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(en) Greece, Anarchist group "restive horse" [APO] - AGAINST STATE revanchism, THE SKEFORIES, THE REPRESSION AND STATUS EXCEPTION (gr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 08:54:44 +0300

"In conditions of political crisis the best defense of bourgeois democracy is the self-abolition." ---- Gerasimos Lykiardopoulos ---- Nowadays, politics SYRIZA-ANEL management, after about 2.5 years in place of governance continues to pave the way for the deepening of exploitation and oppression terms and sharpens attack in even more extensive sections of the population. After cultivate false hopes on system landscaping through governmental role-taking and contributed decisively to the weakening of social and class movements that had developed over the previous period, then adopted the same neo-liberal agenda with its predecessors, fully aligned with the requirements and antisocial patterns of local and international elite, while attempting to give extended life to the already bankrupt political and economic system by developing co ikon social peace, national reconciliation and diataxikis cooperation. Managing illusions systematically cultivated throughout the period before the election, not aimed at the improvement of people's living conditions, as you argue about what their exponents. One in which targeted -and partly petychan- was the development consent conditions and assimilation humane enforcement of the terms of the new capitalist attack. An attack that is already in progress by imposing new antisocial-anti-labor measures that increasingly degrade the life and contribute greatly to the further ftochopoiisi and impoverishment of the population.

The revelation of the real face of "the ruling Left" from the first months of its governance, the faces bore the social and class movement that -even aponefromeno- tried to put barrier with all its strength to continue and step up political ftochopoiisis and impoverishment of society, and the plunder of the natural world and the social wealth. Given the generalized katexeftelismo and the constant loss of consensus of the social base has no choice but the targeting, the slander and repression of social, class and political resistance outbreaks to continue unhindered its work.

To ensure the complete enforcement of the regime and seamless service to the interests of the dominant economic and political elite, all instruments can be used in even more acute form and with even greater intensity. So, this enforcement goes through the complete annihilation of those who fight against it, through the exemplary punishment of those who raise the head to resist or have any reason to do so, through the brutal and overt repression of those who refuse to accept the dissolution of life, through the state revanchism and material-moral annihilation (imposition of exception) those who have been in state hands for their action.

"In the modern totalitarianism imposed by any means from the state and the bosses, the issue of security becomes a starring role. The rulers fortified behind intergovernmental agreements and police-military alliances in order to safeguard their plans for the globalization of domination. Let us note that with the impending terror law the state proclaims and officially it is a "State Emergency Response" in the face of new social explosions which are expected to lead the way totalitarian domination, and so a it tries to put a regime of mass hostage who choose the road of struggle. " ( Anarchist Bulletin for Counter-Information and Action, only 8 October 2000)

The current political administration, particularly in recent months that the social and class resistances accentuated, but also earlier, pulls and puts into practice the "left" version of the doctrine of law and order. The evacuation of the Senate occupation, held in solidarity with the hunger strike of political prisoners, the vindictive refusal of licenses qualifying long political prisoners (Koufodinas, bowls, etc.), the criminalization of friendly and neighboring relations them, attacking any form of association (persecution of members of the Association of Chefs Waiters, targeting employees in public transport, vengeful dismissals for their action, etc.), prosecutions and if shots fighters homes against auctions, entire villages lawsuits and turn them into "terrorist" organizations, wanton arrests and activists arrested, the rigged indictments and political machinations, the crippling sanctions (condemnation 77chronou fighter from Great Panagia Halkidiki the condemnation of Marios Seisidis to 36 years in prison, his conviction Phoebus Charisi without evidence and the refusal to grant a license, etc.) are some of the events that create the repressive maze and fro jumping arsenal slowly builds the current government in cooperation with the judicial authorities and counterterrorism department.

Among all these, the main role in "anti-terrorist" campaign and repressive government holding occupations and race sites. Gripping the thread from where he left in the summer of 2016 with the evacuations of migrants housing occupations and refugees in Thessaloniki following mobilisations under the No Border, empties the capture Villa Zografos and housing refugees squat in Alkiviadou Street in Athens. Then, by the entire government and the experiences of media parrots of starting a campaign something out "of the old" featuring the remaining occupations as lawless outbreaks, while prominent in the press articles and callings for suppression is the occupation Lela Karagiannis 37, which from 1988 is on the way of social self-organization, of class solidarity and militant resistance. Meanwhile, the occupation Strounga in New Philadelphia is a hostage of the mercenary army tycoon Melissanidis, who conducts a colonization company in the region with the aim of unconditional assignment of AEK Stadium and Woods in this to the satisfaction of speculative interests (supported government and police protection). At the same time, the media prominent role held by slandering the fight against narkomafies and social cannibalism in Exarchia, which paves the repressive attack in an area that is a persistent thorn in the regime for more than four decades.

