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(en) anarkismo.net - Macedonian: Global Optical - Historical Dimension by Blackbatmarx [machine translation]

Date Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:34:05 +0200

In particular, in Greece, fascism has an additional weapon called Macedonian, which was created due to the special historical conditions of the civil war and the shame campaign of the early 90s. This particularity does not change in its essence. As everywhere, here the fascists and nationalists in the name of the nation are the gravesites of the planet and of humanity. They are even more frightened than the fascists of the 30s and much more dangerous. Unlike the 30, the struggle to crush them is now interwoven with the struggle to save the planet. ---- The Macedonian with a global perspective and a historical dimension ---- The following text is an attempt to approach the Macedonian with a global perspective and a historical dimension linked to the urgent problems of today. It is precisely because the Macedonian has functioned for a long time in this country as a vehicle of generalized collective absurdity and blind hatred, as an obsessive distraction from real problems and as the incubator of local fascism. Such a historical and global approach is necessary for its analysis.

Lately we have literally the theater of the absurd. There comes an agreement that imposes on a small neighboring people the change of name and of his constitution, obliges him to stop talking about the minorities that are outside his borders and reaches the absolute humiliating point of changing street names and statues descriptions of.

An agreement is the definition of subordination for the receiving country. An agreement that constitutes a particular form of imperialism that has the ultimate claim to dictate a name, constitution and inscriptions of statues in the country exercising its imperialism.

An agreement that if they came upside down, with Greece in the position of the Republic of Macedonia, must accept these terms, it would stir up a fatal and inevitable rebellion or even a revolution.

And here comes a marvelous paradox. A Greek Prime Minister has forcibly brought an aggressive and humiliating agreement against a small people who, from the start of his independent state, are in a constant fear of division and destabilization by the four largest states bordered by the reaction of Canal, ND, Golden DAY, KKE, Leventis, Mickey and bad encounter, is to talk about betrayal and disrespect for our ancestors!

In the land of imagination they present this agreement as a defeat for Greece and an inexorable retreat to the other side, while the Macedonians (as they are recognized by billions of our fellow human beings and 131 states) abstained from the referendum that would validate it because they knew very well how humiliating they are for their country.

What has happened; Why, for an issue that looks ridiculous and absurd across the globe, here is it treated as something serious and sensible and so hateful and aggressive?

How and why did the New Greeks acquire such and such a deep hatred for a small neighboring people who have never done anything to them and can not in themselves be able to threaten them but to be threatened by them?

When and how did logic and humanity disappear into a large set of Greeks to hysterically reverse reality and express the most vulgar form of fascism? What do we have to deal with when we talk in Greece about the Macedonian? (Where in their inverted politically correct world is presented as 'Skopje')

How and why people of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece who are pissing for Athens and who wholeheartedly hate their hydrocephalous state fall into ridiculous hypocrisy to claim to be called neighbors with the name of their capital? How and why do people from Asia Minor and Pontus deny the origin of their ancestors and are presented as descendants of ancient Macedonians with exclusive rights to use the term Macedonia?

How and why do they treat as traitors those who in this country express self-evident truths that are universally accepted on the rest of the planet? How and why was the murder of ancient, medieval and modern history allowed in the places that geographically or politically are today called Macedonia and include the Greek region of Macedonia, Macedonia as an independent state and a part of Bulgaria?

Let's not talk much about ancient history. No nationalist interest at all ...

The key to the answer is not in ancient history but in modern. This does not mean that the study of the ancient Greek world has no significance. The ancient Greek world with its achievements and contradictions, its light and darkness is the subject of a study of the world's intellectuals, and thousands of books around it are published each year.

There is no hiding of the events that highlight the deep hatred of the ancient Greeks for the Macedonian dynasties, the successive uprisings and wars between them, and the active role of the ancient Greeks to invite the Romans to repudiate the Macedonian yoke. There it is not concealed that Alexander was a psychopathic maniac killer who enjoyed genocidal massacres in Greek and non-cities like Thebes and Persepolis when he did not murder his relatives and friends and that many more ancient Greeks fought against him than for him.

