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(en) 121 Eviction Update #6

From "harry mcintosh" <friendsof121@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 5 Feb 1999 20:26:06 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Cheers to all of you out there who have sent emails, faxes and letters
condemning the Lambeth Council for its decision to evict the 18 year old
121 Social Centre. The letters seem to be having some effect with the
South London Press (council and business mouthpiece) mentioning the
massive response to the council's decision in an article entitled
"Queers, Saboteurs, Fare-dodgers and Anarchist Groups set for eviction."
The article was unsurprisingly dismissive and failed to mention all the
squatters, anti-fascists, feminists, folkies, autonomists, socialists,
bike enthusiasts, punks, earth firsters, anti-racists, disabled
liberationists, animal liberationists, prison activists and others who
use or who have used the centre. The fact that the paper felt it had to
slag off the eviction resistance at all is a measure of the success both
the local and international efforts are having. Keep on sending those
letters, emails, etc.

In other news the centre has talked to the bailiffs (the government body
responsible for evictions) who have told them that the eviction is
planned for 13th Feburary. As this is a Saturday eviction would be
technically illegal without a special court order so either they are
lying or stupid (probably both). So far there has been no positive
response from the council so the waiting game continues. The centre is
occupied 24 hours a day and has closed to public events in order to keep
council spies from checking out the defences.

The centre and its supporters have remained pro-active by making their
presence felt at demonstrations across London, through producing three
issues of the anti-gentrification newsletter The South London Stress, by
leafletting and stickering local residents and through street
performances. Local response has been excellent with only one negative
response so far! Mysteriously, local billboards have been revised and
now carry jokes such as- 'How many developers does it take to screw in a
lightbulb? None, they prefer to screw up the neighbourhood instead.
and Whats the difference between Lambeth council and yoghurt? At
least yoghurt develops some culture. Donations have also been pouring
in, but more are needed (hint, hint).

For up the the minute info check out the 121 website at http://i.am.121
centre. emails of support can be sent to- carolyn121@hotmail.com and
complaints can be sent to the list councillors below.
Thank you,
International Friends of 121.

Brixton Council Hit List.

Lambeth Council- C/O London Borough of Lambeth, Town Hall, Brixton Hill,
London SW2 1RW.
Tel- 0171 926 1000

Lambeth New Labour.  Fax Number- 0171 926 2844. Email-
(New Labour are the party currently in control of the council and
therefore the ones most responsible for attacks on 121. Specify email
messages for New Labour- New Lambeth).

Brixton Challenge- brixchal@mplc.co.uk
(The organisation responsible for the increasing gentrification of

Lambeth Councillors.

Councillor David Griffiths, 35 Abbotswood Rd, SW16 1AJ
Telephone & FAX: 0181 769 2600 E-Mail:griffiths@lambeth.tory.org.uk

Councillor Hugh Jones, Room 123, Lambeth Town Hall, SW2 1RW
FAX: 0171 926 2845 E-Mail:Hugh.Jones@lambeth.tory.org.uk

Cllr Steve Reed
0181 674 8316, Email sreed@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Ty Goddard
0171 207 0580,  Email tgoddard@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Jackie Meldrum
0181 671 5595,  Email jmelrdum@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Johanna Sherrington
0171 737 3290,  Email jsherrington@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Alex McKenna
0181 677 6569,  Email amckenna@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Kitty Ussher
0171 771 0202,  Email kussher@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Michael Cruickshanks
0171 926 2123,  Email mcruickshanks@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Obi Anyanwu
Email danyanwu@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Ambrose Hogan
Email ahogan@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Simon Stevens
Email sstevens@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Leslie Boodram
Email lboodram@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Steven Bourne
Email sbourne@lambeth.gov.uk

 Cllr Ruth Ling
Email rling@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Martin McEwan
Email mmcewan@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Roland Doven
Email rdoven@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Michael English
Email menglish@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Chris Henley
Email chenley@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Claudette Hewitt
Email chewitt@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Mohammed Abu-Bakr
Email mabu-bakr@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Richard Jarman

Cllr Paul McGlone
Email pmcglone@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Jim Dickson
Email jdickson@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Peter O'Connell
Email poconnell@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Kirsty McHugh
Email kmchugh@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Paul Connolly
Email pconnolly@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Colin Crooks

Cllr Kevin Craig
Email kcraig@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Rupert Bawden
Email rbawden@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Esther Green
Email egreen@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Tom Franklin
Email tfranklin@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Toren Smith
Email tjsmith@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Judith Brodie
Email jbrodie@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Hugh David
Email jbrodie@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Abigail Melville
Email jbrodie@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr John Kazantzis
Email jkasantsis@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Tim Sargeant
Email tsargeant@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Alan White
Email awhite@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Paul Hewitt
Email phewitt@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Julie Minns
Email jminns@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Nick Cattermole
Email ncattermole@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr Geraldine Curtis
Email gcurtis@lambeth.gov.uk

Cllr John & Clare Whelan. Email jwhelan@watersinfo.com

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