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(en) Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki: Call for solidarity with the arrested 22/1 | PREPARATION 26/1 (gr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 30 Jan 2018 09:30:22 +0200

On Sunday 21/1/2018 a rally for Macedonia was organized in our city. The rally was advertised for 2 weeks by the media - almost daily newspapers - local shops (the patriotic feeling of which is so pure that for every euro they gave for our "national question" they were rewarded by posting their brand as "sponsor communication "in floaters and posters), local cultural clubs, priests, Nazi groups, religious groups and various other nationalists and commenders. The rally began at 14:00 with people gathering on the beach earlier. And what we did not see in this far-right fiesta that filled us with "national pride": Nazi subordinate MPs march in, right-wing, diverse national patriotism self-identities that normally come out of their house first looking five times out of the balcony to finally be somewhere acceptable, guys and princesses in traditional costumes to dance traditional dances, other types of dressed carnivals, carrying shields and helmets! ), something "levanto" - cavers from Crete (!): in short, declared neo-Nazis, hidden-fascists, judeo-papadas and Christian-Lithuanians, sprawled, reputable far-right politicians, what was more rotten and foolish about contemporary Greek "civilization", next to the otherwise "peaceful" patriots. Although, as it turned out, a very small portion of the latter had, for a while,

At the time of gathering the fascists of our city (and not only) found the opportunity to do what they could not do for the remaining 364 days. Gangs of hot children who "live" dangerously only on the facebook and normally not even tricky can not fly out of fear and fall on the antifascists of the city (the notion of the city), having the aid of the same dregs of the whole country and some of them like they found the opportunity with the backs of a rally of thousands (who might not necessarily be friendly to them, but certainly not willing to isolate them) made a series of attacks in kinematic spaces.

Initially they attacked the occupation of the ESC School. The team of fascists moved on to Vas. Olga, where they attacked the building by shouting "Anarchists and Bolsheviks do not belong to you". The attack was easily repelled by the patronage of the building, which was flanked by comrades and comrades of various collectives, including ours. We should make two comments here. On the one hand, regarding the attitude of the cops: while an entire squadron was standing just a few meters away, he was "involved" after 5 minutes of the war, making gestures together with the fascists and hitting them friendly on the back (the classic "come mad arrives"). On the other hand, on the coverage of the event by SMEs that have leaked recitals. The attack of fascists on a occupied building was transformed into an "attack by the anarchists in the occupation of passers-by holding Greek flags, which led to the assault of" protesters "in the building. We have no illusion about the role of the media and their representatives, but this gepellized cutting-off of reality is surprising even to us, which we have been accustomed to for years. Dear "journalists" of this site (voria.gr and thestival.gr ), to say politely: it is a good idea to keep your distances from the kinematic events from now on.

After the attack on the ESC School, another group of fascists attacked the occupation of Libertatia on the Army. Having the banner of the Ideadopolis circle (another fascist band of the plaque that does not dare to announce its seat) for Macedonia and shouting slogans for "national resistance" attacked the fence of the building and fired torches inside it. The comrades and comrades of the occupation, who were at the time of the attack on the anti-nationalist concentration of Kamara, went to the occupation and restored the damages of the building. Two hours later the fascists again attacked the occupation with molotov and flares, causing a fire that led to the complete arson of the building. The first two comments are the same: the cops, MAT and insurers, were standing at a distance from the building at a time when the fascists flashed and whistled indifferently, while the media (including ERT3) did not talk about fascists but "hooded" by depoliticizing the potential assassination offensive. The culmination of the mercenary tragedy was the closing phrase of the "reportage" telling us that "police are investigating the causes of the fire" (!). There is also a third comment to be made here on Boutaris 'statements on the arson of Libertatia: "The building was burned by two PAOKsides' opposing groups. Half were ultra-nationalists, the others were anarchists, "said this policy giant. There is an eye for the agony of every kind of cops, cops, journalists, mayors to depoliticise the Nazi attack.

Conflicts - of these ... friendly ones that just keep the guys - were also made between the fascists and the MATs in Navarino when the former tried to attack the anti-nationalist concentration of Kamara. The fascists never reached the preservation of concentration. During the day, other "interventions" were made by the fascists, such as the mention of the words "Golden Dawn" on the Holocaust memorial in memory of Greek Jews and the vandalism of the banner of the exhibition of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, which had the symbols of 3 religions (of Christianity, Islamism and Judaism).

