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(en) Greece, APO dirty horse: NO BARS - NO RESTRICTIONS AND RACKS IN ALL NEIGHBORHOODS (gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 1 Jan 2018 12:35:32 +0200

[Suggestion for the information event - discussion ---- at the offices of the SELMA association ---- Saturday, December 16, 2017] ---- Since its establishment, our assembly has been actively involved in the field of mass media transport. In January 2011, while there was ongoing mobilization of the MMM workers against a bill promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, we wrote that only joint workers and passengers could stop restructuring and "rehabilitation" which means worsening labor relations, wage cuts, increase in tickets, reduction of routes and privatization . We have participated in numerous concerted local and central actions - interventions in common with other neighborhood assemblies and labor collectives, with the core of the project of free movement for all. Developments in recent months have been a further trigger not only to highlight the importance of e-ticket implementation as a decisive step in the process of restructuring urban transport but also to analyze crucial aspects of capitalist restructuring more generally .

In a first reading, as the implementation of the ministry - administration, contractor - contractor plans is being realized, there are increasingly numerous "dysfunctions", the all-known chaos: unbelievable discomfort, endless queues, irritation, fainting, personalized cards , impersonal cards, torn or even unprinted cards, allegedly "brakes" and "opinions" by the Protection Authority, deposits of open envelopes with personal data in ticket offices, timed readjustments Amma ... More October can only come to mind ever words like "achtarmas", "screwed up", "koulouvachata", "mess". Finally, to get to the OASA press release on November 14th, where it is officially announced the "end of the time of the paper ticket" - from 16/11 "ceases its use completely" - and the "gateway of the grid", which starts gradually on Monday 20/11 at 4 of the 40 stations: Doukissis Plakentias, Airport , Agios Antonios and Eleonas (with limited traffic). As passengers, for the first time, both at the entrance and the exit, we find closed bars . At noon, unions of the fixed-track media make a devastated concentration at Agios Antonios station and open them for a moment through the emergency switch, articulating a fragmentary reason revolving around security problems (after 3 days the bars are opened again, to be closed at Egaleo Station). While rotation at various stations continues, propaganda through the media triumphantly insists on the full (with a variety of interpretations of the word) operation of the system until December 20th. We will then explain why this chaos alone is not the dominant , nor the most important issue in this affair, attempting, somewhat briefly, a more comprehensive, more integrated approach.

Initially, it is obvious that the intensification in the ticket issuance section illustrates just the conditions that sooner or later will be confronted by all MMF workers. Indicative of the direction is the intention of the administration to "exploit" the EPAL apprenticeship institution . The consolidation of suffocating working jungle conditions, spreading like gangrene in all branches, across all workplaces, comes along with the upgrading of surveillance , overtly autocracy , raw extortion . In order not only to bend any resistances but also to co-operate with the mechanisms of repression. That's why the pressure to the workers assimilate the co-responsibility fairy tales , turning themselves into self-sustaining defenders and accomplices of all-embracing practical policies and administrative leaderships. By pointing out here the existence of a trade union bureaucracy that at best bears the "corrective" role of "counselor". Such is the tragedy of autistic this class approach "cooperation" through supposedly flea markets to compromise, and when the board of the association stops workers dared to murmur something about "outstanding technical and operational issues" and "failure correction system", the fallen rain threats for redundancies and referrals to the prosecutor, directly from the well-known and other offenders - Minister Spirits. We are talking about an announcement of a board that not only clears all the tones that are not opposed to the electronic ticket, but has never deviate for a moment from the line of realistic interlocutor administration to find solutions ... by the public. But the answer was immediate and clear: targeting and terrorism! Cherry in the cake the conference on the present and the prospects of "public urban transport as a social good" organized by the NRA this morning at the Auditorium of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, with other presidents and managing directors from OASA, ATTIKO METRO, OSE and greetings from the Minister himself ... Clingy!

For all of us now, workers, unemployed, young people, pensioners, locals, refugees and immigrants, where public transport is a basic social need , a new treaty is created, which includes barriers and tourniques, more cameras and special cards that need charging with products. A process that smiling faces in ads can finally do ... and through smartphone. The endless series of monotonous announcements that constantly remind them of the station loudspeakers are taken care of by the multi-choice product market. In our own world, however, the real , the poverty , the fear , the anguish for the tomorrow, the wild exploitation and oppression , what is the framework that is being attempted? How much are they looking to suffer and what consequences; Let's list briefly. Detailed recording and storage of countless personal data, monitoring, surveillance and mapping of all our movements, at will, immediate, violent, more effective exclusion of whole social groups, upgrading of suppression, elimination of every attempt of solidarity movements, other reductions of routes, , converting, in short, the MMMs into a privilege. All this with the view that a special body of inspectors will be foreseen - with the prospect of being taken over by an individual - for continuous supervision, escorting of cops and insured persons, until the adjustment to the required degree of discipline is considered sufficient in combination with the assimilation of the complementary culture sterilization. By stimulating phenomena of targeting and social automation,

