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(en) Russia, avtonom: Members of the "Young Alternative" trained with weapons in Ukraine

Date Thu, 12 Sep 2019 11:27:41 +0300

The war of Ukraine with the DNI / LC attracted many far-right from other countries to the military structures on both sides of the conflict. This article shows the relationship of a separate German right with the Nazis of Ukraine. The translation from the German original was made by our friend Dmitry B. specially for avtonom.org and the channel @antifajokes ---- Security agencies constantly warn of the dangers of so-called "returnees," especially with regard to jihadists. Militant and highly ideologized men and women, who in Europe are considered "time bombs," are a common place in the modern press. However, neo-Nazis can also learn to own weapons abroad. We do not know the exact information - how many extreme right are involved in a military conflict, for example, in Ukraine. Below we write that German neo-Nazis regularly communicate with militarized organizations in Ukraine, and that in the summer of 2018 they participated in training firing. The hero of our report is probably connected not only with the neo-Nazi scene in Rostock - with such groups as "Aktion Block",

Right in Ukraine
When the war broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, fascist volunteer associations such as the Azov regiment and the like received support in Mariupol from a wide variety of neo-Nazis from other European countries. As before, the regiment's symbol is the Black Sun, as well as the Wolfs Angel runes. Not only the neo-Nazi Third Way party is deepening mutual exchanges with the National Corps party, formed in 2016, but also neo-Nazis from the "camera houses" structures (unofficial cultural associations of neo-Nazis in modern Germany, the so-called "partnerships"). ) regularly visit Ukraine.

The non-military organization "Azov Civil Corps" in Kiev, the National Corps party and its military unit "Azov" were able to create infrastructures - from schools and martial arts halls, to rooms for concerts, events and ending with paramilitary training camps. This steadily consolidating network seeks to strengthen the extreme right hegemony in Kiev. For German neo-Nazis, who came from all over Germany to the neo-Nazi Asgardsray festival, held in Kiev in December 2018, Ukraine offers new opportunities that they can only dream of in their country. There is no need for Ukrainian neo-Nazis to disguise themselves and hide that they are neo-Nazis, the "National Corps" and "Azov" position themselves as the flagship model in the struggle for a "white Europe". As a result, Ukraine becomes a place of pilgrimage, where German neo-Nazis can be trained to use weapons without much difficulty. In the end, the Azov regiment is state-sanctioned, and the National Corps, along with the neo-Nazi Freedom party, are parliamentary parties.

From the National Corps to the Action Block and the Baltic Corps
In August 2018, Ivan Batkin, who was born in Kiev and raised in Germany, also enjoyed learning about various types of weapons. He proudly presents himself in dozens of photos on social networks, for example, with an AK-47 assault rifle - lying on the ground, sometimes during one-handed shooting training. "Where are you?", He is asked in the commentary under the pictures "Don't you recognize? "- replies Ivan Batkin.

ATEK is the name of the industrial complex in Kiev, which was captured by the Azov regiment and has since served as the central mobilization and training camp. "This is not taught in Germany outside the army - the event presented in this article was interesting and informative!" Batkin publishes a series of photographs and refers to the National Corps. Batkin, who lives in Rostock with his parents, also shows in his photographs what else was in the program besides shooting. Together with about 20 other neo-Nazis, he participated in military sports training under the guidance of a coach of the National Corps. The concept of mixing sport with weapons is widely known in Germany as "military sport."

Thanks to the partnership with the Ukrainian Elena Belotserkovets, Ivan Batkin regularly visits Kiev and on January 1, 2019, participated in the actions of the neo-Nazi organizations Right Sector, National Corps and Freedom in honor of Ukrainian Nazis, comrades-in-arms of Stepan Bandera. Just a few months before, Batkin was spotted at ADF rallies in Rostock, for example, in September 2018, when Björn Höke was the speaker, and in November 2018, when Batkin was spotted next to the Ukrainian flag. In March 2019, he was also a member of another ADF procession, where he was photographed next to speaker Michael Stürzenberger.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and especially in Rostock, the ADF marches were attended by numerous organized neo-Nazis from the "Identity Movement", "Aktsionblok" and the near-right group of football hooligans "Northern Rage". Ivan Batkin was on the "combat blog" with David Mallow no later than March 2019, the organization with which he found a connection. At the end of March 2019, a militant neo-Nazi group greeted the Azov regiment in their account on social networks. In addition to Mallow, Ivan Batkin - can also be seen in joint photos, as he holds the Ukrainian flag.

