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(en) Poland, New Releases Brotherhood Troika - Ernst Friedrich - War War (Krieg dem Kriege) rozbrat.org [machine translation]

Date Fri, 7 Jul 2017 11:13:45 +0300

Just appeared faithful reprint of the first edition of the German book Krieg dem Kriege , which was banned by the authorities. The book is an album dedicated to the events of the First World War. All tekty contained in the book are written in five languages: English, French, Dutch, German and - with the release of the Troika - Polish. The book was reprinted several times, appeared in almost 50 languages, but in Poland it never issued. Until now, the effort appears Troika ... ---- The photographs in this book, from beginning to end of the show a record obtained by the relentless, incorruptible camera lens. Recording of mass graves and trenches; The "military lies" about "Field of Glory" and other "Sielanki" (idyllach) "Great Ages". ---- This book is dedicated to all war profiteers and parasites, all provocateurs of war, but also the "kings", generals, presidents and ministers of all countries. Priests who blessed the weapons in the name of God, this book is dedicated to the Bible as the War.

m.in publishing house can be purchased here

We invite you to read the afterword of this publication

Members of the books Ernst Friedrich - War War (Krieg dem Kriege),

today's reader czytelniczce whether it is easy to approach this album as historical curiosities - shocking souvenirs of ancient, brutal times. It is comforting to believe that in our contemporary, "peaceful" and predictable world institutions of war and violence fully and effectively done a peripheral phenomenon. The last seventy years accustomed us - citizens of the western world - to relative peace.

Times of war, however, came to an end with the victory of the Allies - armed conflicts continue unchanged to this day. The only difference is the fact that they have been effectively removed from our field of view instead of in the center of the Western world, are happening on the periphery. The experience of war disturbs our peace only indirectly, as a media spectacle of a distant, senseless cruelty. Violence gives the impression of a foreign war. Over the past seventy years in our policy dominated strategy - call it "liberal" - based on the neutralization of the war and the expulsion of the element, which only occasionally penetrates our secure borders, pushing the walls of conflict-free and peaceful Europe. This new order would arise in the post-war ruins of the old world, once and for all pouczonego experience of war irrational cruelty and bestiality. Since then "Western civilization" congratulates a future orderly, rational and Syta. However, cleansed of overt violence, the West by building his power on this beautiful but deceptive dream, hiding the cost, which is paid for it. Seducing its citizens capitalist promise of perpetual prosperity, progress and unbridled unbroken peace, builds indifference to the war and devastating exploitation of the outside world. We do not concern yourself head wars for oil, sweatshopami in the Far East or the deregulation of domestic policy of sovereign states to protect the interests of multinational corporations, despite the fact that these actions are the foundation supporting our order and beautiful, carefree sleep. Focused on the well-being of its individual citizens of the Western world look at the fruits of their destructive domination of paternalistic pity and distress. Convinced that they live in a world of enlightened goals and good intentions, not war and exploitation, in the outskirts of the devastated see the world the absolute strangeness - a memento of ancient times, with something that had long since decided to grow. But this spectacle of exotic, anachronistic bestiality is only distract attention from the temporariness and fragility of our fantazmatycznej utopia - can not think about the fact that the outer peripheral violence is the result of our policy, which makes it not someone else's - and our own.

This strategy, however, has a different and unforeseen consequence. Discourse, which makes the political stability of odraczanej endless promise of prosperity, irreversible atomizes society. In a world where the only common language is striving for individual success (work, family life, recreation and spiritual development) it is extremely difficult to think and build a community. Not only that, the value of sterile soil economic alienation constitutes the inevitable consequence of social stratification, which leads the capitalist dream, it is deprived of the possibility of expression. Not surprisingly, that boundless frustration successfully manage to develop the language of populist right. "Loser" in the capitalist rat race offers a new promise - the promise of a return to strong community, moral values and real impact on reality. Instead of moving towards reconciliation in the fight with authentic impossible to ignore the causes of alienation resulting from capitalism, right wing discourse reorganizes society, redirecting his attention to the next dream. This time, however, does not promise we already bourgeois peace, but "real" causative community. Its strength comes from a clear delineation of borders, which as a guarantor of the highest common values demand a defense at all costs. The consequence of this way of thinking becomes a dialectic of "their" and "foreign", which gives a sense of meaning and demands an explanation. Therefore, as a liberal strategy distracted our attention from the chaos of the outside world, promising individual fulfillment and satiety, right-wing strategy affirms the chaos, paving the way realization of national power, which would allow for the achievement of the arrangement according to "our common" values. And since the liberal discourse turned attention away from the war, making it an exotic souvenir from ancient times, the right-wing narrative is doing everything in its power to it more attractive through sanctifying aesthetisation romantyzacji and heroic struggle for the homeland. The paradigm of the right-wing does not solve the problem, though crucial - like liberal, does not show us that war is not carried out in the interest of citizens, but to maximize the profits of global capital (recall even cooperation "American" corporations IBM, GM, Ford and Coca-Cola with the government Nazi Germany during the second World war the huge profits derived by Haliburton and Blackwater due to the war in Iraq), and only makes a sublime genocide and attractive. Both strategies are equally useful for capital, which uses it as a way to diversify the political spectacle. Like two sides of the same coin, these strategies are related - the conflict that never rises above the appearance of stage scenery, allows the selection of appropriate conditions for the prevailing cultural, economic and social strategies sublimation of social frustration. Although their use has a real impact on the fate of millions and even billions of people remain scenic props that can be used with relative interchangeability and in almost any configuration. Unfortunately, caused by the war real suffering and destruction do not cease to exist, regardless of whether we are applying for the war not to think whether we make it the most beautiful and sublime event in the history of the nation and the homeland - both narratives help only to forget and deny the essence of war, it is a pain and suffering.

