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(en) Anarchist resources FAQ

From "Anarchist News Distribution (Platform )" <platform@geocities.com>
Date Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:58:03 +0000
Organization http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/inter.html

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

     (A SORT OF FAQ, 2.7, 5/Feb/1999)

This FAQ is on the web at

Anarchists have been active on the internet for many
years now, this is a quick guide for newcomers to the
net so they can discover the wealth of anarchist
resources available.  There is also information on how
to get free web pages and email accounts so you can
provide information as well as consuming it.  There are
currently three sections

    I.   Anarchist Web Pages
    II.  Anarchist mailing lists
    III. Newsgroups
    IV   Chat
    V    New pages on Revolt this month

Suggestions for improvements etc can be sent to


There are literally hundreds of anarchist web pages and
more are appearing every week.  Rather then providing a
very long list (which would quickly become outdated), I
suggest you go to the Anarchist FAQ's list of web pages
which is regularly updated and lists most current
pages.  This is at

The FAQ is the work of anarchists in many countries and
aims to provide an exhaustive description of anarchism
useful to beginners and people who have been in the
movement for many years.  This is at

If you want to put up your own web page various
companies provide space in return for putting
advertising on your pages.  Be warned though that they
may well remove your pages if they don't like your what
you say without either warning or appeal!!
Page providers include

TAO Communications, a worker-cooperative of radical
activists and communications workers, offers pay-what-
you-can web site hosting for groups who's work
coincides with their collective statement of demands
(http://www.tao.ca/sky/). People and collectives
requesting their services can fill out the form at
http://www.tao.ca/sky/new.html to recieve e-mail
accounts (web or shell-based), shell accounts, ftp,
websites, etc... to request the creation of an e-mail
list use the 'create' button at http://major.tao.ca


This is a listing of anarchist and related mailing
lists broken into sections
1. General anarchist lists
2. Regional anarchist lists
3. Lists run for a particular organisation
4. Anarchist project lists
5. Getting an additional, free email address
6. Other lists of interest to anarchists

Sections 1, 2 and 3 have most if not all lists
currently publicly available (there are also some
'invite only' ones).

Anarchy-list is the oldest of the lists here and by far
the busiest, when you subscribe to an email list all
the mail from it goes into YOUR mailbox so unless you
read you mail _VERY_ frequently I recommend you only
subscribe to one or two of these lists at a time.  All
the different lists have quite a different character to
them so read the descriptions and pick one that seems
to suit you.

If you are not an anarchist and want to argue with
anarchists its not a good idea to subscribe to these
lists as its not really their function, they are spaces
for anarchists to talk to each other.  If this is what
your looking for I recommend you use NEWS which is the
last section listed here.  If your polite about it and
don't post too much you might also be accepted on


These are news/discussion lists not restricted to any
particular region or organisation

A-Infos News [****  RECOMMENDED]
reports and analysis from international anarchist
newspapers and individuals as well as news from more
general sources of interest to anarchists.  Useful in
particular for non-mainstream views of big
international stories like the storming of the Japanese
embassy in Peru. To join send mail with the words
SUBSCRIBE A-INFOS in the body of the message to

A-Infos now offers single language lists, mail
a-infos-org@tao.ca for details.

You can send news to this service by mailing
a-infos@tao.ca, start your subject line with a
language code, eg (en) for English.

MujeresLibres is an anarcha - feminist mailing list.
Mujeres Libres means 'Free Women' in Spanish.

Subscribe by mailing majordomo@tao.ca with the message
subscribe MujeresLibres

Monster, a anarcho-feminist group in the US is running
an anarcha-feminist list. To join mail
[This list may no longer be functioning]

Anarchy-list [*** new address]
List for discussions about anarchism with over 500
participants. To join send a message to
send a message to majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu
with the line
    subscribe anarchy-list
in the body (not the subject) of the message

This is the most public and chaotic of the anarchist
mailing lists and tends to be dominated by repetitive
and low level debates.  Also liable to fill you mail
box overnight when one of the recurrent flame wars
break out.  If you can handle the volume though it does
grow on you as it's very social.

