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(en) Collective Rupture (RC) Declare civil self-governments in Soran and Pshdar of Iraqi Kurdistan after massive anti-government protests - Demián Revart (ca) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 6 Jan 2018 08:48:05 +0200

The insurrectional panorama in Iraqi Kurdistan has been an isolated subject thanks to the efficient media fence of the 'first world' and the pacifying contributions of its NGOs after the 2003 US invasion and the series of crimes against humanity that were gestated by the oil wars . In this jumble of geopolitical interests, not only have they stolen their oil, natural resources and territories from the Iraqi population - regardless of whether they are Kurds, Arabs or Yezadis - but also their sense of identity to the principle of community and their autonomy, sponsoring the national divisionism through the founding of the Islamic State (of which its full name is "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" for arising in that demarcation), the strengthening of relations between theRegional Government of Kurdistan (an oligarchic regime that has centralized political life and better known by its acronym in English "KRG") and the US, or simply, pondering aspirations in civil society to resemble the American spot after living 8 years in a daily imposition of cultural exchanges.

Still having a historical relief in the conformation of the first experiments of democratic confederalism in the Qandil Mountains by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) since 1999, the Iraqi region has walked slowly compared to the processes that extend in Syrian (Rojava) and Turkish (Bakur) Kurdistan. The main cause: the counterrevolutionary role of the KRG presided by the family of Masoud Barzani and in short, the fallacy of "regional autonomy" that has implanted a recalcitrant nationalism in the people, serving as support for the permanence of the regime.

However, "the KRG project has failed" . Today, this is the main slogan that accompanies the unparalleled and satisfying aromas of burned town halls, barricades and tear gas in more than ten cities in the region.

Iraqi Kurds launch slogans in Sulaymaniyah in a police siege, December 19.

Since Tuesday, December 19, a chain of insurrections broke out in the villages of Raparines, Rania, Koysinjaq, Kifri, Kalar, Ranya, Taqtaq, Chamchamal, Koya, Rawanduz, Halabja, Said Sadiq and Qaladze, with the main demand that the KRG renounces the political administration of the area. The villagers' anger resides in three fundamental aspects: 1) the retention and cancellation of the salaries of teachers and public officials, which has been a frequent problem since October 2015; 2) the general discontent over an economic crisis that worsened in late 2014 after the global fall in oil prices and a huge cut in the public budget decided by the central government of Baghdad, which shows corruption and disinterest in development local economic activity by the KRG, and;Referendum for the Independence of Iraqi Kurdistan held on September 25 and in which 92.73% of the votes were for the YES, which continued an armed intervention on October 15 by the Iraqi army that continues to spread so far and in which the response of the KRG, again, denoted its concord and political positions in favor of the parent government (although in the speech intended to defend the citizens of their region).

The protests are reaching extraordinarily radical, anti-party and arsonist levels: "the offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) of Barzani and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) - which is a coalition of the former - are among the buildings engulfed in flames. "[1]the correspondents of the Deutsche Welle inform from the places of the facts. In addition, militant comrades claim that this is "a total rejection of all parties and groups of power", The buildings of the reformist opposition parties such as the Gorran (in English "Gorran Movement for Change"), the Turkmen Front and other more extremist groups such as the Islamic Union of Kurdistan have also been set on fire.

Map of the main capitals in conflict and the delimitation between the Kurdish zone and the Republic of Iraq. Source: Al Jazeera.

Although Mosaud Barzani resigned as president after 12 years beginning on June 14, 2005 and ending on November 1, people continue to demand that the KRG desist from power, since his nephew Nechirvan Barzani now is in the lead Possibly nepotism -and according to this very rough conjuncture- will not happen in all the provinces to the 'democratic alternation', due to the expansion of the faces of the economic blockade to subtract territorial portions from the Kurds in favor of the central government, and likewise, for the statements of the KRG that enraged the Iraqis even more:

"We will not remain inert before what happens in Kurdistan, and if there is any aggression or prejudice against any citizen, we will take charge of punishing those responsible"[2].

