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From Greg Jackson <gda7@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 20 May 1998 14:11:56 -0700 (PDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

 Peace all,
 I. Update as of May 20th. 
 Last Monday (May 18), we met with King Co. Councilman Larry Gossett,
 Seattle City Councilman Richard McIver, Lt. Harry Bailey (SPD-east
 prct.), Capt. Diaz (SPD-east prcnt.), and reps from the Wa. Department
 of Transportation, and King Co. Sheriff's Office. 
 Neither Bob or anyone from his camp was present at this event.
 On our side were members the Youth Action Committee (myself included),
 founder Omari Tahir, co-founder Earl Debnam, students from Evergreen
 State College, a rep from the Nigerian Community Association of
 Washington State, and a sister from the Ethiopian community.
 Also present was Tony Orange of the African-American Affairs Dept. of
 the State of Washington.
 Each side remains steadfast in their intentions: the city and state
 want us out, and the museum and grassroots (us) intend on staying and
 serving the people.
 Highlights (or low lights) include:
 1.) Revelations that the Wa. D.O.T. SOLD the portables we work out of
 to the Jewish Federation of Washington, based in wealthy, white Mercer
 Island, during a three-day bidding process that the museum was
 purposely left out of.
 2.) The Wa. D.O.T. ignoring the agreement between them and the AAHM&CC
 that the portables be surplused to the museum after I-90 was
 3.) The city admited to ignoring our request of an audit of the museum
 books when we first blew the whistle on Bob and Co. and how they were
 using city funds. 
 Incidently, when we filed a Freedom of Information Act paper with the
 city last summer for info on how much money the AAHM&CC recieved from
 the city, the city's Legislative Dept. DENIED on city letterhead that
 these funds even existed, let alone if they were sent to Bob and Co.
 on the "behalf" of the AAHM&CC!
 4.)The point was made by the independent auditor that:
 a. The neither the city, state, or county has determined for all legal
 purposes we exactly is the ledership of the museum before proceeding
 with the obviously rushed (read: unlawful)eviction process.
 b. The King County Superior Court and the Wa. Secretarty of State's
 Office recognise Omari Tahir as the president and incorperator of the
 non-profit organization; not Bob Flowers or ANY of his crew (including
 Charlie James; more on that later).
 We were told that SWAT teams may be deployed if we show any resistance
 to the eviction. We take that VERY SERIOUSLY, and we view it as a
 direct threat.
 What we need is:
 1.) Massive forwarding of this message in its entirety.
 2.) Pressure on all the email addresses and phone numbers that appear
 at the end of this email, as well as on the mainstream press.
 3.) Survival equipment such as non-perishable food items, blankets,
 flashlights, sand bags, and a gas-powered generator.
 4.) Volunteers to aid and assist us in preparing for the worst.
 II. A Reply to Negro Dreamkillers (reactionaries), and detail
 clarification for everyone else.
 Proof of what I have presented to the world over these past few weeks,
 with the permission of the state-recognized, grassroots, board; is
 easily found and substanciated:
 1.)The Secretary of State's Office can provide copies of our Articles
 of Incorperation, which states who the board is. I am the scretary of
 the AAHM&CC, I teach martial arts four days a week there, I do some
 janitorial work there, and I add-on wherever I can generally. Anyone
 can read that for themsleves, or come the museum and SEE that for
 Charlie James'name appears NOWHERE on any of the documentation. 
 He joined with Bob Flowers and Co. in attempting to toss Omari, the
 founder, off the board because Omari "dared" to ask relevant questions
 about the project and its finances.He's a FOUNDING BOARD MEMBER and he
 hasn't seen a shred of museum documentation in two years; until we all
 started raising holy hell with Bob and Co.
 And we still don't have the full picture!
 James has NEVER started one program or brought on dime to the AAHM&CC.
 He was tossed off the board himself long before January for not being
 present at board meetings for over a year (as per museum by-laws;
 by-laws that he himself helped vote into place years ago)!Prior to
 that, James OPPOSED the motion made by Omari at a board meeting for an
 audit of the museum's books.
 2.) Anyone can call the museum at 206-320-9321 during the day and
 speak to the founder, Omari Tahir, themselves. He has the most
 comprehensive history of thsi project and struggle, since he's had the
 most participation and best board meeting attendence of anyone.
 3.)The grassroots is firmly in control of the African-American
 Heritage Museum and Cultural Center SPECIFICALLY because the local
 negrosie (Bob and Co.)has DEMONSTRATED FOR ALL TO SEE that they are
 fundementally incapable, irresponsible, dishonest, and openly hostile
 to the project they claim to care about; and because WE were the ones
 who brought the relevant, practical programs WITH NO MONEY (thanks to
 Bob and Co.) that serve the concrete needs of our people; the youth in
 III. Upcoming Events (this week).
 Youth Action Committee at The Evergreen State College.
 Thursday, May 21st. 2pm-4pm
 Olympia, Wa.
 Speakers: Greg Jackson. Merciful Allah
 Musical Entertainment: Code Current.
 A celebration of the birthday of Malcolm X and his legacy.
 Copwatch 206 at Pathfider Books.
 Friday, May 22. 7:30pm-9:00pm
 Speaker: Greg Jackson.
 Seattle, Wa.