The Modern Greek as the practical denial of the ancient Greek

When a newcomer comes with a great audacity to support his hysteria for the Macedonian citing ancient history, he is exposed himself as someone who has no real relationship and continuity with that ancient people.

For its part, this is logical and consistent with historical truth. As a people, the New Greeks acquired a borrowed national identity during the period of European enlightenment, exploiting the fact that they lived in the same lands as what was once ancient Greece at a time when the European intellect unequivocally discovered the cultural wealth of ancient Greece and had the great craving to see in these places a state called Greece.

Being the New Greeks a prototype amalgam of Arvanites, Vlachs, Karagounides, Slavs, Venetians, Catalans, Goths, and who knows what other peoples have passed from here along with any remaining ancient Greeks who escaped from the Christian massacres, the sweeping catacombs of the Slavs and the mass epidemics, it is perfectly understandable that they want to conceal their true history and blame a neighboring people for the same things they have done. The distortion of history and the appropriation of cultural heritage that does not belong to them.

The state that set them up has been the result of a foreign intervention of great powers with donor kings and state bureaucracy. The language they spoke was classed as woolly and alien to ancient Greek while the official language more relevant to ancient Greek was a language that was unable to speak but to understand.

The nation as a construction and imaginary community, product of the modern world.

The fact that modern Greeks have a borrowed national identity is not, of course, something that is a historical exception. Every national identity is a construction based on myths and distortions, criminalizing crimes and over-displaying events that are considered milestones. This is the same whether we are talking about the Greek, the Russian or the French nation. It could not be different when the very notion of the nation is the product of modern history, the era of rising capitalism and the discovery of typography.

Here I will not go into detail on how the concept of the nation starting as something progressive that unified feudalist populations and gave them universal rights with the French revolution, ended up creating competitive militarism and world wars.

It remains a fact that the national identity remains strong for a large part of the population, because first of all it has been nurtured since its childhood, and it has been channeled into formal state education, but also because it corresponds to a deep human need to belong to a whole. Being a fantasy community that magically unites people who have nothing in common with each other and artificially separates people who are in the same fate, the nation is the shelter of people who can not find anything better to feel that they are bigger than themselves . This does not change the fact that the concept of the nation is a ridiculous anachronism based on lies, artificial borders, oppressive states, and ready-to-use armies.

The planet is one, our kind is one, the era is global

Whether it likes or does not like the contemporary nationalists who are increasingly cognitively and emotionally resembling unrelenting hooligans of football teams, our era is more global than ever. After centuries of world capitalism, two world wars and 70 years after the founding of the UN, our world is more unified than ever. It has global means of transport and communication, and a web that has eradicated the artificial differences between the peoples.

For the sake of good and for our world, we are characterized by common global factors, whether these are called global science and technology, or global sports events, or global religions, philosophies and ideologies, or global resistance movements. For the first time in the majority he lives in cities and every year travels billions to visit other countries.

This acknowledgment of today's reality is baptized by some who consider the national gentleman as the supreme and most sacred identity, ethnicity. For us, our current debt in an increasingly globalized world is to bet behind the nations where we accidentally joined our birth and devote our social life to defending them. Their emotional attachment to this imaginary community is so great that they can not see anything beyond their national parrots.

But if this attachment in the past brought wars and minority persecutions, oppression of class movements and the birth of fascism, the present is even more disastrous for the species we belong to. Why today globalization is not just about science and sports, the arts and the trade. It concerns more dramatically a series of problems that are in their nature world-wide and require a global response, problems that have come from a global civilization that remains in the foundations of class, profit and predator.

Nationalism as a distraction and a worsening of unresolved global problems

We live in the century that has to face not one but at least three huge global problems requiring an immediate response. The first is the problem of anthropogenic climate change. The activities of the meat and fossil fuel industries have led to a huge increase in carbon dioxide and methane emissions, leading to massive deforestation, groundwater and ocean poisoning, and mass extinction. The consequences are devastating not only for the human species but for the whole ecosystem and for their reversal, a structural change in the production and consumption system is required.

The second problem is the emergence of a new wave of automation and artificial intelligence that threatens to make unnecessary parts of the world's workforce unnecessary, and on the other hand to set up a massive monitoring and surveillance system that comes from the most daunting pages of novels of dystopia. The third problem is the renewed threat of a generalized nuclear warfare as it is written with new military antagonisms between the US, China, and Russia.

