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(en) Russia, avtonom: In Lvov, neo-Nazis attacked the anarchists from the organization "Black Flag" and inflicted severe stab wounds on them [machine translation]

Date Sun, 30 Sep 2018 10:00:20 +0300

In the evening of September 23, 2018, in Lviv four groups of anarchists were attacked by a group of about 20 neo-Nazis. Some of them were T-shirts of the National Corps, the ultra-right Ukrainian party created on the basis of the neo-Nazi volunteer regiment Azov (banned in Russia). "They attacked four guys. They cut with knives and hammered, "said an anarchist spokesman Anton Parumbul. ---- "We played soccer near the school behind the circus, when we changed clothes, we saw a group of people in black clothes. Attacked, beaten with telescopes (telescopic batons), knives ", - specifies the details of the Veronica incident, another victim of the ultra-right. ---- This is the second attack of Nazi groups in Lviv over the past three months. In late June, the radicals defeated the Roma camp and slaughtered one of its inhabitants. In the attackers learned members of the same "get-together", which attacked the Roma.

Two guys and two girls attacked on Sunday evening, September 23, at the school stadium near the circus. The guys say that they played football and did not hold any shares. The victims of the nationalists say: they were attacked suddenly, they tried to fight back, but the forces were unequal.

"We were beaten with hammers and telescopes (they were such spreading bits), we were closing our hands, there were puddles of blood, one guy, Serezha, they broke his head and wounded him in the heart, he was hooked up to the apparatus," said one of the battered activists of Alexander, who was cut hands and severely beaten.
In Veronica - a knife is broken with a knife and the arm is broken, in Dmitry - the joints on the fingers are beaten, the legs are beaten, the shoulder is cut.

The guys learned among the attackers representatives of the National Corps, some had T-shirts with the name of the organization. Considered to them a related organization "National Resistance" posted on its page in sotsseti news about the attack. The spokesman for the National Corps, Roman Chernyshev, in his commentary to the "Country" denied the involvement of the radicals in the attack on four people in Lviv. "Our people there just was not." It was some sort of provocation, whose exactly - find out, "- says Roman Chernyshev.

However, the "Black Banner" is sure of the opposite. Opponents of nationalists are sure that their offenders are acting in conjunction with the authorities.

"Garbage for the hand greet with the Nazis, almost do not fraternize, there is a photo after one action.The best friends so to speak.How many lawmakers after the Maidan fell into the power structures, I generally keep quiet. who attack them with knives, and then heroically out of the courtroom are bailed out, so they wander around Lviv, and the cops cover their asses, "one of the activists of the" Black Banner "shared with us. "Outrageousness and openness of crimes are indignant, they have long been used as protection in the information space, and the perfection of propaganda is the support of the population by default," says Veronika.

According to the victims, during the attack, "people in black" fouled and shouted "quench it, quench it," which means "hit" in slang and "pull the repertoire" (among the injured there is a guy rapper). The guys learned among the attackers representatives of the National Corps, some had T-shirts with the name of the organization. Considered to them a related organization "National Resistance" posted on its page in sotsseti news about the attack.

Natsionalny asked to post a news about the attack on the anti-fascists

"Zigi, screams, Nazi symbols - that's enough to identify the far right." They attacked us because we were against fascism, and we showed this with our activism. "The reason for the attack is our existence." People played football on the court, and they took advantage of the numerical advantage and attacked ", - said Martha Fender, an activist of the" Black Banner ".

"They cut everyone who does not like them"
Activists, meanwhile, fear for their lives and safety. "Some of our people in Lviv know in person, you can go out to the store for bread and get under the ultra-right knife," Fender says. The activity of the "Black Flag", according to their representatives, is that they protect parks, fight illegal buildings, and stand for social equality against racism, xenophobia, homophobia and discrimination in all its forms, which fundamentally contradicts the views of the ultra-right.

After the murder of the Roma, they staged an anti-racist rally in Lviv and consider the present attack to be a revenge against the ultra-right. "We have the ultra-right, first of all, the National Corps, they are" Sober Evil Youth "," Misanthropic Divisions "and C. 14. True, they are trying their best to deny the involvement of these" organizations "to each other, but so far they are bad at it They are zygomets and Nazis, "Fender does not hold back emotions.