The case which encapsulates the dominant political strategy today and demonstrates in the most raw and clear way the vengeance and the machinations of the state against political opponents and the formation of the special exemption regime for them is the case of the anarchist communist Tasos Theophilus.

In the summer of 2012 in Paros carried robbery at a branch of alphabank during which fatally wounded a taxi driver who tried to prevent the escape of robbers. A few days later, arrested Tasos Theophilos in Athens main categories of murder, participation in robbery and participation in the organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Categories from the outset denies. The only element that led to the arrest of Theophilus in accordance with anti-terrorist service was an "anonymous call" at police headquarters indicated him as the perpetrator of the robbery. The condemnation of Tasou Theofilou (no witness not recognize him nor the first trial, nor during the appellate decision -anamenetai for self-) based on a DNA sample found on a hat which supposedly worn by the robber. However, the hat that was presented at trial was spotted in hindsight, was not included in the spot shooting of testimonial evidence, not recorded in the seizure report nor recognized by witnesses.

Characteristic also is the case of Iriannas B. Av. Recently imposed penalty of 13 years in prison for her personal relationship with the accused to participate in the organization "Nuclei of Fire" and even though he was acquitted! The Irianna V.L. He was at home then on trial in 2011, but the prosecution began much later, in 2013, when partial DNA sample found on incriminating evidence. Under this sub-sample, and no testimony or any other element of the research conducted, the court sentenced 1 to June.

From the above, it is clear that convictions without evidence (or a single element using the DNA) and rigged trials (case Sipsas) are not isolated incidents, but are an essential element of the dominant policy (with the tandem state repression mechanisms and "independent" judiciary) which aims to disseminate and consolidate the fear at the bottom of society to be able to complete unhindered its aspirations.

'' The state of exception is becoming the rule and almost all of humanity is defined as a dangerous class. ''

Walter Benjamin

The "war on terror" and the exemplary punishment of dissidents passed through the consolidation of the iron lattice repression in every social field, the intensity of control and surveillance in society, and by creating a special exemption regime for politicians and social activists. A system built through special legislation terror law which imposes special trials, especially indictments, deprivation of basic rights, especially cells and special treatment, deprivation of licenses etc. The unmistakable evidence of special treatment subject political prisoners nowadays is the withdrawal of authorizations legally entitled to for years. Licenses openly denies justice, citing that they do not regret their actions, seeking essentially a declaration of repentance and renunciation of ideas, bringing to mind trials post civil war era. The anti-terrorism campaign continues today with a new bill tabled in the week (after one day retired because of ambiguities) and provided for the strengthening of laws 187 and 187A of criminal and terrorist organization, introducing inter alia, the concept of "stimulation terrorist deeds "and the criminalization of channeling information and education in the use of weapons etc. the first regulation strengthens existing on" Celebrating incitement and terrorism "that poinikopoi even et and speech articulation. This law was revised in the spring of 2015, after the match in which spearheaded was the hunger strike that made the political prisoners in the first months of SYRIZA-ANEL government. A match which was accompanied by the movement of several comrades (who were accused by koukoulonomo at different moments of the match) to go into public disobedience statement and refusing to comply with the restrictive conditions as a subscription gesture in the greater conflict with the terrorist and repressive regime . Still, as a solidarity movement on hunger strike polar prisoners had held takeover of the Senate, which was evacuated by riot police after a political decision and order of the then Minister of Public Order C. Panousi and the government.

The world of power reserve more control, more repression, more exploitation and fear. Opposite to stand the race communities to organize social and class fronts and our political presence for the overthrow of the political and economic elite designs.

At a time when state and capitalist barbarism attempts to dispel the lives of the workers, the unemployed, the poor and plebeians of society, at a time when no government, party, parliament and intermediary device can not promise only subjugation and impoverishment, and we need to develop the communities, the operating areas, in neighborhoods, in schools and faculties, self-organized structures struggle and solidarity.

In irreversible decay of the state and the capitalist world, the dead ends, the policy and the value of the bankruptcy to oppose collective resistance, the emancipation of the oppressed, the only living social perspective: The world of Anarchy and Libertarian Communism.




FACING THE FEAR, subjugation and repression ... to oppose the organization and convince RALLY

Militant - Social self-organization - CLASS SOLIDARITY

Anarchist group "restive horse" - a member of the Anarchist Political Organization
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