Anarchism - A list like the anarchy-list but of
slightly better quality and much lower message-volume.
To subscribe send an empty message to

Anarchism Discussion List
A moderated general anarchist discussion list, more
details and subscribtion via

Yet another general discussion list.  Send a "subscribe
anarchy" to majordomo@world.std.com

Research on Anarchism
This list is moderated, which means messages are
approved before they go to the list.  As might be
expected from the title can be a bit academic in focus
but the quality is good and the volume is low.
To join, send a message to :
leave "subject" empty
in the text write: SUBscribe  RA-L lastname firstname
do not add any signature..

Forum for discussing setting up an international
anarchist computer network, linking BBS'es, internet
sites, etc. To join mail
 with the words SUBSCRIBE ANETDEV in the body of the

Organise  [****  RECOMMENDED]
This is a private, invitation-only list run by
dedicated "class struggle anarchists" (libertarian
socialists, anarcho-syndicalists, and anarchist
communists). To join send a polite email to
platform@geocities.com and you will be sent the list

Anarchist Educational List:
To Subscribe, send email to <majordomo@boink.clark.net>
"subscribe anoked-l" in the message BODY

Listo por Anarkiistaj Esperantistoj
(Esperanto-speaking Anarchists' List)
Send the message subscribe anarkio
to majordomo@tao.ca

Anarchist Think Tank
Send the message subscribe att to

Law and Anarchy
An open forum for discussion and hopefully some
practical help with legal issues relating to
anarchists. Mail majordomo@tao.ca, with
subscribe lawandanarchy

Anarchist Science Fiction
For the discussion of anarchist SF and Fantasy, as well
as anarchist/libertarian themes in SF books, films, and
TV shows.

Mail majordomo@tao.ca with the message
subscribe anarchysf <your email>


-- North American Anarchist Mailing lists --

Atlantic Anarchist Circle
New regional anarchist network for east-coast US &
Canada. To join send a mail majordomo@tao.ca with the
words "subscribe aac" in the body of the message.

Washington, D.C. area
For anarchists and anti-authoritarians living in the
Washington, D.C. area, including folks living in
Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, Eastern West
Virginia, and the DelMarVa Pennisula.
To join, send an email with no subject to
majordomo@tao.ca  In the body
of the message include:
subscribe dc <your email address>

Red and Black
a regional list for all varieties of the Libertarian
Left in the Midwestern USA
To Subscribe mail red-and-black-request@iww.org
with the SUBJECT subscribe

South U.S.
A new listserv which hopes to become an online
community for anarchists, left-libertarians, and anti-
authoritarians living in the
southeastern United States
To subscribe email
majordomo@tao.ca, with the message
subscribe south <your email address>

Email list strictly for anarchists/activists/
progressives in the state of Michigan.  Outsiders are
welcome so long as they respect the intention of the
list. If you are interested, simply email

Kansas City Anarchists List (kc@tao.ca)
Organizing and announcements list for anarchists living
in the Kansas City/Lawrence region of the U.S.

To subscribe send an email to majordomo@tao.ca with:
subscribe kc

-- European Anarchist mailing lists --


Alternative Network for Eastern Europe
Started by the Polish Anarchist Federation. To join
send mail listserv@plearn.edu.pl with the words
"SUBSCRIBE ALTER-EE" in the body of the message.
Also see http://www.most.org.pl/alter/fa


Ex-yu-a-lista is meant for circulation of information
and discussion among anarchists in countries which
emerged from what was once SFR Yugoslavia.
Language(s): southslavic.
subscribe: send "SUBSCRIBE EX-YU-A-LISTA" in the body,
to majordomo@zamir.net or check out at:


Freedom Press International News
To join send subscribe fpi
to majordomo@tao.ca


An ultra-low volume list to which announcements from
the Workers Solidarity Movement and Organise - IWA are
posted. This list is moderated so there will be an
average of less then five posts a week.  Subscribe by
sending the message
subscribe ainriail

Anarchy-Ireland [*** change of address]
List for discussing events in Ireland from an
anarchist/libertarian communist perspective.
To subscribe, go to http://www.onelist.com and search
for anarchy-ireland


Libertarian agora
Alternative Libertaire is recipient animation of a
space of debates between libertarians of the south and
north of the country.  To be registered it is necessary
to send a message to: majordomo@agoranet.be with the
following command in the text of the message: "
subscribe anarchie "
also see http://users.skynet.be/AL/amisal/diffuse.htm


Frihetliga ringen maillista
For (mainly) anarchists and leftwing people in Sweden.
For discussions and for news, and to help people with
campaigns, new homepages etc. To subscribe, send a
message to

Motkraft is a libertarian socialist newsletter for
anarchists, autonomes and syndicalists in Sweden. The
Newsletter is a weekly electronic newsletter written in
the Swedish

To subscribe to the newsletter send a message to


Anarcho-Feminism Finland
To join contact riikka.kaihovaara@sci.fi

Anarchist list for Finnish-speaking anarchists.
To join, contact bozo@kaapeli.fi

Regional list for anarchists in Helsinki area.
To join, mail  <otso.kivekas@kaapeli.fi>.

