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(en) Catalunia, embat: Local action comunalitzadora as the basis for the construction of popular power

Date Sun, 19 Mar 2017 10:14:17 +0200

Today it seems we do not know where to begin to try to get out of the hole that pushes the capitalist system, everything is a mess, do not know how to communicate and to understand ourselves organized, we see amazed as most of people give up the injustices evident ... we need more than ever recommence from small things, the relationships between people who share the same territory, building from the ground up popular power that can restore strength and confidence . ---- We can understand the state-patriarchal-capitalist civilization as essentially a social disease that has separated us from each other, nature and the environment in which we live, stripping us of the relations of mutual support and belonging that are necessary a full life while establishing an insurmountable war wars between parties (individuals, companies, states ...) towards a particular course profit. We also understand history as the struggle from human communities to defend themselves from this disease, which unfortunately has advanced and has been developed. Libertarian socialism that we defend from Embat, then it could be understood as a summary and update of this community struggle.

In the peripheral countries capitalist struggle for socialism can start the defense of communities 'indigenous' because there are still communities, but we can do in those countries where the level of colonization is so high that almost the entire community culture has been deleted? It would be a huge contradiction in trying to build socialism without a social base and culture community. Therefore, recovery and recreation of these elements in our country should be at the center of our revolutionary action.

Find us means to focus and integrate our actions and relationships in space, and with people with whom we share everyday with whom we share the lives and support the festa, care, feeding, defense ... the world we want is based on relationships face to face with our environment and the people who inhabit it, that determines our actions match and solidify in the local. In addition, we find that concentrated power structures are increasingly far from the people in the sense that no visible faces or specific areas that are the "center". Capitalism is everywhere and is a global phenomenon, but you can not pretend to destroy it from a global fight uprooted as this plan is always stronger; autonomy requires a root.

Rooted in the territories allows us to deeply understand their society, understand what moves and transforms people living from their diversity, avoiding view ourselves as an "enlightened" or something similar, therefore deselititzant revolution. As we develop this understanding can also connect with different people and open their doors to personal transformation for them to become agents of social transformation also revolutionary. Instead, pass it overlooked one of the factors that is leading to confinement in "ghettos" affinity or identity with limited social impact, or "selling smoke" and populism, to attract people based the surface of our proposals and not the background.

Understanding the processes of transformation to socialism are deep and want a long time to locate ourselves means to commit long term with the territory, consolidate and insist on persisting volatility versus individualism that reigns today. Join everyday life with the construction of popular power, so that it can be sustainable throughout our lives. Not activism separate from us, but the construction of popular power is part of building a life worth living.

Focus our action a reality and a specific territory could provide us try, make mistakes, correct ... at the same time to acquire knowledge of how to do it. Helps us overcome the dichotomy between theory and practice. It also helps to overcome the dichotomy constructed destroyed: what we are building in our region allows us to simultaneously defend ourselves from the attacks of the state and was undermining capitalist dynamics and vice versa.

The popular power as we know it is built on strong communities that can defend. Examples Rojava as we confirm this. The fierce defense of Kobane and other fronts would not be possible without the feeling that what is being defended in the background is our community, our way of life, as well as a model of social organization that puts on center. It is therefore to build a lifestyle that can defend itself and defend a way of life worth living.

We also take as a reference the villages and towns of Mexico being declared independent: - Tila, Cheran, Nochixtlan ... do not know first-hand just what we read others that have been there, but we think is another example that independence can only be declared from territories from communities rooted in a specific physical space that are able to build and defend this autonomy.

We believe that the role of anarchists and this is twofold: firstly, boost community reality (popular power at the local level) our neighborhoods and villages, seeking aware that this aggression is suffering by state of civilization, and moreover enxarxar and organize with other anarchists who are promoting the same in their territories. Focusing on the needs of these local projects: coordinating them so they can make synergy connecting them and giving them consistency (other than mushrooms isolated but a serious proposal for social transformation), seeking to promote new throughout the territory. We believe that this is how it makes sense that pleases revolutionary organization.