In 1924, in the light of the nightmare of the first World War, Ernst Friedrich saw clearly that to prevent war, you must place it in the center of our attention, we turn in the position of its main causes. War is not an external phenomenon, is becoming a breeding ground created to soldiers; It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, a nightmarish reality the dream of a heroic death. According to Friedrich diagnosis war it is a direct result of patriotic education of youth and children wpajanego by the State at the service of capital; After all, the latter is still hungry for new soldiers ready with naive national pride to give his life in his interest. Friedrich writes:
Let go of the bourgeois self belief!
Fight against capitalism in itself!
In our thoughts and our actions still lurks unspeakably much of the philistine and a soldier, and nearly every hidden zmusztrowany ,, subaltern "who wants to dominate and command, even if only over their comrades in the family, his wife and children! (p. 28)

The task is committed to war war, is unveiling the connection between the pro-state education and its consequences - a declaration of war on the war, it is destroying people internalized by reproducing the conditions of the industry of death. Showing the atrocities of the war make it impossible to displace it as both alien to our culture, and its taming resulting from aesthetisation and pedagogical instrumentalization. The shocking brutality of the album is not so sensational nature, do not want war egzotyzowac build its distance towards bestiality - a summary of the sublime and glorious propaganda of patriotic duty of photographs showing the real effects of the war forces us to confront the consequences of our full spectrum of "heroism." Breaking the taboo of war victims and ruined lives of veterans, Friedrich disarms vision przyodzianej in romantic clothes "just war" for the country (Polish example of the latter may be even glorification of "63 days of glory", which completely ignores the 200,000 civilian casualties). Normalizing war as irrational, foreign akcydentalnosci and brave national uprising, which calls us HISTORICAL need to, you can only break the bottom up, by changing education and killing himself in the internal soldier.

Commandment declaring war on war, it may seem naive and simple negation. However, as a potential genocide entities, its actually contractor, we realize the enormity of the work, which is redeemed pacifism. Regardless of the ultimate goal of the starting point you have to make resistance, refusal. Friedrich turns patriotic narrative of strength and heroism, calling for suppressing violence in the bud, to withdraw from the war feeding our passive acquiescence:
Stronger from all violence, from the saber and rifle, is our spirit, our will!
Repeat these two words: ,, I will not! "
Add content to these words and all the wars in the future will become impossible. (p. 30)

