. That is why it is treated in class terms, upsetting the system that rears it and which it always serves. We will not leave our city to the fascists and the nationalists, as few as they are, no matter how ridiculous they imagine.





25/10/2018, at 09:00, at the courts of Thessaloniki

Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation
lib_thess@hotmail.com libertasalonica.wordpress.com

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