Given the general perspective, the question arises: where to start? How do I live? Each situation is different and every human group. We do not think there are recipes applicable in all contexts, but we want to express certain ideas that we think are some suggested ways to implement the change that we want to promote. The idea that moves us is to build a way of life in which we can integrate the different aspects of it , to overcome isolation and loneliness imposed, and that in turn becomes a front counter to the state-capitalist system . Some of the ways we're working on or what we imagine the action at the local level are:

Knowledge and take part in initiatives supporting mutual friendships and horizontal organization that already exist where we live, feeling challenged by what affects the region in which we live. From cutting works to participate in a football tournament from a stall in the market have to organize ourselves for disobeying an institutional measure. The confidence generated by a gradually shared everyday opens multiple doors to discuss and implement radical ideas, without having to use labels of any kind; identity should be the most important belonging to the territory and the reality of this community.
Having access to the collective knowledge and material resources necessary to sustain us, freeing up resources and techniques, and generate ways of relating to materially based on trust and open federation, through the management of collective resources, infrastructure sharing , machines or means of transport, planning joint production, etc. Insofar as possible may be equipped with a physical space, that have not already. This space can have an input function or the other: cultural associations or social spaces, points of supply of basic goods production spaces for self-sustenance and / or to generate monetary resources ... Following people they are, they have the skills and needs, projects that exist in the village or neighborhood, etc. will be more viable place to begin or another.
Confronting the monopoly of violence by self-defense capability, individual and collective, widespread. Conflicts are part of the common life. Part of our work is to learn to deal with them, among which live in the same neighborhood or town, without mediation or institutional regulations. We need to take the art of listening and support, integrated political work and emotional work. Practical examples of how this can take the form found in Kurdistan. Based on the idea that conflict is never between two individuals but the whole community there is responsibility, each commune established between the neighbors committee for conflict resolution, which is what makes mediation in the first instance when there are conflicts in their territory, community measures proposed to resolve and heal the impacts they may have, and together the parts of the community need to implement them. In addition, each community organizes its own self-defense militias to stop the violence, whether internal or external, in its territory
To start promoting it from a particular territory, committed to form groups of people can be very few who pooled their resources and organize themselves to live together and support each other, in order to promote the community perspective in its territory. Grouped not used to be closed, but quite the contrary should allow more force to be involved in the country and spread the community perspective is revolutionary. However, as we are steeped in capitalist values many levels, it is normal at the start cost us confidence and generate synergies that would be desirable, we must learn to be together. It is not necessary that people live this core promoter in the same physical space, but if you live in close proximity. We can begin to do so from now our villages or districts, just wanted to get involved in it, wanting to meet and share our lives; and prioritize it.

Finally, in order to spread the possibility of reinventing forms of life around us which local projects should also reproduce, s'enxarxin and articulated. As we consolidate and stabilize our local projects, devote some energy to organize ourselves in wider regional level can allow us to:
- jointly promote the emergence of new local revolutionary projects around the country, providing better tools driving new groups and wanting to start successfully. - Also favored the bonds of fellowship between the various existing projects, feeling stronger and less alone to cope with the difficulties of the way, sharing experiences together to create revolutionary wisdom, etc .. To delve into this issue so fundamental to us the mobility to visit us, meet us in our quotidianitats not only in coordination meetings.
- Support our local action. Often many people who live in our neighborhoods / villages are sympathetic but we do believe that while there are idealists who sadly have nothing to deal with the powerful capitalist machinery. Tell us, locally, as part of a social force for broader territorial scope also helps that our proposal is to be taken more seriously as something with more chances of success, which encouraged to join them.
- Self us join forces for the multiple attacks with which we try to neutralize the reigning civilization: judicial repression, economic pressure, media manipulation ...

In short, we may well be creating a whole body, as a confederation of local projects, capable of spreading across the country, from the practical and proximity while from the consistency and the ability to self-defense, our proposal society; a counter from which undermine the rule of civilization that prevails, and where at the same time build a civilization of democracy.

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