Musta Sateenkaari
List of eco-anarchist group "Black Rainbow" in Helsinki
contact <musta-sateenkaari@helsinki.fi>

Jyvaskylan opiskelevat anarkistit
Anarcho-students at city of Jyvaskyla, also other
regional issues
 to join, e-mail <jimisi@cc.jyu.fi>.


"Anarquismo Hoje" (anarchism today).
For discussions about activities in Portugal, in
Portuguese. To subscribe mail m31@azul.net.


Mailing list for Isrealis and Palestinians interested
in anarchism, or general anti-authoritarian,
libertarian socialist theory.

To subscribe, send a message to majordomo@tao.ca
with "subscribe israel" in the message BODY.

Spanet (south pacific anarchist network) and encourages
subscribers from Australia and other places in the
South Pacific.  You can subscribe by sending a message
majordomo@xchange.anarki.net saying subscribe


Anarq-Lat [Spanish/ Portuguese language list for Latin
American anarchism]
ANARQLAT es un foro para usuarios de correo
electronico, constituido en torno a la tematica del
Anarquismo en America Latina - Para suscribirse a la
lista envie un mensaje
(majordomo@majordomo.ucv.edu.ve) sin subject, colocando
en el cuerpo del mismo: subscribe anarqlat

These lists function primarily for news from  or
discussion about a particular organisation

An ultra-low volume list to which announcements from
the Workers Solidarity Movement and Organise - IWA are
posted. This list is moderated so there will be an
average of less then five posts a week.  Subscribe by
sending the message
subscribe ainriail
see http://flag.blackened.net/revolt.html

Confederation of Anarchist Youth
is a new net work of young anarchists. To join their
mailing list, send a mail to
 with "SUBSCRIBE CAY (firstname) (lastname)" in body of
the message.

Mailing list about the syndicalist international. To
join send a message to
 with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

The list of the American section of the IWA. To join
send a message to
 with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Alarmlistan is the electronic news-flash letter of the
Malmˆ info magazine Alarmkalandern.

Subscribe by sending a message to:

The Autonomi list is a discussion list is based upon
texts that the Swedish Autonomi collective place on
their web-site.

Subscribe by sending a message to:

4. Anarchist project lists
These are lists connected with doing various anarchist
projects on and off the web.  The focus here is on
doing practical work so please don't subscribe to them
unless you actually intend to contribute to the work in
progress and agree with the list guidelines.

anarchist propaganda list: email list dedicated to
propaganda.  The main idea of the list is that people
and groups post the texts of their pamphlets etc, for
anyone to copy and use.  To subscribe, send an empty
message to <geton.anarchoprop@cat.org.au>.  For help or
more information, email <jameshutchings@hotmail.com>.

The mailing list where the collective that runs the a-
infos news lists (see above) organises these lists.  If
you want to get involved mail a-infos-org@tao.ca
and ask how to join

Spunk Press
This list administers the anarchist Spunk Press
electronic library, To be added email explaining that
you want to join

Anarchists Anti-Defamation League


There are many reasons why you might what to gain an
additional email address, perhaps just to keep your
mail separate, perhaps because you don't want to use
your work or your parents address, or perhaps because
you live in a country where posting from an easily
identifiable email address could be a threat to you
life or liberty.

See the Tao entry near the top for a radical source
that provides some free email accounts, otherwise
the services below which are all capitalist companies
give you an email address you can name yourself which
will not be easily traceable to you [However they will
know who you are and they may choose to give out this
information so this is not 100% 'safe', it should
however offer considerable protection from non-state
threats and some limited protection from state ones].
They make money from it by selling advertising that
appears when you read your messages.

This is the one the writer of this FAQ uses, you also
get a web page (which means setting it up is more time
consuming)  It is however probably the easiest to trace
your real identity through
for more details

A web based service where you can read your mail as
'web pages' visible only to you.  Easy to set up.  Go

You don't actually need any internet access to use it.
It comes with its own dialer.  It is unsuitable for use
in other countries since you can't get your mail unless
you can dial to the u.s. number and get it.