According to the anarchists, they were attacked by "those people who, under the guise of fighting against the" Russian world ", are slaughtered all in a row: Roma, anti-fascists, gays and in general all those who do not like them." "There are people in Lviv who do not tolerate other views, opinions, positions." They know what the police know about them, obviously, but somehow they react so weakly, and the society somehow keeps it mum. "And are you sure that you will not tomorrow in their place? ", wrote Irina Yuzyk, who supports beaten up activists and is an assistant to the People's Deputy of Nadezhda Savchenko, on her Facebook page.

Stripping Lviv
The current attack is not the first attack by the ultra-right on ideological opponents. "Two months ago, they also beat a guy from the left movement, cut his head, once attacked the girls - they just poured gas cartridges, but this time they first rushed to cut with knives, so much so that it is not known whether one of them will survive, who share a left-wing view, do not have a hierarchy in the structure, are engaged in eco-protection, they marched after David's assassination, against the persecution of Roma, they march on feminist marches and tolerate people of no traditional sexual orientation. They also try to demonstrate that Lviv will become their city and they will clear it for themselves from dissidents, "Yuzyk said.

According to anarchists, a year and a half ago in Lvov, their friends Victor Ganulyak, who fought against the superstructure on the monument of architecture, beat them with bits. As Fyodor Svyatoslav Rusich, the man beaten by Omelyash, wrote to him in the last six months, he was attacked with weapons three times.

"In addition to me, the ultra-right has been persecuted by many active activists of various organizations." At least four people were seriously injured, three of the victims had nothing to do with public activity. "In Lviv, there is a criminal group that wants to destroy or intimidate activists of various grassroots initiatives and organizations. group under the auspices of the "National Corps." The police almost do not react to their criminal actions, perhaps they have serious patrons in law enforcement bodies, "- says Rusich.

Opponents of nationalists believe that the attackers act in conjunction with the authorities.

A year ago, the anarchists detained the SBU
In the nationalistic environment of the victims themselves, the attackers are blamed for provocation. Evgeny Karas, coordinator of the neo-Nazi organization "C14" in a blog on one of the websites wrote that in July the left radicals allegedly hammered against the nationalists who were sitting in a cafe in the center of Lviv, and one of the members of the "Black Flag" in the social network boasts successful attacks on the activists of the "National Corps", whom he calls "avakovskimi henchmen." "These people propagandize armed attacks on nationalists, the" system "and the" junta, "says Karas.

In the "Black Banner" they also believe that one of the reasons for the attack is their critical attitude towards the authorities. "For me, the Zashqvar is what the country is brought to. And nationalist organizations like C14 are working for Poroshenko and the Security Service, and all those who criticize the authorities are connected with the Kremlin for them," said activist Anton Parumbul.

The activists who suffered from the Nazis have a conflict with the Security Service for a year already. In October 2017 in Lviv, activists of the anarchist organization Black Flag and left nationalists from the Autonomous Resistance were accused of preparing a coup and working for Russia. They came with searches of the SBU, they complained of rough detentions "face to asphalt."

At the same time, the anarchists and left-wing nationalists prepared a march in honor of the UPA and are generally known in Lviv as "bandera" shares. Among them there are pro-Ukrainian immigrants from the Crimea, participants of the Crimean "Euromaidan" and associates of Sentsov and Kolchenko, prisoners in Russia. Activist Artem Artemenko then called the case against the nationalists "an unsurpassed surprise from the Lviv SBU."

"Insolent and open crimes"
In the comments in social networks "Black banner", some people are now being reproached for their "work on Russia", they say, among them there are Russian speakers. The organization is perplexed about this. According to ?????????, one of the activists had a conflict with the Russian-speaking "chauvinists", she defended the Ukrainian language. Another member of the movement in the ATO lost his father. Opponents of neo-Nazis are outraged by their impunity.

"Infuriate the impudence and openness of crimes." They have long used security in the information space as a defense, and the perfection of propaganda is the support of the population by default, "says Veronika Yablonskaya.

Supporters of nationalist organizations of the ridge and swastika are explained by their interest in Scandinavian and pagan mythology. Their opponents consider this a cover: "This is not about Scandinavia, it's about SS, murders, holocaust, persecution and suffering," Yablonskaya says.

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