These three existential problems co-exist alongside the threat of a new global economic crisis, widespread economic inequalities, an unreasonable global debt, and a constant attack on labor rights. Humanity, and with it the whole ecosystem, is at a crossroads. Or it will act directly to confront these global existential dangers, building another global society of different values and ecosystem relation, or being seduced into an obsession with obsessively clinging to ridiculous national costumes, artificial separations, and absurd distractions.

Nationalism, then, is not simply devastating. It threatens our species and the ecosystem in a way that was unthinkable just a century ago. But that way seems to be choosing a range of countries from Brazil and Hungary to India and the US itself. Trab proudly declared that he is a nationalist and Duarte proudly is a fascist. At a time when we need international cooperation more than ever, an important part of the world ruling class and its intellectuals is calling for a return to national states and their competition and the proclamation of migrants and refugees as their basic problem. a previous wave of nationalisms led us to two world wars, today threatens to leave us without a viable planet.

The repudiation of nationalism must be done in each country separately, but also with a global co-operative movement, it must be done from below and through groups and communities that promote the values of solidarity and mutual assistance. The outcome of the battle remains uncertain. The biggest problem is the pressure of historical time and not the available forces. We live at a time when half the population considers themselves a citizen of the world.

For the first time, beside the reborn nationalism and the brother of religious obscurantism, there are billions of our fellow humans who are able to see the obvious, that they are parts of the same species in a single ecosystem. Many of them make the leap not only to reject the disastrous fairy tale of nationalism but also to see the rest of it as something worthy of them. Conspiracy, the ideology that arbitrarily and arrogantly degrades the other species as inferior and suitable only for abuse and mass slaughter, is being challenged for the first time by more and more people.

If our age is able to raise our consciousness so high, it should also be able to cope with its murderous ideological trash like nationalism and fascism. This is our great hope. With this world perspective, we are returning to the special issue of Macedonian.

A brief historical review of the Macedonian in modern times.

In other Western countries, the issue that nourishes the nationalities there is the non-Ottoman refugees coming from war zones, but here the Macedonian is the main issue with which Greek nationalism and fascism are fed. Why is this odd phenomenon happening?

Just a century ago, the area called Macedonia was a tangled collage of peoples with the New Greeks being a minority. Bulgarians, Slav-Macedonians, Jews and Turks dominated the population, while their involvement was very widespread. How did we come from the historical point where the Neo-Greeks are a minority in Macedonia to claim the exclusive rights of use of the term with utter absolute purity? The answer lies in the unfolding of the violent history that followed.

The Asia Minor Disaster brought about the exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece, the Second World War brought about the extinction of the Jews of Thessaloniki and the civilian violent uprooting of the Slav-Macedonians. During the civil war the first obsession with the Macedonian was cultivated. For the fascist right it was the privileged field to present the KKE as a treacherous since many KKE fighters were Macedonians.

The first cries about the sell-out of Macedonia came out here from a wealthy fascist who only a few years ago had no problem with the concession of Macedonia to the Bulgarians from Nazi Germany. Even so the Greek right recognized Yugoslavia and with it the Macedonian democracy that was part of it. The Macedonian retreated as a key issue for Greek nationalism beyond its most extreme fascist wing.

He returned to the early 1990s with an unprecedented hysteria and aggression. Then the Macedonian democracy had been split from Yugoslavia, which was in an irrevocable dissolution route. Then the Greek ruling class headed by Mitsotakis decided to bring the Macedonian to the highest point by unleashing a wave of mass propaganda that he had not resurfaced in the modern history of this place. On a daily basis and with targeted propaganda of channelists, radio, newspapers, magazines, with successive lectures in schools and squares, and with the organization of the highest mass rallies where the most insidious psychological violence took place in order for the population to take part,

Brainwashing can be spoken by those who have been exposed to it without succumbing to its influence. The rest will only remember the unity of all parties except the then Communist Party, the rallies of hundreds of thousands and one million in Thessaloniki and general peripaichtiki depreciation for a new people who learned that said Skopje and wants to steal his story.

