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(en) [Maquiné-RS] COISA PRETA*: (Black Thing) Resumed Mbyá-Guarani - Report of the Meeting of Supporters By ANA (ca, pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 10 Apr 2017 09:50:50 +0300

After three days and nights meeting and talking among themselves, the Mbyá-Guarani of Maquiné called for a meeting of the people and organizations that support the Guarani Retreat. This meeting took place on Sunday, April 2 , in the new Mbyá-Guarani village of Maquiné (still unnamed), in the area formerly used by FEPAGRO - State Foundation for Agricultural Research, extinct by the governor's austerity policies Of the South]José Ivo Sartori. ---- " No one is without nobody." - Cacique André dos Mbyá-Guarani de Maquiné. ---- The caciques André of Maquiné and Cirilo of Lomba do Pinheiro and representative of the Guarani of all Rio Grande do Sul, showed great joy and hope for the construction of this new village in a land so rich and fertile. Unlike the land usually demarcated by the State - unproductive, taken by monocultures of soybean and eucalyptus, unsuitable for the traditional way of life of the Guarani - the land resumed for the construction of the new village is covered with native forest, fruit trees and springs of Crystal clear drinking water. They made clear the intention to resist and fight for the land, regardless of what the white man and his institutions decide.

After brief speeches by the two chiefs, a space was opened for supporters and supporters to present themselves. Representatives and members of Nascimento Maquiné (ANAMA), Association of Studies and Projects with Indigenous and Minority Peoples (AEPIM), Friends of the Earth Brazil, Jornal Já, several professors and students of the anthropology and geography courses of UFRGS, Of the Root Movement, faithful of a (unidentified) church, as well as several anarchists and Maquiné dwellers who support the Guarani revival.

" We do not have to climb stairs to have power, to speak. In our culture any little child has that power. "- Cacique Cirilo

There were some interventions that informed the progress of legal proceedings. On the injunction that asks for the "reintegration of possession," which would remove the land from the indigenous people and return them to the state: a judge of the lower court should appear on Tuesday, April 04. Even if the judge orders the reintegration of possession, it should not be immediate, since the Military Brigade can not interfere with the indigenous peoples without the presence of FUNAI and the Federal Police. The supporters of the Mbyá-Guarani who are following the legal issue have shown some optimism.

Another relevant information is that an anthropologist from FUNAI would attend the village on Monday, April 3, to start collecting data on the resumption.

" Why not give us a good land to raise chicken, to plant sweet potatoes, so we do not depend on the state? It is a form that the state creates to dominate us. "- Cacique Cirilo

After the conversations on the morning shift, a lunch was served. In the afternoon the chiefs resumed the conversation, asking the members of the Root Movement to explain what this movement is. Then followed a mini-party rally for about 20 minutes, explaining their concepts and their aspirations. The speech was so seductive that the Cacique Cyril himself, in the end, said that since the Guarani are receiving support from the Root he did not see why they too could not support the movement. It was not clear if the Cacique understood that he is dealing with a political party, which is in the process of collecting signatures for its regularization to run for office in the government.

Then he talked about raising funds to hold two meetings of the Guarani people that they consider very important to strengthen the recovery. Apparently, the Root had been responsible for this campaign, publicizing bank accounts for supporters to make these donations. It seems that they have not even come close to the amount needed - meanwhile no values were mentioned, how much is needed, nor how much was collected. Party militants then talked about running a bill to get money through the Lutheran Church. At that moment, Cacique Andre demonstrated his frustration, explaining that he does not understand why white does so much project and project and never does things in fact.

" The bureaucracies exist so that we can not do anything." - Cacique Cirilo

Apparently, what the Guarani need to hold the meetings are many taquaras to build the roof of 20 houses, transport to these taquaras and for the guarani of other villages can meet and feed to the meeting.

" The juruá (white man) loves to hold a meeting. It's meeting all the time. I can not stand any more meeting. I'll be white enough to meet you in a little while. "- Cacique Cirilo


The Mbyá-Guarani demonstrate an autonomist view, compatible with anarchist values (as you can see from the caciques citations throughout this text). They are receiving a lot of support in the legal area and even with food donations. However, it seems that in some respects the support for recovery is trapped in the bureaucracies of the institutions that support them.

Although anarchists and other autonomous supporters have played an important role in solidarity with the Guarani Retomada, with audiovisual production, transportation, and organization of independent donation campaigns, we are left with the impression that they are somewhat neglected by the institutions, of which We do not perceive any effort with the sharing of information and creation of a wide network of communication and articulation for the supporters of the Resumed. For example, it was mentioned that in case of "reintegration of ownership" by the State, that all of them went to the village to show their solidarity with the Guarani, but it was not talked about how the communication will be made for the diffusion of this information so that a number Significant number of supporters can actually attend the village. When we asked about the existence of some channel of communication between the supporters, the institutions were reticent and evasive.

We also fear that with the presence of political parties, the Mbyá-Guarani can be used and influenced to support these causes, which are sold to them with the sweetest words.

For these two reasons - the lack of an autonomous network of support and solidarity for the Guarani Retomation, which makes many supporters not know how to help and join, and the presence of political parties - we think a more articulate and organized anarchist participation is important. We feel that a truly autonomous network is capable of spreading the needs of the Village and engaging more people to join in solidarity and defense to this recovery. We invite you to contact us by e-mail (coisapreta@bastardi.net) to build this joint.

" No one orders the Guarani. He who knows how to live and where to live. We're free to go wherever we want. The whites do not understand this. "- Cacique André

* Thing Black is an anarchist collective. But more than that, we are a group of friends and friends with desires, longings and dreams in common that join forces so that these ideas are not only in our imagination.

Source: https://coisapreta.noblogs.org/report-of-recipients-of-the-retomada-guarani-02042017/
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