Incarcerated in prisons and psychiatric hospitals deserters, pacifists strikers, teachers and anarchists - these heroes and heroines speaking and denouncing the time of the service of Friedrich capital under the guise of the "holy trinity": God, Honor and Fatherland. Resistance remains only the first step, still reactive, but rozbudzajacym potency in life, which you can update through new values: friendship, mutual help and love. Despite the poignant despair, which pierces the cards album, Friedrich is not pessimism, instead pointing the way to a better future in a positive pedagogical project. Friedrich outlined by the war between the education and upbringing of death to life today remains the central tension of our culture. The main purpose of schools is not an enabling students to undermine the authority or responsibility for the awakening of the world and the second man or disagreement with the injustice, but the education of persons uncritically adopting a common, imposed top-down narrative, which conveniently organizes their reality. Discourse on patriotism awarding necrophilia glorification of death is simply the easiest tool available preschool already forcing young people to recognize the state and nation for the value in themselves. Thus are the loops vicious circle cult of death and politics of memory. No space here to reflect on the question: what dying? In the name of what values? In the name of what life demands that the state of my death? Let's look at the line, which still of school age are taught and learned young Poles and young Polish women (although the poem is addressed to the default male recipient):
- Who are you?
- Pole small.
- What's your sign?
- White Eagle.
- Where do you live?
- Between hers.
- In which country?
- The Polish soil.
- What is the earth?
- by My homeland.
- What is gained?
- blood and scar.
- Do you love her?
- I love sincerely.
- And what do you believe?
- In Poland, I believe.
- What are you to her?
- A grateful child.
- Something owe her?
- Giving our lives.
If you look at the last two wersom through the prism of analysis Friedrich, their surprising brutality becomes absolutely clear - to favor the death as the highest realization of human life is an inherent consequence of the primacy of abstracts such as the Nation and the State. Blind faith, obedience and community blood fantazmatyczna obstruct the path of self-realization and other forms of community. Citizen (German, a Frenchman, a Pole) and the unit are not one and the same. Unit of necessity stands in opposition to the nation, its individual desires, needs and relationships break his absolutist, historical narrative. Citizen and is produced, for the implementation of specific constructs imposed from above purposes. Uniformity military school and only serve to increase employee control unit to distract from the real suffering resulting from capitalist wars, exploitation and armed conflicts which are the inevitable result of the policy of national states and their chauvinistic education system. It does not matter whether the anesthetic used by systems of power will be a school, church or shopping center - the effect remains unchanged: the unit is insensitive to the world, the suffering of others, meek and devoid of agency. The educational project conceived so all power setting social goals and values lies in the hands of the capitalist state power, not a community of critically thinking, sensitive individuals. Experience First World War to similar conclusions, but of opposite vector axiological led Benito Mussoliniego. Seeing, for the great sacrifices they are ready to soldiers at the front in the name of fantasmatic myth of the Nation, Mussolini decided to use the idea of the power of the state to formulate the doctrine of fascism: ideology, which deliberately blurs the boundary between the individual and the citizen:

The man of Fascism is an entity that is a nation and homeland, moral laws, which brings together individuals and generations bond of tradition and mission, which destroys the instinct for life closed in a tight circle of pleasure to create the imperative obligation of life higher, liberation from the boundaries of time and space: life, in which through self-denial, by sacrificing their personal benefit, through death itself, realizes the existence of the spiritual nawskros, whereon lies in its value as a human being.[1]

This is what the project Mussolini shocks, but also - as history teaches us - seduces, it is shocking brutality and directness with which he describes the technique of control over society. It seems that although described by our strategies, "liberal" and "right-wing" (as well as all the intermediate forms), try not to fall into the language of fascism, both paradigms willingly and successfully utilize its methodology - control the three key elements of social fact: more narrative, a common myth and the fulfillment of the promise in achieving their designated purpose.

Although the content may be subject to change, which fills each of these categories (narrative of progress or a strong state, the myth of equal opportunities in the open market or spirit of the people; individual success or repel external and internal enemies), the mechanism of control and subordination remains the same. At its basis it is hypocritical, because it is impossible to fulfill the promise of agency - unfulfillable, as imposed from above and thus condemning the eternal helplessness and dependence terms of who will show another goal, another dream, another myth. The only way out of the vicious circle nieziszczonych dreams and escape to other, equally unrealizable promises seem to reconcile the individual with its own finitude and dependence, while uwyraznieniu meet, which brings the experience of using their limited powers to help others and contribute to a better reality.

The depth and beauty of Friedrich proposals lies in the recognition that the value of a man is by no means the death of citizens in the name of the Nation or consumerist performance, but the individual potential to love, care and repair of complicity in reality. Friedrich calms us in ensuring that the world without universal values and timeless absolutes world is by no means devoid of meaning and sense; on the contrary - only realizing the responsibility which rests on the shoulders of a single individual and the entire community we think of the world in which we are not ourselves enemies and friends. Only then, sharing responsibility for the world and each other, we can resist the reproduction of values that inevitably lead to war. Because life can not develop in isolation from the sterile world of liberal capitalism, nor ever look back, feeding the dream of the nation's power and heroic death. Active and causative life must be based on the relationship - it is impossible to bring them to the posthumous glory of a martyr for the cause of the nation nor selfish satiety, as is done in creating a better reality.

Only the unit free from the tyranny of the absolute idea is able to discover your unlimited potential social - does not desire eternal memory on the board of the monument of heroes, but in worldliness and self-love. The realization of this project was for the Friedrich-pedagogical educational activities. His anarchist primer Proletarischer Kindergarten ( "Proletarian kindergarten") designed to educate children to mutual assistance and care, still functioning, the Berlin anti-war museum, whose business this book is a reflection of, and established in 1954 and the post-war meeting center of the German and French youth workers' Île de la paix "(Island room) aimed at establishing a dialogue and cooperation of the French and German youth for peace, they are inspiring a reaction to the cruelty of the surrounding reality, trying to open people perspective and responsibility to create a new, better world - a world without war.

Andrzej Grzybowski, Maciej Lagodzinski

[1]Benito Mussolini, fascism Doctrine, trans. S. Gniadek, P. Sandauer, Lvov 1935, p. 18.

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