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(en) Greece, "Black & Red"[APO]: "The Wolves Embrace With Dogs" [announcement about the events of Thessaloniki] (gr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 4 Feb 2018 10:17:08 +0200

The agitation of the Macedonian issue was expected to be a first-rate opportunity to express the most intolerant, racist, open nationalistic and fascist narratives with Nazi "avant-garde" and army-ecclesiastical rearguard. Yet even in this juncture, the White Tower of the White Tower was unable to develop its criminal activity - even in the conservative city of Thessaloniki - more than 3 hours the Sunday theater. This was prevented by the courageous initiative of a single political area: the Anarchists. Once again, it was the real inner enemy of the state, the capital, the partisan gangs and the Nazis. The Left or ruling forces the cops that promoted Nazi attacks against squats or gouged ethnic coexistence crowns with fascist esmo White Tower (LAE) or simply evaporated to not cause (KKE ANTARSYA, NAP etc). Her immobility has been characterized by a morbid rigidity. Both microphones of January 18 and the motorized demonstration of January 20, 24 hours before the nationalist / fascist gathering as well as the fascist intervention and patrol the streets of Thessaloniki during the week of anarchist groups have ensured that the city will remain safe fighters and anti-fascists, while at the same time the interventions managed to break publicly the unified nationalist narrative. No one bent his head in front of the beast.

The White Tower

"No matter what they can think of themselves (those who go to the White Tower), this gathering will be the hare for the runner fascist. The "pure patriotism" claimed by some is but the great court of nationalism and fascism. "
(from the announcement of "Black & Red" for the Macedonian)

No matter how fascist they are celebrating for the "partisan participation" at Sunday's rally, the truth is that they were few. Not because the volume of the White Tower was missing, but because of what nationalism and fascism and the given ideological and real support of the Greek state's pillars are still a few. The "success" of nationalism lies in this simple question: "would like in a state where the state, all governments, bosses and your strong have xeftilisei, humiliate and ftochopoiisei feel even for a few hours, even in lies , powerful - without having to put them with the powerful without paying the cost of imprisonment, beating, extortion and terrorism cultivating the feeling that you can blackmail hate and suppress others more poor and desperate people who live on the other side of the border? "While the Greek society nurtured by the Church for thousands of years to hate, from the State has for hundreds of years obeyed, by the media, where for decades the powerful "national plans" and the nationalist gangs, the patriarchy, which always falters human dignity and the police from being established for centuries to harassing, covering, arming and protecting your unarmed battalions, fascists, you were once again very few. Your parastral action is well known to Thessaloniki, but even its dead are standing barricades on your miserable gatherings.
As for those who rushed to the side of the Nazi, they simply backed, they actually supported the fascist vanguard that used the concentration as a base for its criminal movements under the general supervision, of course, the support of the state, the government and the Police. General Frangos used the crowd as a fool to use his platform as a useful idiot to set up his career, Anthimos and the church bullies were banging from their pulpit to fill their huge belly even more, and the Nazis recognized the German citizens of C Reich who would convincingly make the descendants in front of the crematoriums that would stand. The neonazis washes at the greatest intensity.
On the other hand, as we have written in the past, the SYRIZA / ANEL government will objectively strengthen the fascist right, on the one hand for small-political purposes, and then because it attempts to commit to an overwhelming repression of movements identical or even worse than those of previous years , in order to be able to keep as much power as possible. Their policy is criminal. And this design passes through the waves of the "Macedonian".

The fascist attacks and the concentration of Kamara

"Fascism is the only one who knows what he wants from this gathering. To organize new people in the lines of hatred to reproach them with their intolerant racist stupidity and to slander them against the poor, the weak, the refugees, the immigrants, the aliens, the anti-fascists and the anarchists. "

(from the announcement of "Black & Red" for the Macedonian)

Following the decision to attend the city all week was the decision of the presence of anti-nationalist concentration on Sunday in Kamara. This concentration has been one of the most important stories in the history of the anarchist movement in recent years. But it was not just that. Beyond the public and fearless depiction of the position that anarchists remain - even under the most difficult circumstances - against fascist beasts and state terrorism, they do not subdue the flags and do not disappear from the streets when the wolves of the peasant embraced by the dogs of the assailants of murderers, Kamara was our outstretched prison so as not to surrender the entire city to the fascist gangs assisted by the police, while preserving all the structures of the upper center of the city. Also, in order not to create misunderstandings, Kamara and her protection would not fall as many fascist gangs as they were attacked. The fighters who formed the guard know very well that our name is important and is a name that has not been made in the craft of national myths, relaxed mogul, NATO designs, state torture and cleansing, party maneuvers and positions, but in the persecutions, prisons, struggle, solidarity, equality and the dream of another world, that is why our soul is defending ANARCHIA as the last outpost, and this simply meant that the fascists would were or would have to be talking about counting the victims. There was no other road.

Next to us at this gathering for which we can only feel proudly were the Libertatia comrades who paid at this stage the greatest prize in this struggle against fascism. This struggle has never ceased and its course is unfortunately filled with blood, murdered innocent people, concentration camps, wars, violence, extermination chambers, dissolute societies and immeasurable material damage. In this huge series is added the building of occupation Libertatia. The problem with nationalism is that in order to understand its criminal nature, it must constantly reflect the results of its criminal action.
Libertatia was not fired because of some irresponsibility of some inertia or indifference. On the contrary, the comrades displayed the greatest sense of responsibility towards the history of the struggles against fascism, they took on a very large responsibility not to leave the city, they made a political act in the form of "fascism first comes to me, but in the end it comes for all ". Whoever makes such decisions is not lost, is not defeated by the striking of a building. Whoever can not understand this simple reality would rather be silenced, because in no way today should we be given the strongest and most convincing answers, letting the vulgarity flow into the body of the movement.
The capture took two attacks by one of the bodies of the concentration organized by the Ideadopolis circle and the other fascists (Sacred Lotus, AM, C18 etc.) who attempted to fire the occupation and a second of a body with a similar composition from shared with a piece of fascist fans of PAOK. They are the same 70 who did that they are going up to Kamara. The existence of an organized core of PAOK fans that is identified and acted together with neo-Nazi criminals is a phenomenon that depicts the social history of the Toumba association, which for decades has been the real homeland of the conquered and the popular racing spirit of the people who supported historically the club.

State - offshore: absolute identification

The Police oversaw all three attacks, one in the ESC. School (warded by security) and 2 in LIbertatia. It completely covered the perpetrators, there was not a single adventure while a whole building was burned. And if someone absolutely naive believes that this does not constitute a single government-government-partisan plan, the reality is to deny him. The next day at the Libertatia solidarity rally, EL.AS. finds the forces they need to protect the "Macedonians" link while the course did not even intend to go there. It is simply used as an excuse for the MAT to forbid the course to pass through the main streets of Eastern Thessaloniki. They deploy cages and squads, who are attacking a racket with rabies in the protest by capturing 5 people. The same night, cops in full synergy with the prosecutor's office upgraded the indictment to impose the ironic charge of arson (felony) on those arrested in the process that denounced the arson of an entire building. The gathering of solidarity in the courts, ordered by the authorized prosecutor, was not even allowed to enter the room. The five are detained by Friday to decide whether they should be detained. Situations are more eloquent than ever. The government's plan is to hit the social movement and put anarchist fighters on a permanent basis, while terrorizing the world to empty the streets. Why can the fascist rally end, but our struggle for social revolution never ends.



Collectivism for Social Anarchism
"Black & Red" member of the Anarchist Political Organization

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