The few who have not succumbed, we are horrified to remember the first appearance of the golden dawn in mass rallies, the imperialist slogan "The solution is one, the border with Serbia", the beatings and the arrests of anarchist teenagers who had the courage to make a proclamation called Alexandros Shthtis, the prohibition of left books with a different view of the Macedonian, and the prosecution of left-wing organizations that circulated them, the appearance of Plevris in schools as an expert on the Macedonian and the atmosphere of the generalized hate absurd.

The reason why the Greek ruling class, together with its paid intellectuals, then decided to make its Macedonian central theme in the most hysterical and aggressive way is double. On the one hand, there was, for a short time, the prospect of splitting this small state in co-operation with Milosevic's nationalism. So the population had to be prepared for an overt aggressive war, and that explains brainwashing that did not have the same. On the other hand, the period of the early 1990s was characterized by an unexpected renaissance of the student and workers movement against Mitsotakis' neoliberalism, unique to the world's current circumstances, and there was a counterbalance to direct the social reactions elsewhere.

In the end, and when Milosevic became irrefutably the pariah of the international community, even Mitsotakis himself realized that he had unleashed a monster of which he had lost control and tried to gather it. But it was too late. Hysteria for the Macedonian had formed a people who were ready to manipulate with the most monstrous lies, to hate and despise neighboring peoples for the most absurd reasons. Worse yet, it has shaped a people with the most arrogant arrogant claim to dictate to other peoples how to say what symbols to use.

Where are we now?

We are coming to this day where once again canalists and parties, priests and evil-minded intellectuals are trying to resurrect the campaign of shame of 90. It is in principle encouraging that this time their campaign can not even touch the levels of mass and totalitarianism of its campaign.

Despite the provocative channel abantisation, massive use of Facebook and the pan-Hellenic mobilization being orchestrated by majestic, fascist and mafia entrepreneurs, their gatherings reach tens of thousands not hundreds of thousands. This time there is a contradiction in a way and on a scale that was unthinkable in the 90s. Their big tale can not convince and inspire like 25 years ago.

Even so the Macedonian continues to be the joy of the New Greek fascist. The view that the Prespa agreement is disgraceful for exactly the opposite of the reasons invoked by sprinkled macedonos and that it is unacceptable to force a people to say and see themselves is lost in the noise of political irrationality that sees in such an aggressive and humiliating agreement to another people, a national sellout.

Here, the nationalists have lowered the level of debate so much that they managed to make Tsipras appear a model of political rationality and sobriety. The attitude of the KKE, contrary to its position in the 1990s, and the other patriotic left is obscene. Rejecting their story and the memory of their assassinated fighters, they are talking about the irredentism of the Skopje. Konstantopoulos adopts the far-right request for a referendum as if it is ever possible for a people to decide by referendum on the name of another people!

All this, however, is in jeopardy of the ND mutation in a pure far-right party. The Party of Entrepreneurs and Housewives has reached the point of adopting as a hero a type of underworld that wanted to make an armed struggle to change borders in the Balkans, to cover goldsmiths' attacks in the parliament by attributing them to anarchists and to incite nationalistic occupations in schools.

Fascism blooms in conditions of political absurdity, in artificial separations and in blind hatred and ND has been set up in collaboration with some channelists to become its main sponsor. With the Macedonian axis, the political scene has been redesigned in the most dramatic way to the right, with Tsipras now expressing the center and southwest to the far right. It is terrible that in a parliament that has Leventis as the goldsmiths there is not even an internationalist voice that would be self-explanatory.

Conclusion and some final thoughts with an emphasis on global problems

The Macedonian, with a global perspective and a historical dimension, is emerging as what it really is: a futile story that nourishes nationalism and fascism, which in turn wants to distract us from real and urgent global problems that threaten its own viability planet.

While our historical time is ruthlessly pressing for a liberating movement to act locally and think globally and which will redefine our relationship with ecosystem, production and consumption, technology and our own values, nightmares come the bourgeois of nationalism to concern us with its blindly absurd hatred, its outrageous phobias and its aggressive aggression.

It is now clear that the idea of the nation as it exists in the fascist mentality is only a trick to pass the views common to all the fascists in the world. What are these views?

