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(en) Jordan Realities - The ''Amazing'' Hussein

From MiD-EasT RealitieS <merlist@usa.net>
Date Sat, 6 Feb 1999 03:23:39 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Jordan is a country that never should have been but which has endured. 
A quite a price however.  For the young Winston Churchill and the 
British Empire it was a temporary arrangement made on behalf of the 
defeated Hashemite collaborators from Arabia, one designed to 
stabilize British control of the region against the French.  For the 
fledgling Zionist movement the Hashemites quickly became the secret 
conspiratorial connection with they brilliantly manipulated to achieve 
their goal of "Jewish" independence while vanquishing the mutual 
Zionist/Hashemite enemy, the Palestinians.

King Hussein was a teenager who "ascended" the Amman throne after 
being at the side of his fallen grandfather, assassinated by 
Palestinians for his treachery in the heart of Jerusalem.  No betting 
man in the 1950s would have thought the boy-king would have survived 
to die a natural death in 1999.

The West's chicanery in the early years of this century in carving out 
Transjordan from Palestine, Kuwait from Iraq, Lebanon from Syria 
has succeeded in keeping the Arab world twisted and disfigured, weak 
and humbled, disjointed and despairing.  Western dissection has 
succeeded in preventing the "Arab world" from uniting to build their 
own "United" country and make good use of their own resources and 
potential power. The cost to the peoples of the Arab world has been 
enormous -- in blood, in treasure, in history.  

Underlying the geographical concerns were of course commercial ones.  
And here too the control of and looting of "the prize", black gold, 
has also been achieved by the West.  Just think about it, Americans 
buy a gallon of gas -- pumped from the Arabian desert, transported 
half-way around the world, refinied into oil and gas products, and 
then distributed to their local gas stations -- cheaper than the price 
of a gallon of bottled water at their local supermarkets!

And beyond this, even the petrodollars paid for the oil are squandered 
by the Western "client regimes" whose life-styles are obnoxious, who 
recycle most of it to Western banks, purchase vast quantities of 
Western products including Western arms.  All of this further enriches 
the West while further impoverishing the "Mid-East" -- itself a 
British colonial term that stuck. 

Just two weeks ago the amazing Hussein was deceiving his rather 
gullible and emotional people one final time in this extended story of 
Hashemite lies, deceptions, and collaboration that goes back to the 
time of Lawrence of Arabia.  He returned to his Kingdom pronouncing 
himself "totally cured", "flying" his own plane, intent on doing the 
final deed urged on him by his American wife, as well as by the 
Americans and the Israelis whom are now British-successors as the 
protectors and guarantors of this last remaining Hashemite throne.

Despite all the propaganda otherwise, despite all American and British 
efforts otherwise, the "Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" is tettering -- 
not at the top but rather at its foundations.  Fully 30% of Jordanians 
are unemployed.  The Muhabarat, the secret police, are omnipresent; 
repressession and intrique everywhere. The small and incestuous 
Jordanian elite that surrounds Hussein have drained the country into 
their own bank accounts, decimated the once growing middle class, and 
today preside over a growing majority population that is both 
impoverished and Palestinian.  It is for these reasons Hussein of 
Amman found himself "supporting" Saddam of Baghdad at the time of the 
Gulf War just a few years ago, lest he be overthrown.  

The betting man of the 1990s needs to think long and hard about the 
reign of Abdullah II, the great grandchild of the Abdullah, son of 
Hussein of Mecca, who cannivingly traded a throne in the desert for 
the area west of the Jordan now known as Israel; and who then fell to 
the assassins bullet while "praying" in the very Jerusalem his heir 
was to then lose for the Arabs and the Muslims.


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