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(en) Czech, afed: "Airsoft" or Penzy terrorists -- The Czech police had a Phoenix, the Russian invented a secret revolutionary organization. [machine translation]

Date Mon, 5 Feb 2018 10:12:26 +0200

On Tuesday, January 23, Anti-Fascist Viktor Filinkov lost to St Petersburg. Two days later, the press service of the St. Petersburg courts wrote that he had been detained and admitted to being in a terrorist society whose members "share anarchist ideology." The next day, members of the Commission for the Supervision of the Human Rights of Prosecuted and Sentenced Persons were brought to him, and it turned out that Filinkov was tortured. On Thursday, January 25, Petrograd resident Igor Shishkin lost his strolling dog. The dog did not come back home alone, but with the armed cops. Shishkin was found in court on Saturday. The journalists did not release the proceedings, Igora closed. He was distraught. This police action was provided by one of the local courts in Penza.

What links Penz, St. Petersburg and the anarchists? The independent Russian media project OVD Info, which was set up in response to the mass repression at a meeting on December 5, 2011, dealing with political persecution in Russia, published on 11 December 2017 a detailed account of the persecutions associated with the Maltese Revolution. (The anti-Potential activist Vjaceslav Malcev proclaimed on 5 November 2017, when mass arrests were also declared.) The report described the criminal prosecution of the so-called terrorist association in the Pension. It has been written here that the case concerns five people, two of whom are anarchists. It was not exactly accurate information. The accused were six, and none of them had anything to do with Malcev, though the investigation might have been conducted. In addition, at least some were charged with anti-fascists, and one of them lived before being arrested in St. Petersburg.

On 17 or 18 October, the first person in this case, Jegor Zorin, was arrested in Penz. They subsequently arrested anti-fascist Ilja Shakurski and his friend Vasili Kuks. On October 27, Dmitry Pchelinov was arrested. At the beginning of November, Andrej Cernov was arrested in Penze and Arman Sagynbajev in St. Petersburg, whom he had taken to Penzy and put in custody. According to the investigators, they were all members of the 5.11 terrorist group that was preparing the revolution in the country. Five people are currently in custody, the sixth is in home jail. The investigators reported on psychological pressure, current torture, hanging their heads down, and the weapons the SSB secret police had subjected them to.

There is no rating in airsoft as opposed to paintball, as the players themselves have the responsibility to keep the rules. The player they hit is obliged to admit a hit and immediately put on a well-recognizable strip of red that represents his death (or injury) in the game and go to a place designated as a cemetery (or lazer). Accordingly, it is not for winning, but for the enjoyment of fair play. Asking who perished and who is not, is not usual, because there is no need to find out these things during the game itself.

The weapon employs imitations with plastic-ceramic beads with a diameter of six to eight millimeters. The gun is driven by air or a gas mixture, most commonly used with a battery but also manual.

"There is no question that terrorism is bad," says Kuksov's lawyer Alexandr Fedulov, "but try those who really have something to do with him, not all of them. I used to play airsoft too. To rest. I also have an airsoft weapon at home. There is no need for permission. I also shot the night in the park. I just liked the game ... And Vasja Kuksov went to play airsoft. He fired twice from the imitation ... I talked about twenty minutes when deciding to extend the[ties], and the only word did not reach the resolution. The investigator reads the request: "... devoted to the illicit acquisition of proficiency to survive in the forest and provide first aid." Where is the lawfulness of such proverbs described? And the judge sits and nods. , They were about to blow up the offices of United Russia (the governing political party), the post office ... "They did not miss."

When October 19, Kuksov's wife Jelena came home from work, she saw that Vasili was not there yet, even though she should return before she. She telephoned him on the cellphone - he rang, but the man did not answer him. Within a few hours, Jelena heard that someone was trying to open the door to the apartment. She looked at the watch and saw about ten unknown men, one holding her husband's neck. Vasilij barely stood on his feet. The men told her they had come from the FSB.

Vasilius's trousers and jacket were torn and stained with blood, his head and nose broken, as if they were knocking him down. According to Jelena, the tour was just superficial. Then Vasily asked if he had a car. FSB members brought Kuks and his wife to the car and ordered him to open the door. Kuks went to the car and noticed that the lock was not in order. At his surprise, some of the members responded abruptly, "What do you mean?" The police began to search the car and find a gun in it. Kuksov, who had been quiet until then, began to scream that he had given him the gun.

On the same day they arrested Ilja Shakurski. At first, they suspected that they organized the group, but then changed the paragraph to "attendance". Shakurskij organized lectures, cleaned parks in the framework of environmental initiatives, organized animal rights events. He is a vegetarian and quite well-known figure in the local leftist movement.