This is clearly a further expression of the more general dystopian model that is reserved for every aspect of social activity. Achieving full, without the oldest "impediments" - so proclaimed conquests enshrined through hard struggles - alignment with the interests of the bosses and consumer market imperatives. With an indicative case of the new Metro Line 4, which is of direct concern to us. Part of the design is also the service of freight and tourist flows, in connection with the construction of giant consumer centers of corresponding conditions of personalization and bans. With catalytic effects on the environment, but also on the public open spaces in the neighborhoods. The bottom line is the gradual formation of one morea speculative fillet , another tempting privatization proposal, when judged by known raptors, all sorts of investors, as a profitable way of accumulating profits. The severity with which the restructuring of MMMs is being attempted at this stage is fully embedded in the wider treaty of the increasingly ruthless antisocial and anti-labor attack of local and foreign political and economic bosses on the slaves of society, with many litigations.

As long as this attack sinks into poverty more and more, even by directing even against basic social needs, both the strengthening of control and suppression areas becomes the central issue of power. Continuous measures of economic looting and stifling living conditions make up a relentless daily routine, any remaining illusions of alternative management politics dissolve with corruption, the vulgar trade of hope is abandoned as ineffective. State and capital seek to impose new conditions of subordination to society, setting on every occasion a scenery of horror. Something that seems clear when in the same day we have wild wood and arrests in strike at Market In Ioannina (in the same place as the day before the strike strike, fascist burgers to shoot), the attack on the corridors of the peace courts to those who try to block the shame of the auctions, and pupils for focal students outside the Ministry of Education. They focus, of course, with particular emphasis on the social - class resistances that appear unconcerned, unconstitutional and from the bottom. An exemplary example is the criminalization of the public intervention of neighborhood assemblies together with OSY and STASY workers outside the Rendis depot on Friday April 7, grassroots propaganda and orchestrated cases of targeting and sheltering traffic workers and a neighboring neighborhood and class association agonist who followed. In the relevant communication, which we jointly issued eight neighborhood assemblies , we clearly and explicitly highlight the ideological framework of this repressive assault. The conclusions that we have drawn for the special treatment that we have reserved are highly enlightening, they steal our belief that the barricades we are building open the way out of the barbarity that we live in and are condensed in the next paragraph.

We manage to socialize the project of free movement without state-assimilated demands. We do not even drift away from illusions to solve problems through the system that reproduces them and perpetuates them. Our bulkheads have proved to be impervious to the known manipulations of consensual extraction through manipulation and assimilation. We immediately and convincingly point out that, with maneuvers and institutional "solutions," the real pursuit of every alternative policy of management is no more than the support, stabilization, and "salvation" of the regime. As we stand, with the power we draw from companionship and solidarity, against the forces of repression, so we stand also against those who, having tried to cure the cloak of the social-class movement in science, do not have the slightest resentment to resort to brutal violence , having diagnosed that there is no possibility of chaining us institutions.

So, for our part, we continue with all our efforts to raise barriers against the imposition of the electronic ticket , the further commercialization of MMMs and control and exclusion policies . Against the transformation of our neighborhoods into prisons and the plunder of our lives . Recognizing the dominant propaganda intensity incitement directional and premium a climate of individualism and social cannibalism , insist even more firmly on the path of collective struggle and action of collusion of the social - class subjects, on the basis of our common interests. We seek joint progress with other neighborhood assemblies, refugee and immigrant colleges, student and student schemes, class unions, labor collectives. Especially with collectives of transport workers , that's why we were also outside the Rendis depot. We do not forget that turning one hand over to another is not just butter in the bread of system design. It is also a condition that, combined with extreme utilitarianism and amoralism, leads to fatal events , such as state murder by Thanasis Kanautis on 13/8/13, following the terrorism suffered by volunteer chief inspectors.

We stand against the miserable crime of criminalizing and imposing a "health zone" in the workplace, attempting to target and defrauding the contestants, constructing class accusations against class unions (for example, prosecution against the Association of Witnesses and other workers food industry as it bothers its consistent, unshakable attitude and action against resignation, submission, mediation and assignment to "specialists"); repressive machinations against occupied self-organized spaces (with the recent case of the occupation of Mundo Nuevo in Thessaloniki, for which a whole plan to curb its policy of action and challenge its open social character).

With weapons, class solidarity and bottom-up organization in workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, schools and everywhere, we continue vigorously and fightily to rebuild mounds against the all-out attack we accept. We put forward our rights, interests, needs, desires, and take our lives in our hands. At each starting point, every stance, every path of social-class resistances, we forget that as part of the wider struggle against the world of exploitation, exclusion, control and repression, we are struggling to build a tomorrow's society of equality and freedom!

Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity Kypseli / Patission
http://sakakp.blogspot.com | sakakp@gmail.com
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