The consequences are already resented in the heart of the discontent. International flights to the capitals of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah have been canceled in full until February 28 by orders of the Ministry of Transport[3]; the Baghdad authorities seek as a place to take over the joint administration of the oil wells and industrial refineries that the Kurds rehabilitated during their territorial extension after the Mosul Offensiveat the beginning of 2015; fellow journalists report that the internet signal has been intervened since last Tuesday, as well as constant cuts in the electric service; Young people and children keep barricades on the outskirts of town halls and government buildings, so that they are not put to use until the demands of the Iraqi people are met. Reaching across borders, this anti-systemic wave is being replicated in several cities in Iran with the intention of overthrowing the Islamic Republic due to rising prices and corruption shown by the government (since and after) after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. on November 12, holding on to a decisive slogan of struggle: "FREEDOM OR DEATH"[4].

Young people and children from Sulaymaniyah erect barricades and remain in the guards outside the town halls to prevent them from being put back into use.

Up to the moment of writing this article, more than 25 deaths have been reported among police and demonstrators, 5 of them were shot by guns in the city of Ranya on Tuesday, December 20.
We would be idealists trying to elucidate in such a short period of time that these dozens of cities advance their processes to a model of civil self-government, however, the PKK has declared citizen self-administration along with the communities that have exerted the greatest social pressure -and therefore, entitled in this text- of the districts of Soran (Erbil) and Psdhar (Sulaymaniyah) in the provinces of Erbil and Pshdar [5], respectively. Before the media, villagers say that "autonomous areas are being created to replicate the confederalist system of Northern Syria because the KRG's experience in power failed ." It's too clear: corruption and loyal governments will not be forgiven.

The practice of the strongest civil self-government in the region is in the city of Shengal, where the population - Christian, Yezid and Kurdish - lived a 'Hollywood rescue' in August 2014 after a gradation of bombings by the United States and its allies -France, England, Russia, etc.- in coordination with the KRG to "annihilate ISIS". The confederalist guerrillas HPG (Popular Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Units of Free Women) with the support of the YPG and YPJ of the Syrian Rojava, exercised 100% of the rescue work and since then, the population has been grateful with enormous loyalty to organizations allied with the PKK that extend the practice of democracy without a State throughout the Middle East [6]. In mid-2015, he was satisfiedthe Democratic Autonomous Assembly and the Democratic Administration Board of Shengal (integrated in the general body named TEV-DEM), announcing its self-government program "Êzidîxan" at the end of October 2017. Its main achievements are: the assembly organization under the federative principle; the communion of religious groups and the eradication of their political power; the international recognition of Yezadis as an original people for their constitutional respect before a history full of massacres against them; and the popular supervision of the armed self-defense bodies, that is, that the work of the militias will reside in the sole mandate of the local assemblies.[7].

"The Co-Chairs of the Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Shengal, Co-Chairmen of the Democratic Management Board and other officials offered a press conference in order to declare the Autzidîxan Democratic Autonomy project. The statement was read in Kurdish and Arabic. "

On the other hand - and being the most sensationalist episode - we contemplate the heroic participation also of the YJA Star and the HPG during the state of siege in the town of Kirkuk in mid-October, which along with the inhabitants in arms, defended the city for avoid a military massacre of the central government during the seizure of oil wells controlled by local companies[8]. In those moments, the Peshmerga (the military arm and official of the KRG) fled in terror when seeing the tanks and battalions enter the territories, giving the reason once more to the effectiveness of the armed self-organization.

"Resident of Kirkuk holds a long weapon during the military stalking of the central government in the region."
After this breviary of the most recent regional years and experiences where "God is great", there is only to support the path of democratic confederalism - both those who build it with facts and solidarity from a distance - to cross as a bridge in the stream in more regions throughout Kurdistan.

Critical notes and references
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[6]De Antueno, Nicolás, Anarchism and revolution in the 21st Century (2017). "The impossible revolution: Revolution in Syrian, Turkish and Iraqi Kudistan".

[7]"Self-government and Democratic Autonomy is declared in the city of Shengal in Iraqi Kurdistan", Collective Rupture (RC), August 20, 2017. ( http://rupturacolectiva.com/se-declara-el- autogobierno-y-la-autonomia-democratica-en-la-ciudad-de-shengal-en-el-kurdistan-iraqui /)

[8]Consult this text of my authorship regarding the invasion in Kirkuk: "Stop the war against the Kurdish people!: Iraqi army invades the city of Kirkuk, citizens and Kurdish guerrillas defend it", Collective Rupture (RC), October 16, 2017. ( http://rupturacolectiva.com/alto-a-la-guerra-contra-el-pueblo-ku

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