In the following months, Batkin was repeatedly seen in photographs of the Aktsionblok. Together with Guido Hovald, who originally came from Salzwedel, he was shot as a participant in the garbage collection campaign in the Aktionblok. Batkin's "German-Ukrainian friendship" is tied to his relationship with Hovald and Aktsionblok.

The connection between the Ukrainians and the German Kamershavts (unofficial structures of German neo-Nazis) seems obvious. It is also about collecting money: sometimes money is collected for animal welfare associations and for other actions. The program also includes "eyewitness lectures" - the stories of former soldiers of the Third Reich, as well as the cultivation of the so-called "faith in nature". The latter is celebrated as part of the solstice celebration. Both Batkin, and Guido Hovald, and David Mallow participated in such a holiday in June 2019 at the Sven Krueger Hammerskins farm in Jamel.

Sport, especially martial arts, is also a central feature of Aktsionblog. Under the "Baltic Corps" label, the main characters of the group, such as David Mallow, take part in extreme right-wing tournaments and offer open training. For the "Battle of the Nibelungs" announced this October, the Baltic Corps has even been named an official partner. "We are those who do not need to wait for" Day X ", because we will be Day X"! ", Says the self-presentation of the Baltic Corps. "Day X" is a widely publicized day of political collapse when neo-Nazis want to be prepared to overthrow the government. A day that is being prepared across borders is ideologically and practically. Weapon training, which Ivan Batkin experienced in Kiev, is equally relevant to this, for example, the training of the martial arts of the Baltic Corps in Germany.

From mid-July to early August 2019, Batkin again visited Kiev. On social networks, he almost every day posted places he visited, including a visit to the Azovec Activist Center, a kind of recreation and adventure park of the National Corps in Kiev. As part of his visit to Kiev, photographs were also taken in which he poses for a t-shirt of the Baltic Corps.
On July 15, 2019, the Young Alternative Youth Organization (JA) ADP in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern placed a photo of Ivan Batkin in a T-shirt of their district association. The caption was: "A patriotic holiday of greetings from Eastern Europe from a new member of the Young Alternative." Batkin, who at that time met with neo-Nazis from the Azov regiment, who received him as an activist of the Aktsionblok / Baltic Corps, as well as a freshly baked member of the ADF youth organization.

A few days earlier, Batkin participated with Dario Seyfert, a member of the ADF in Western Pomerania, on August 10, 2019, in the event of the Compact right-wing magazine in Berlin. Some time later, Batkin was again represented on the ADF-Pomerania social network channel, as he supported the ADF posters campaign at the beginning of the school - wearing a T-shirt by the Russian neo-Nazi brand Bonmart Wear.

The example of Ivan Batkin shows that the ADF-Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is now again involved in extreme right-wing structures. Already in April 2019, Exif released information that ADF transferred large sums to Daniel Fiss in 2018 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Fissa, based in Rostock, is the co-head of the Identity Movement in Germany. The ADF spokesman, Dennis Augustine, directly referred to Fiss. Recently it turned out that Augustine participated in the NPD (German National Party - Neo-Nazis, officially banned organization in Germany) course in the past. At the beginning of July 2019, when assistance was provided, his membership in the ADF was terminated, but the decision had not yet entered into force. Therefore no wonder that Augustine was announced at the opening ceremony of the ADF faction in Torgelov on August 16, 2019 as a member of the ADF. ADF youth organization, co-organizer and organization of which Batkin was a member, also shared this information on social networks.

The fact that Batkin was allegedly expelled from the ADF youth organization is more likely fraud. Racist agitation and sympathy for neo-Nazis is a good tone in ADF and their youth organization Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The use of weapons cannot, in their opinion, discredit Batkin, because Dario Seifert himself likes to pose with a gun. Preparations for the revolution - and, if necessary, armed revolution - it seems that this topic is becoming popular not only within the framework of the usual neo-Nazi scene, but is beginning to find its supporters in the ADF.

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