His friend Valerie (the name is changed) tells that Shakurski has been picking up a pair of classmates at school and they went to clean the Moksa River together. Before that, no one imagined Ilja. After some time, people from the city of Moksan and police officers appeared at school. They made a special class class for the pupils, where they said that Ilja was a Nazi and that his peers had to cease to associate with him. This story was always laughing with Shakurski and his antifascist friends.

On a trial that dealt with the prolongation of custody on December 14, Shakurskij sat for some reason in the hall, not in a cage along with Sagynbaev and Peciniec. Perhaps the investigators did not want Shakurski to communicate with the other accused. The hearing was public. Shakurski looked very depressed, his hood on his head. Beside him, his mother sat and hugged him all the time. She asked him something, he answered one-word. The longest the mother said, the holidays were: "Mum, surely the decoration of the tree."

According to Fedulov, Shakurski admitted. They all admitted except Kuks, who refused to answer questions under Constitutional Section 51. Some time ago, Shakurski and Peciniec were friends, coached, sporting and playing airsoft. Then they did not see them for several months.

Dmitry Pchelin's wife: "He's been treated like this. They suspect and blame you for something, but if they can not, you are not guilty. So why am I in such a poor condition that it multiplies the punishment for what I did not do. "

Angelina Pchelincev's Men: "Birthday crap, New Year, other holidays and all the troubles I have. You're just important. If I could, I'd be with you and go through all that. But I know you're against, and it's not possible. I'll do everything I can to help you, and you do not do it for me, trust me to do it. "

Prior to the arrest, Pcelin was working as a shooting instructor. The expertise gained during the service at the Penzenský artillery engineering training center. On October 27, Pcelincev came out of the house early in the morning to meet his grandmother. His wife, Angelina, was still asleep when the man returned to the flat already in the ties and with FSB members. According to her, the police turned the apartment upside down during the tour and finally took away personal telephones and other electronic information carriers as well as registered weapons - two hunting rifles and two gas guns. Then they went to the car. The horseshoe's car was broken, and recently he had trouble with it to the house. The alarm did not work. The members of the FSB looked at the car and, as nobody saw them, they found two grenades beneath the rear seat. Pchelincev said, "The car without an alarm, you're a jerk." He meant that the grenades were pushing him.

On the same day, Angelina called and told her that her husband said she wanted to be present at the interrogation. But when she arrived at the FSB, she found that no such interrogation was taking place. There were two secret men waiting for her. During the interview, one of them "played" significantly in the hand with the arrow and began to threaten that her husband would receive a life sentence. He said, "It's just like shooting someone in the foot" to stop Pcincen from refusing to testify under paragraph 51.

"Such a crap - this is a terrorist organization that has not made a single terrorist act or planned it," Pcelinova says. "This means that it can not be said in court that they planned on that date. This can not be said, because they absolutely did not plan anything. The only thing they did to teach first aid in field conditions was to survive in the woods. Is that illegal? "

In a few days in custody Pcelincev announced that he was going to blame. His loved ones, who were sure Dmitrij was not innocent, were shocked. To pay the lawyer his relatives took a loan in the bank - lawyer Alexei Agafonov applied for a deposit of 150 thousand rubles (about 50 thousand crowns). But no matter what the money, he did not care very much about the needs of his mandate. He came to custody of Peciniec and showed him where to sign on the papers brought by the investigator. But he could, for example, meet Dmitri before the arrival of the investigator on Monday and come along with an FBS member on Tuesday. When Dmitry was surprised, he replied, "I have come."

Dmitry Pchelin's wife: "It's unfair. Dishonestly. Incorrectly. Absurdly. All the paths of my life led only to one. You, grandma, sister, parents, a lot of people who know I'm a good person. Why, then, do all the things that happen to me coughing? To cheat on a person who is not dangerous has his joys and problems, thoughts and experiences. What, besides trauma, will bring me and all my loved ones? It does not even hurt me, but it is terribly troubled. It's not a coincidence, a coincidence. It's just someone's unjust will. The most sensible Saturday. At least I took a shower, shaved, I do not want to resemble what they have for me. What am I doing wrong, Angelina? "

Angelina Pchelinciva's Men: "I believe you, like your whole family and your friends. Everyone is very afraid of you and understands what is happening. It is clear to us. The first month I tried to understand how it was possible TAKHLE to deal with a man, but then I stopped searching for the meaning of this. They do not care how it is who they are so cruelly rolling. "

Attorney Agafonov met with Pchelincole and asked her if her husband suffered from exaggerated imagination. Angelina replied that the situation was probably not the most appropriate. It turned out that Dmitry told the lawyer that FSB members went to him every day and lead him to other "interrogations". However, according to a lawyer, this can not be done because it is forbidden there.

