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(en) Anarchists of the Caribbean and Central America facing the neo-liberal and militaristic "maturation" of chavismo By ANA o (ca, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 8 Jul 2017 10:00:34 +0300

FROM WHERE AND WITH WHO WE ARE ---- For us anarchists who inhabit lands near Venezuela, what is happening in that country does not seem distant or indifferent to us. Our dependent economies have received, for almost two decades, the fuel subsidies of PetroCaribe agreements. That is why almost all the states and most of the actors of the civil society of the Caribbean region now offer their complicit silence in the face of the neoliberal, authoritarian, repressive and militaristic apotheosis that ultimately derived the government of Nicolás Maduro Moros. ---- We will not deny the value of such covenants to our societies, but let us not close our eyes to the immense contradictions on which they rest. The international projection of the Bolivarian revolution favored sensitive sectors of our countries, we are not unaware of the benefits of the services that were generated under the agreements such as ALBA-TCP, but we are not only clients of governmental assistance, -imperialists; We also feel anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anarchist, proletarian, and people of the people. This is how we do not want to be accomplices to a silence paid for with oil.

Our affinities and sympathies are for the Venezuelan anonymous people who did not wait for "favorable objective conditions," nor did they take the so-called "end of history" seriously, and in 1989 carried out the Caracazo, the first great popular revolt in the world against the consummation of Neo-liberal policies that would soon be implemented on all sides.

When in the early 1990s Movement V Republic emerged in the market for political representation offers, their spokespersons spared no compliments and gifts to the rebellious, self-organized people. But today, when Chavismo has reached its optimum neoliberal, militaristic, repressive maturation, that same people are disqualified with epithets of "terrorist", "criminal", "ultra right"; Accusations that seek to hide the grotesque mutation suffered by all the professionals of revolutionary politics in power. We are with the protagonists of mobilizations in popular neighborhoods like El Valle, Coche, January 23, Baruta and July 5 in Petare, Caracas; With the general survey that took place in the southern zone of popular and working Valencia. Our hearts are in the occupations and recoveries of supermarkets,

We are against the Bolivarian National Police, the Bolivarian National Guard, and the Bolivarian Military Intelligence Service, which, by incorporating the adjective "Bolivarians" into their names, are still essential supporters of the authoritarian and murderous state. We are against the paramilitary "collectives", monsters created with the Zamora Plan, fed by the degradation of the authentic popular movement of the 90s, by the hand of bureaucracy and Chavez militarism. We are against the media violence of the opposition politicians, who only seek to stir up the polarization between the political machineries to force a simple exchange of oppressors as a supposed exit from the current crisis.

We are with the thousands of detained without legal protection who are sent as terrorists to military courts and to super crowded prisons. The Bolivarian Constitution of 1999 establishes that military justice is limited to crimes of a military nature, but as we see it is a dead letter, like all legal regulations, it tries to sustain dominant interests.

We are with the families of the dozens of dead, mostly young people, or the more than 1,000 wounded. We are with the student and popular youth of the neighborhoods who have set up their own instances of self-defense on avenues and in the streets of the neighborhoods. We are with these young people who in Maracay unfurled a banner that said "Ni MUD Ni PSUV, We are the ones from below that we come from the top", because only with a change of government does not solve the situation.


The anti-imperialism that today wields the Chávez media machinery is a crude red vine leaf that seeks to conceal very concrete facts:

Large vultures from the energy and mega-mining sectors (Chevron, Schlumberger, Halliburton and Barrick Gold) already have succulent concessions for 40 years in Venezuela, which will give them a crucial role in the design of the new Constituent Assembly. President Nicolas Maduro instructed his media not to criticize the elected Donald Trump whom he described as "friend" and "comrade." Through the state-owned Citgo, Maduro donated half a million dollars to open bridges of dialogue with the new Yankee administration. The Venezuelan government has paid as a matter of priority the immense foreign debt of the country to the international financial capital and remain as faithful partner of the National Council of Productive Economy, whose maximum expression is the intimate relation with the media oligopoly Organization Cisneros, Assurance of support from most private media. It is a government that dresses better every day to the interests of Wall Street, but does not want them to stop cataloging it as "Bolivarian," "Left," and "Anti-imperialist."

Again, these are the frustrating limits of the revolutions of "national liberation," "socialist," "participatory," "anti-imperialist," etc. based on the ups and downs of international commodity prices. It is again the crisis of "Saudi Arabia", now with a Bolivarian face, from which again a dark trail of hunger, communal disintegration, inability to generate autonomous means of life, existential chaos of millions of people, violence among the lower. And all this was promoted by the combination of nationalist oil fetishism ("Venezuela power"), political patronage, messianic caudilhismo, macho cult of the strong man, able to do magic from the top of the pyramid of the land, which always inhibited popular solidarity, Coexistence, fraternal work and celebration among the lower.


Nenhuma Assembleia Constituinte será solução para tão graves e profundos problemas sociais, culturais e psicológicos que afetam a nossos povos. Entre a fumaça tóxica, o fogo aterrador das armas, as ações de destruição e reabastecimento popular violento, as auto-defesas dos bairros para enfrentar os corpos repressivos, os milhares de feridos, a morte e a dor pelos seres queridos, emerge algo muito mais útil e liberador que uma nova Constituição do Estado venezuelano. Algo que os ideólogos da não-violência e os incondicionais do pacifismo não querem ver: a possibilidade prática de uma compreensão vivencial e intelectual sobre quem são nossos antagonistas e nossos aliados na luta por uma vida sem opressões, que permita a paz entre os de baixo e sustenta r a guerra social contra os de cima e seus cúmplices.

Whether anyone in power in Venezuela in the immediate future, whether Chavez or anti-Chavez, will have no choice but to reissue the path of the "Economic Package" of the government of Carlos Andres Perez 1989 and indicated by the IMF, the proven formula to save expenses in domination And to maintain the essentials of the state: its undergarments of pyramidal corruption, authoritarianism, militarism, and repression of those below. Behind Venezuela the governments of our region will follow, with slightly different rhythms and dynamics, the same path. Solidarizar with the Venezuelan government of turn now would be the announced chronicle of a betrayal to our companions.as and to ourselves.

Neither PSUV, nor MUD: neighborhood organization, worker and popular.

The fight goes on!

Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation (FACC) and autonomous individuals

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Translation> Sol de Abril
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