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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire - Tract AL, To act is better than to elect: for an alternative libertarian ! (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 17 Apr 2017 08:35:20 +0300

What is the purpose of the presidential election ? To choose a president among candidates who, for the most part, propose only to adapt to the laws of the bosses and the market. The next host of the Elysée can only bend to the rules of the economic system in place: capitalism. ---- Now, in this system, there is only one thing that counts: profit. And to maintain growth, millions of people are plunged into precarious situations (starting with women ...), looting the natural resources of the countries of the South, sacking the planet and concreting ecosystems For large, completely useless projects. ---- But then how do we change things ? ---- We have nothing to expect from the outcome of the elections because there can be no real democracy as long as capitalism remains in place. Why ? Because with capitalism, all economic power is in the hands of a minority and completely escapes democracy. As long as workers do not control what they produce, there will never be a true democracy.

We must therefore break with capitalism and propose another political project: solidarity, egalitarianism and self-management.

We must already prepare ourselves for future battles. And they will be numerous. History shows us that governments have always found themselves serving the powerful or capitulating against the capitalists, despite the fine speeches and election promises. Since politicians betray us, only count on ourselves. Let us take care of our affairs by working daily in our workplaces and in our places of life, struggling with imagination and imposing a balance of power in our favor. Yesterday as today, most of the freedoms and rights have been obtained or defended.

Tract in PDF to download
The same will happen tomorrow, and it is through collective action that we will change the situation:

By involving ourselves in the social movements: the struggle unions and the associations ;
By proposing counter-powers and constructing an alternative to capitalism.
Is the alternative libertarian project utopian ?

Voting every five years means giving a blank check to an elected official who will not represent you. It is this scam that explains the increasing number of abstentionists.

Faced with a state of emergency, mass unemployment, rising poverty levels, wars, neo-colonial domination of the countries of the South, corruption, would not it be time to consider Other options ?

Cc David Reece
To this reality, we oppose a real alternative:

Direct democracy

A self-managing democracy: each participates in the collective power and has a say on the choices of society. The power is no longer centralized but is exercised at the grassroots level and is shared by all members of society. Decisions are made on the scale to which they apply (neighborhood, city, department, region, country, continent, world). Those on larger scales are taken by mandates that can be revoked at any time if they do not respect their mandates.

Social Transformation

A new ecological balance: The capitalist system is responsible for the pollution of the planet, the disappearance of hundreds of species and the deregulation of the climate. We must finish with this productivist system for a " reasoned " production that respects the planet And living beings.

Restored and expanded public services: Schools, health, transport, housing and food should no longer be thought of as market values but as free services for all.

Self management

Self-managed production: No more work for bosses (big or small), power is given to workers, who discuss production choices. They take vocational, economic, political and cultural training and carry out the choices decided collectively.

Decentralized production and the productive autonomy of each region of the world: Produce locally, otherwise, according to the needs of the population and not the market, by developing cooperation and know-how, respecting the environment and the collective of This will only be possible with the self-management and socialization of the economy.

Social production to satisfy needs: To get out of the " economy ", to restore production to its social character: no more money (profitability, profit) or financing (credit, contributions) is discussed The usefulness of the projects for society, the needs to be met, the time to be devoted to it, the material and intellectual resources available and the ecological constraints.

Sharing work

A massive reduction in working time: The only way to share work and allow employees to have time to satisfy the legitimate aspiration to gain personal and collective time outside the workplace.

The end of unemployment and exclusion: Work is shared by all. Production is not subject to profits. It is the human needs that become decisive.


The end of the patriarchal order: by sharing household duties, equal rights and incomes, balancing the role of men and women in the public as in the private sphere.

The transformation of education: The school should allow a fulfilling framework capable of developing the capacity for analysis, decision-making, critical thinking and responsibility

The Alternative Libertarian project is to allow each one of us to be an actor and actress of his life by giving him the power to express himself, to decide, to educate himself and to be distracted.

Then, yes, let us dare utopia ...
Let us dare the libertarian alternative !

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