Initially, Angel's letters from the man did not go away even though he wrote her practically every day. The letters were stacked at the FSB office waiting for the information they needed from Dmitry or Angelina. Then Pcelinova found a thick envelope in the mailbox, filled with all the men's letters for a whole month. It was then revealed that he had practically complained to Agafonov from the very beginning. According to Angelina, he literally arrived that his attorney did not trust him. He sat alone in the cell, completely isolated, and the attorney was the only person he could trust.

"Because of the relationship between criminal authorities and courts in the territory of our city, it is condemned with minimal evidence," Fedulov said. "Because this is the first such case in the area and everyone is interested, it is a big thing: you imagine they caught the terrorists. Those with wooden bats, with branches running through the woods. Vasja told me: "Do you know what I was afraid of? That someone will see how I run in the woods and play the war. I would fall with shame. ' Changing the constitutional order in some territory ... In the village of Shaluhikha, could they change that arrangement with their airsoft weapons? "

Once, the Dickinson's Pcelin's letter came on a piece of paper jabbed from the workbook. At the beginning, something was written about the fact that a man reads a book with 800 pages and that he likes his wife. But this was crossed out and at the end of Dmitri's writing he said, "Do not write to me, do not bother me, go away as long as possible, do not ask me, everything has ended with me." In the same letter Pcelincev told him that psychotropic substances pills and that it is "worse than death". The woman thought Dmitry was out and wrote the answer.

"I took the paper and, in a trembling hand, wrote that everything would be fine. I realized that even though it had not been so long for us it was much worse for him. At that time, his father told lawyer Agafonov that he should take as much as he needed from the compound deposit and the others to return. And we found a new lawyer. "

On December 1, when Angelina and Dmitry were accused, Angelina and Dmitry could meet and speak together. Dmitry said he had asked to visit a woman "to say goodbye to her." According to him, he was abusing him every day - they threw his head down, his throat flowing into his throats. He was afraid they might kill him and murder suicide. He said his body does not have to endure such torture: "I'm afraid I will not hold my heart and I will not go out alive. It's a hell. "The beggar asked the woman to tell the investigator that she was good to her, and then maybe they would not come that day. Angelina had said beforehand she would not be crying from the secret, so she kept herself trying to encourage the man. She persuaded him not to lose hope and waited until the new attorney had made up his mind.

When her husband was taken away, the investigator asked her what they were talking about. She said, "Stop Dimu killing."

Dmitry Pchelin's wife: "I would not be able to colonize Mars. And even better would be something far away. Next time, I do not really need anything, so do not go now. I'll write if anything. Overall, I hold. Imagining how we start living. "

Angelina Pchelinceva's men: "I'll talk to Elon Musk, we'll leave here and we will not come back to this planet again. Let's wait, okay? They're still building a ship. "

In some interviews, FSB officials said that they found a list of five people during a tour at Shakurski. One girl on it was left free, everyone else - Zorin, Kuksov, Peciniec and Chernov, and Shakurski himself - are in jail. Sagynbaev, who was arrested in St Petersburg, joined them. He has serious health problems, needs constant medical help, he said in a court hearing about extending his detention in December that he still vomits.

Zorin is a friend of Shakurski, studying together at the Penzión State University of Physics Teaching. Zosina was arrested first and he also testified first. He said: "... a terrorist organization of special secrecy, elaborating in the forests the scheme of the overthrow of power ..." New Year celebrated Zosin at liberty - he was released from custody in a domestic prison.

According to the version of the investigators, Group 5.11 was founded to prepare a revolutionary coup and overthrow the use of terrorist activity. In addition, there were other similar groups in Russia, all of whom joined a common organization with similar goals and methods. Members 5.11 were conspired, they had split roles. In the group he was, for example, a janitor and a communications officer. In this context, according to airsoft investigators, it was preparing for terror.

At this point, there is no known procedural or de facto connection between the cases relating to the Maltese Revolution and the anti-fascist penitentiary case - except for numbers 5 and 11 in the name of the "terrorist association".

Dmitry Pcelince's wife: "The light is on for twenty-four hours. If he does not let me innocent, he'll let me in for a developed Alzheimer's. He's so damp that he's letting me out of tuberculosis, and so dirty he's letting me go of jaundice. And I smoke so much that she lets me out of cancer. And you give me so much chocolate to let me go for diabetes. I'm, of course, kidding. No one will let me. "

(The correspondence between Dmitry and Angelina Pcelincevová was used in the text.)

Source: https://ovdinfo.org/articles/2018/01/29/straykbol-penzenskoe-delo-o-terrorizme

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