To put it simply, all kinds of fascist who are all year round excluded and chased by the streets of the city, forced to gather without announcing the part of the concentration from the fear of anti-fascists, and when, finally, with the many can manage to appear (and the ... 30) on the road, they have to keep many of them from the same squadrons in order not to flatter them, they found an opportunity with the rally for Macedonia to get out of their holes. It is also characteristic that the Synod Coordination Committee felt the need to make a public announcement condemning the attack on Zurari by saying that those who did it had "nothing to do with the main body of the hundreds of thousands of people who have demonstrated peacefully, but they did not feel the need to do anything analogous to the attacks of organized and equipped fascist groups that either came out of the gathering or went to it. The reason is simple: the covert fascists who organized the rally in no way would condemn their brothers who once were able to act openly. So let us consider those who went down to the rally but do not belong to the fascist space, what exactly do they support, what phenomena give the space to grow.

The people of the struggle, the exploited and the oppressed, all and all of us who have not forgotten the brutality for which they are able to display these stones of the human species, have just taken over their vital space, we must drastically curb any attempt to develop Nazism / fascism and social cannibalism in the social-based world. We have to crush fascism in the whole social field in which we move and live: in the streets, in the work, in the schools and in the schools, in our neighborhoods. Do not let the earth go into action free.

Against the reactionary and disciplined voices that defamatoryly (or ignorantly or politically) criticize the bullet of violence from wherever it comes, we reply that proletarian anti-violence is a means of social and class self-defense and counter-attack to prevent social conditions generalized violence and enforcement. It is a response of the oppressed to their oppressors, for which we now enjoy any "rights" - which in times of crisis are rapidly abolished - such as the eighth hour and the right to strike (perhaps to mention what characteristics). "We are sorry," but we do not intend to ask our oppressors and oppressors what instruments they believe is "legitimate" to use in our attempt to shed the yoke of capital and the state above us.

We have no illusion that the finishing blow to fascism will come through the legal way from the hands of the state, since fascism is a weapon of the bourgeoisie itself. It is a fatal error to consider fascism from the bottom as a manifestation of naivety and graphicness, or as something of a kindness, let alone that it is perishable through negligence and negligence. The historical experience is quite clear about this. Fascism is inextricably linked to capitalism. It is the ultimate and the most aggressive reserve of capital that is put to use when capitalism is shaken internally by its structural judgments.

The oppressed and exploiting of this world do not have to divide anything between us. We are in the same class camp, despite the narrative narratives that want to perpetuate political freedom and economic exploitation from the bottom. Our common enemy is the state, their capital and their long hand, fascism, and not the people who are in the same social and class position as us. We must not let the bosses separate us on the basis of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender, and any other dividing line (straight / lgbtqia +, legal worker / paperless, woman / man, white / a.).
To create ties of international solidarity. To organize ourselves. To fight back.

Catch the fascists and those who make them back.

Fascists and bosses in the bottom well, lust the world proletariat.

Solidarity in occupation of Libertatia


??. Both in the attack on the ESC School and in the occupation of Libertatia, people with PAOK badge were leaders. During the arson of the second one, the slogan "PAOK 4. Macedonian land Greek" was written on the outer wall of the courtyard. PAOK is a refugee group, a group of hardliners, a group of refugee neighborhoods and poverty. It is very sad to see the history, the cultural and social wealth of this association being used and messed up by a few dozen fascists who are whipping them.

The following day, Monday, 22/1, was called a reflection on the occupation of Libertatia, which was flanked by nearly 2,500 people. Just a few meters further, at the junction of Delphi and Paraskevopoulou streets, the cops had placed a crate in order to block the road. The blocking of the road forced the movement to move from Paraskevopoulou, where it was hit by the cops with chemicals and grenades of flashing, causing it to break into two. At that point, five additions were made, later turned into arrests. The arrested went through the autonomous procedure the following day (Tuesday 23/1) in the morning, when a mass gathering took place outside the courts of Thessaloniki.
The message of the state is clear: On Sunday, the cops stand undone and look at the fascists to attack cinematic spaces. Report: A burnt occupation and of course no arrested. On Monday, cops hit the solidarity course in Libertatia occupation almost as soon as it begins. Report: 5 arrested, criminally accused of attempted burning of a wheel of the cage that eventually did not burn.
As long as the state tries to silence the anti-fascist movement, Monday morning dawned a new day in the city, and all those who backed the fascist army to get out of concentration, attack kimonotic racing sites and get back, are no longer on the road . We are, as we have been for years. Dating in the street, then.
Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation


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