This ones requires Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft 3.0


There are now loads of others so look around


Noam Chomsky
New listserv devoted to the work of prominent living
anarchist, Noam Chomsky, both political/social and
linguistic. To subscribe, send mail to
"SUBSCRIBE CHOMSKY " in the body of the message.

IWW's list for alternative news. To join send mail
 with the words SUBSCRIBE IWW-NEWS in the body of the

List for discussing syndicalism and libertarian
socialism. To join send a message to
with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

To join send mail to majordomo@eco.utexas.edu with the
words "SUBSCRIBE CHIAPAS95" in the body of the message.

A list for follow up discussion from the second
encounter for Humanity and against neoliberalism. To
join send mail to majordomo@tao.ca with the words
"subscribe encounter2" in the body of the message.

"Exploring the changing nature of class composition and
class struggle within the planetary work machine." To
join send mail to
majordomo@jefferson.village.virginia.edu with the words
SUBSCRIBE AUT-OP-SY in the body of the message.



You access news group through USENET or News, these are
completely public discussion boards where any message
posted is visible to anyone on the internet who looks
for it.  The discussions are divided into thousands of
topics, some which contain discussion of interest to
anarchists include.  Be warned though the level of
discussion tends to be _very_ poor because of the
public nature of these forums...

You can also access news by going to Dejanews. This is

>From Dan Clore <clore@columbia-center.org>
Similar to DejaNews is:



    IV Chat

Internet Chat Relay (IRC), allows real time
communication between a number of people, there does
not seem to be many anarchists using this at the moment
but the page at
is for a anarchism! channel.  It also has links to the
sharewhare you need to be able to use this system.
Advice from one regular user
"the channel has a relatively small following... and
summer isn't the best time for even that small group.
But if you are there and someone else is, but they
don't respond right away, be patient, as sometimes
we're busy somewhere else (i'm saying this because I
see a lot of people come in and say "hi" and then leave
a few seconds later .... best to give it at least a
minute ...I know dalnet has a #anarchism channel to,
but i don't go to dalnet much and haven't seen anyone
there ... no web page to my knowledge.

Anarchopunk IRC channel.
The channel name is #anarchopunkand it's in the EFNet
servers (irc.ef.net)

Subject: Anarchy chat

For those of you who use irc, an anarchist discussion
channel has been opened on the irc network called
EFNet. The name of the channel is #red&black.

Email Social Anarchists International
<intanark@flag.blackened.net> for more info

    V   New pages on Revolt this month

The following pages have been added to Revolt this
month, you can access them at

The Popes visit and political statements
Call by the EZLN for international consultation
Are the Zapatista indigenous communities worse off?
January has been a month of sorrows
We Zapatistas are not drug traffickers
One thousand Mexican soldiers graduated as "kaibiles"
Observers report from El Bosque
School of the Americas - The Ultimate Union Buster
Ballata per l'anarchico Pinelli
Inno della rivolta
La locomotiva
Le deserteur
Corrected: Los moros que trajo Franco
Day school The anatomy of revolution
Kenyan anarchist literature project
A short history of Polish anarchism
A Visit to Bulgaria
Anarchist conferences in Russia in 1994
The Beginning of the (KAS) in Russia
Obviously a provocation of the government
New Index: Anarchism in Eastern Europe
"Make Way for the Working Class!"
Under Fire between the Lines
7th Annual "East - West" meeting of anarchists
Anarchism in the USSR
"Down with the Sultan"
The Anarchist Movement in the Ukraine
Workers' movement in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia
Addio A Lugano (Eng.)
L'interrogatorio di Sante Caserio (Eng. and It.)
Fifth anniversary of the uprising of the Zapatista troops
Some words to clarify things
History of the one and the all
Consultation for the Recognition of the Rights of the Indian Peoples
Deplorable incidents in the community of Los Platanos


Suggestions for improvements etc can be sent to
platform@geocities.com or put in the guestbook
at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6170/

If you want to put this on the web I suggest
you link to
instead as I keep this version updated

Whats new on Revolt

       International Anarchist Web Page

International Class Struggle anarchist discussion list,
    contact platform@geocities.com for details

Guestbook http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6170/

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