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(en) liberta salonica: INSTANT LICENCES TO K. GOURNA & D. Koufodinas | anarchist Federation

Date Tue, 7 Mar 2017 10:42:52 +0200

"The old world is dying and the new world struggling to be born. ---- Now is the time of monsters' ---- Antonio Gramsci ---- The first left-government of this country, continuing the policy of the neoliberal predecessors deprive militants Dimitris Koufodinas and Kostas Gourna their right to leave. In the case of the former, the cause -grapta worded in voulefma- is unrepentant attitude on the question of armed struggle. An eventual renunciation of armed struggle from a rebel-like symbol is D.Koufontinas will noimatodotouse as a victory for the urban block and a historic rematch for every reformist voice still proclaims how is peaceful road to social liberation through reforms without armed confrontation with capital, the state, supranational mechanisms (EU-IMF-NATO) and all sorts of fascist crutches.

The "left" promised respecting the rights, decent living conditions inside the walls, remove the terror law, and many others -and effectively connected with such tactics ensured election votes from relatives and friendly around large portion prisoners, while digesting a portion of movement that developed in previous years- has long shown its true face: that of -anexartitis from chromatismous- power.

It is now apparent that this left, he applied the worst measures devaluation of our class reduced more pensions and wages, cut all social benefits, agreed to the privatization of everything, facilitated tax breaks for big capital, adopted anti-terrorism policy right, gradually incorporating the agenda and the political rhetoric. She who previously spoke about anti-terrorist hysteria, are pursuing policies traditionally imposed by the right, which both shows and the inherently restricted character of the struggle for democratic rights, and the other shows and the most incredulous that the state regardless Government has continued and therefore as to the repressive approaches.

The political question respondents clearly both EO November 17 and the Revolutionary Struggle is today as relevant as ever. With the oppressed, not with governments and the state, with workers and unemployed and not in the capital and their lackeys, the internationalist solidarity among peoples and not with war and imperialism. Putting the spotlight organized and armed proletariat, as the only factor able to end the domination of the bourgeoisie and its allies arbitration where either militarily as the 40s, either financially as nowadays was and is there to ensure that the achievements of the local bourgeoisie will not be lost.

So today is the urban strategy will seek more than ever -the same time that the working class is experiencing the biggest attack in recent years- to dent the social supports and popular sympathy in the face of both fighters. Moving coup state openly blackmailing even filmmakers, academics, intellectuals - those who dare to speak in favor of the political prisoners even from the standpoint of defending the "democratic rights". Prohibits plays, seals faculties, gags and censors the solidarity movement for the release of fighters, systematically sabotaging claiming the right to permit, among others.

Why the state does not only claim a monopoly on violence and enforcement. also claiming a monopoly on thought production. Reclaims the antiparatethomenes on it voices have no step in public space.

Because the critical challenge for the political system is not entitled to leave if political prisoners D. Koufodinas and K. Gournas but if repudiate the action of the organizations involved and "inevitably" violent transformation of capitalist society.

Beyond the reformist left Syriza, let considering who those who clustered around the request not to grant licenses to which its two fighters. Gutter press like "Proto Thema" right wing Th. Anastasiadis, the voice of business "Daily" of interlaced Bobola, fireplaces sitting at the nape of the bottom for many years as Mitsotakides and Bakogiannides.

The case of the two fighters but not the only one. It is the extreme application of the special treatment reserved by the State to political opponents at the same time does not recognize the identity of the political prisoner. The refusal of communist Dimitris Koufodinas and anarchist Kostas Gourna with justifications fronimatikou character, is only one corner in a frame captured exhausts 6chronou child members of Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, the unfounded persecution of anarchist communist Tasos Theophilus, merciless hunting and bounty of M. Seisidis and 2 more partners for 600,000 euros.

We from our side as Anarchist Federation, the request for licenses to both fighters as each request on persecuted by the state we address the social base, the people who share the same problems, are experiencing joint exploitation. At bottom, the wide social majority that at issue and concerns the struggle, revolutionary action and political activists options like D. Koufodinas and K.. Gourna.

In the current context of the invasion of capital and the state, the revolutionary movement must stand on the side of political prisoners and to break the exemption and special treatment regime experienced. The importance of a victorious outcome of the struggle for approval of two fighters is certainly an important legacy for all political prisoners and the solidarity movement to them. A victory that can operate temporarily as a mound in "anti" terrorist campaign, creating a major rift in the allowance exemption status of political prisoners, were standing package / undergoing conversion against monsters era, paving another path for the new world struggling to be born .




anarchist Federation

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