 Police Terrorism and the Struggle for Self-Determination: The African
 American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center.
 Watch for more info as it becomes available.
 Greg Jackson;
 Secretary, AAHM&CC.  
  At 06:09 PM 5/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
  A Very Brief History and Update on the Struggle for the
  African-American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.
  1983-The African community blocks the construction of a police
  precinct on near the corner of 23rd Ave. and Yesler in Seattle's
  Central District by occupying the property. The community had
  an African museum and cultural center instead of a police jail
  Reluctantly, the city supported the development of the
  African-American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.
  After four years of occupying the site, the police were unable to
  build the precinct.
  1985-The Seattle Public Schools closes the old Colman School in
  for Interstate 90 to be built. Activists take over the building to
  as the site for the museum.
  1996-Bob Flowers, senior vice-president of Washington Mutual Bank
  becomes board chairman, as an agent of negro mayor Norm Rice. He
  brings with him Pat Chandler, a former employee of the City of
  Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods and private advertising
  consultant, as "program director". Her selection as program
  was done without the consent of the full board. The museum moves
  the portable on the school playground that currently houses the
  1997-The Youth Action Committee puts on Umoja Fest '97: The African
  Heritage Festival and Parade. The festival draws close to 20,000
  people over three days. The grassroots begin to run programs out of
  the museum site. 
  This same year King County and the State of  Washington ignores a
  vote of the state's voters and begins construction of a $400
  dollar baseball stadium in downtown Seattle.
  1998-The Youth Action Committee and grassroots board members,
  including founder Omari Tahir, challenge and question Bob Flowers
  about financial mismanagement of museum funds along with several
  conspiring board members. The city of Seattle holds on to the
  they usually give the museum each year because of the conflict with
  Bob and Co.; namely that Bob is NOT in control of the project on
  behalf. The city also cuts a check to Bob for $34,000 to be used
as a
  down payment on the old Colman school. Despite the board resolution
  1997, and despite the fact that he now has the money, Bob REFUSES
  make the down payment. In addition, he refuses to pay the
  rent on the portable. To this day Bob continues to sit on the money
  leverage against the board, the grassroots supporters, and the
  founder. Continuing their historic role as the spokespersons for
  business and big government, the local mainstream media turns a
  eye to the museum struggle.
  April 21, 1998-The AAHM&CC receives its first eviction notice from
  Washington State Department of Transportation. This notice states
  we have until May 1st to answer the notice. 
  April 23, 1998-The AAHM&CC receives a SECOND notice which states
  we must be out by April 29th or be removed by officers from the
  County Sheriff's Office. The occupation of the 1980's continues.
  May 4-The AAHM&CC tells King County Court that they want the same
  support from the city, county, and state that was given to the $400
  million dollar Mariners baseball stadium and multi-millionaire Paul
  Allen's football stadium project. The judge upholds the eviction,
  ignores Washington State law, and denies the museum an appeal. The
  re-occupation intensifies.
  May 11-Supporters of the African-American Heritage Museum and
  Center occupy the King Council chamber and the office of the King
  County Executive Ron Simms demanding that the county fund the
  as they did for 65 other cultural centers, the Mariners baseball
  stadium ($400 million), and the parking garage for Nordstrom's
  department store ($20 million). The Nordstrom's project also
  money from federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) money; money
  that was supposed to go for low-income housing.
  Today-WE'RE STILL HERE! The African-American Heritage Museum and
  Cultural Center continues to do programming and continues to hold
  to the property and the buildings on it. Programs include little
  league baseball, martial arts, homework center, foreign language,
  youth apprenticeship programs, and MORE.
  But we can only continue with YOUR HELP! We have protests at the
  County Council (516 3rd Ave.; 12flr) EVERY MONDAY at 8:00am. We
  have a barbecue EVERY SUNDAY at 3pm. JOIN US AT BOTH.
  Location: 1501 25th Ave. South (25th Ave. and South Massachusetts).
  Mailing Address: 2306 E. Madison  Box #119; Seattle, Wa. 98122.
  Phone: (206) 320-9321 office. (206) 324-4289 voice mail.
  Email: bd982@scn.org
  Politicians and Organizations to contact:
  Mayor Paul Schell
  Governor Gary Locke
  President Clinton
  United Nations
  Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn
  Seattle City Council
  King County Executive Ron Simms
  King County Councilman Larry Gossett
  Also, call Kerry Killinger at (206) 461-3139. Killinger is Bob's
  at Washington Mutual Bank. Currently, Washington Mutual is in the
  process of a 9 million dollar merger with a California bank. We
  opposed the merger and filed papers against it. Call Kerry and tell
  him to FIRE Bob immediately and cough up some community development
  money for the museum. In addition, tell him that you too will
  the merger and will call upon people to close their accounts with
  bank unless Bob is fired. If you have an account there, close it
  tell them why.
  And call Joe Gray at (206)353-7461. Mr. Gray is the boss of Bob
  Luciano, the accountant who helped Bob mismanage museum funds. Give
  him the same message that Killinger gets.
  We also need money, non-perishable food items, bottled water,
  gas-powered generators, flashlights, tools, and blankets. We intend
  hold down the institution and serve the community for as long as we
  can and by any and all means necessary.
  Greg Jackson,
  Secretary; African-American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.
  Seattle, Washington. USA.


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