Creation of exiled victims for real social problems, hatred and contempt for evaded immigrants and refugees, misogyny and homophobia, belief in fhearians and magical thoughts that subordination to them will solve our problems, the vision of a state based on state repression and torture , stigmatization of entire groups based on religion or its absence, struggle for a planet that has everywhere walls and barbed wire, fantasies about a degenerated and outdated national community they need their massive violent movement to regain their vitality and consistency, faith in racist ideas that give superiority to their race, dreams of wars that will make the nation's vital space larger.

What is new to today's fascism is its coexistence with nuclear weapons and new emerging artificial intelligence technology, and especially its refusal to accept destructive climate change by treating it as a sort of conspiracy that promotes globalization and the leveling of nations. They deny climate change despite warnings from scientists, because they can not accept that there are global problems that do not fit into national wrestlers.

Throwing on Trab, for whom the golden dawn had written dirty comments when elected, they do everything to ensure the acceleration of climate change and the escalation of the ecological disaster. It is no coincidence that the fascists have prompted a vulgar billionaire to accelerate the ecological disaster. That's their role now. Do everything about destroying the planet by protecting the most vulgar and predatory part of the billionaire. The Bombassaro Crucifixion Bomber in Brazil has transformed the denial of climate change as its central idea and has promised to lift any protection for the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon jungle. Nationalists and fascists are now proven to be the great threat of the planet.

When we see the fascists around the world talking about the threat of "illegal immigrants" and about the erosion of the morals brought by gay and "cultural Marxism", we know very well who they serve and what consequences this has for the planet that this momentum needs urgent global co-operation to preserve.

In particular, in Greece, fascism has an additional weapon called Macedonian, which was created due to the special historical conditions of the civil war and the shame campaign of the early 90s. This particularity does not change in its essence. As everywhere, here the fascists and nationalists in the name of the nation are the gravesites of the planet and of humanity. They are even more frightened than the fascists of the 30s and much more dangerous. Unlike the 30, the struggle to crush them is now interwoven with the struggle to save the planet.

Additional notes.

1 We have been born in a place that historically gave birth to an ancient civilization whose reflection is still being studied all over the world. The best aspects of this culture as depicted by cynical, stoic and skeptic philosophies have a universal universal value and are in stark contrast to today's nationalist sermons. In the lost state of Stoic Zeno, the vision of an anarchist society without slaves, with full gender equality, economic equalizer, and love as a basic social value was first introduced. Ancient Greek philosophers were the people who said they were citizens of the world.

We defend this ancient heritage against fascists who trample it because we need it in today's struggles. Regardless of who actually descended today's modern Greeks and how many of them are real biological descendants of ancient Greeks, it would be very good to study the texts of ancient Greek philosophies that have survived and have so much to say to us.

2 That the Prespa agreement comes as pressure from the EU and NATO against Russian influence largely explains why it is so humiliating for its neighbors. A member of the EU and NATO is Greece and it is from such a position of power and as a larger economic, military and population state that it could impose its terms.

The reversal of the reality that is being attempted by the nationalists and the KKE, which shows the influence of the EU and NATO in favor of its neighbors and Greece, and the fantasy that a smaller, economically, militarily and more populous state is able to take irrationality, is the epitome of political illusion.

Contrary to the role of the EU and NATO, the two-pronged role of Putin's Russia, through its entrepreneurs and funding networks in both countries, in Greece promotes the narrative that the Greekity of Macedonia is sold out and Macedonian democracy promotes the narrative that Macedonia becomes a colony of Greece. (Which incidentally is much closer to reality.) What the EU, NATO and Russia want, however, is a secondary issue in relation to the question of what we as neighboring people want with them, and if we eventually consider them our siblings or devout enemies neither worthy nor self-identified)

3 It's time to end with the idea that a maniacal psychopath killer like Alexander may be the subject of a controversy over which national heritage he has. Unfortunately, as with most books on the ancient world, most biographies about Alexander have been written in English and have not yet been translated into Greek. Among them, a book written by Richard Gabriel in 2015, titled "The madness of Alexander the Great", needs to be translated to learn what kind of man Alexander was and how absurd he is its exaggeration.

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