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(en) Czech, afed: Greetings from the camp [machine translation]

Date Sat, 4 Aug 2018 08:59:39 +0300

Employing the mine was not the only thing that happened at this year's Klimakempu. Within five days at Louka near Litvinov there were many more things worth remembering. ---- Anarchy means plenum and toilet management ---- From the beginning of the week until Saturday's direct action, the number of tents on a large meadow continued to grow. On Saturday morning, it was estimated that at least four hundred people were on site, the number of visitors climbed over the five-hundreds of the camp. ---- This, of course, meant a lot of organization, logistics and camp equipment management. The organizers around the Limits team have done an admirable job, so Klimakemp has an advanced infrastructure in the form of solar panels and sockets, wireless internet, composting toilets and necessary washrooms. Everything worked, although it was obvious that the capacity was maximized.

The main decision-making body was a regular plenary held in a big pit in the middle of the camp. Practical problems were solved, the program was announced, and individual action groups were summoned by helpers. Magic was that, for example, when a kitchen group asked for a dishwashing aid, that helped get it. Spontaneously and of course.

Even everyday work brought countless new acquaintances and entertainment moments. A number of people have gained a deep recognition of this by being able to accomplish complete miracles in their field. One of the examples is a pancake maker. In his booth with luxury vegan pancakes, he spends about twenty-four hours a day and donated the money to help the refugees. Before Saturday's direct action, he rose up very early to make a snack for people. Just so, unselfishly, out of pure goodness and taste to help the success of the event. For those who did not meet him at Klimakempu, it should be noted that pancakes and their stand can also be seen at other events for climate justice in Europe.

Again, it has been shown that collective solutions to practical issues do not bring any controversy, on the contrary, it leads to a sense of shared responsibility for doing the necessary work. The language barrier was easy to overcome and simultaneous translation from Czech into English and vice versa was working.

The only problem was the harvesting of the camp at the end. The vast majority of people left on Sunday, and so much power was left for Monday's cleaning. But it is harder to look for laziness or malice. It is understandable that people stayed only until Sunday, when many of them had to return to work and other duties on Monday.

The action is to learn, to play and to cooperate

The campsite program was a lot. From strong and emotional evening folk concerts through countless theoretical and practical lectures to the bizarre performances of a historical ensemble with bare asses. There is no point in trying to summarize everything. Just say there was always something to do. If you did not want to do a job, you could always go for a swim at the nearby pond, ride a bike ride, go for a beer party or try to co-operate with local people.

As the Saturday blockade approached, the frequency of action and legal training increased. Above all, the first ones provided an infinitely fun spectacle when they resembled an activist larp in which a group of people with a flag and transparency tried to run through a line of improvised armed men in shawls and T-shirts with "police" inscriptions. Hurling "in the name of the law, stand!", "Take the right!" And the following laughs of laughter gave potential passers-by that we can not wait for direct action.

It was not just fun. The trainings paid off and contributed to the success of the Saturday's event, though it was clear that they could not prepare for the hell of coal dust and police batons hell. The exhausting run in direct sunlight and the confusion that prevailed during the run-up of the Cordon of the "heavy-weight", however, had already quite accurately foretold what was going to happen in the camp.

Like work, training, and the whole program, of course, it was the volunteering and willingness of people to take part in it. Thanks to the fact that the action was repeatedly advised and constantly reminded that participating in at least one training is simply a good idea, all the while people were approaching responsibly and actively interested in how to prepare for the Saturday.

Police are watching and constantly driving

We have been in contact with the law since the moment we arrived at the somewhat tucked-up station of Louka near Litvínov. There was a patrol waiting on the spot, legitimated by anyone who stepped out of the train with a backpack on his back. Not that it was an extreme buzerace - it was clear that the higher places traveled to a group of local cops who stopped immediately, but on the other hand they obviously wanted to have it as quickly as possible. In addition, it turned out that at least part of the foreigners identified "just as" and in fact their data were not bothered to enter anywhere.

The goal was clearly to create a paranoid atmosphere. Police patrols were constantly circling around the camp and randomly checking people who went to town. The curiosity of their activities was in sight. While some of us have successfully avoided the controls all the time, others have had to legitimize two or three times.

Almost every day a police helicopter flew over the camp, and at least once in a game with a dron, though strange. Why did the group of policemen decide to go to the five-thirteenth morning when nothing happened in the camp, and why by a dron only one flight, even absurdly low, is in the stars.

As the Saturday action approached, the number of secret in the town increased and shortened the interval of patrols "randomly" passing through the roads around. On the night of Saturday, there was also a fun diversion in the form of a wake-up car that the cops parked a little behind the camp. As the darkness and a determined and impatient mood dwelt, a group of people came to greet the Big Brother. In front of the stream separating the police and our territory, an improvised aperture from a giant banner stood, and one of the anarchists presently played various sweet songs specifically for police ears. We blinded the surveillance cameras with strong flashlights, and at the end, the pair of lads started talking loudly with a somewhat shaky police patrol on a law subject to the stream.

On Sunday, the police forces moved to the exit roads and the surrounding villages. The effort to control everybody who left the camp was systematic, but with a little effort and luck it could be avoided. But another risk of control was awaiting the transit stations in the area, where the patrols called by the absurd mobilization of police forces from across the region occasionally roared.

Overall, police activity during the campsite was trying to act in the style "to know we know". The constant movement of patrols around the camp and the helicopter flight did not really make much of a try (as well as when it was clear beforehand what we would do on Saturday). In an effort to disturb people and discourage them, the police completely failed. Whether there will be any consequence of a constant effort to identify Klimakemp participants, we will see.

Klimakemp means that a new movement has come to the Czech Republic

In contrast to the previous year, Klimakemp grew, and the related direct action was much more massive and self-confident. It is obvious that the climate justice movement is awakening here and attracting new people and those who would not engage anywhere else.

For anarchists and anarchists it is a great opportunity and a challenge. It is essential that we take part in such events, bring our experiences and learn from both successes and mistakes. Whilst we may have complaints about the rigid pacifism of the event as well as an informal hierarchy, we should expect that the next Klimakemp can easily exceed this year's size and performance. It is essential to be there.

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