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(en) The Internet Anti-Fascist: Wed 25 Feb 98--2.09 (#71)

From Paul Kneisel <tallpaul@nyct.net>
Date Mon, 02 Mar 1998 09:30:36 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

          The Internet Anti-Fascist: Wednesday, 25 February 98
                     Vol. 2, Number 9 (#71)

                        BREAKING NEWS: WE WON!

The three anti-fascist news groups won the vote by a 7-1 margin. More
details on Sunday.



TINAF has evolved over the past several months. Its basic focus has
become presenting pointers to information rather than the information
itself. This lets us "distribute" far more material without
overwhelming readers.

The ftp supplements seem a particularly useful way of getting linked
stories and analyses out over the net.

It also makes it easier for others to edit special supplements on
topics in which they specialize. We think we've done a fairly good job
thusfar at creating the "good mix" of articles from different areas.
The "good" is also described as the enemy of the best. Others who
specialize in particular areas can do a far better job and we are in
the process of communicating with these people to get their services
and make TINAF even better.

                               - - - - -


There are several journals and regular news releases on the net that
should be of interest to anti-fascists. Some, like the Antifa Info-
Bulletin and Holocaust Newsletter are explicitly anti-fascist. Others,
like RightWing Watch Online, published by People For the American Way,
have a broader orientation. For readers who don't regularly read them,
TINAF will start keeping the latest copy of these journals on our ftp
site so you can take a look at them when you have the time. They're all
available at:


A number of readers have questions about how the Old Boys Network
developed and where its power comes from. I am writing an extensive
article on this topic. The three anti-fascist news groups are generic;
readers pointed out that there is no reason why other groups can't be
created to focus on topics like Christian Fundamentalism or abortion
rights. They're quite correct. But to create these groups people need
to learn more about how the whole new group creation process works and
develop a better understanding of cyberspace.

Both Computer underground Digest and CyberWire Dispatch have useful and
generally well-written material about sundry net topics. So they'll be
up at the ftp site as well.

Abbreviations for the latest issues of the journals are:

afib.txt = Antifa Info-Bulletin
cud.txt  = Computer underground Digest
cwd.txt  = CyberWire Dispatch
hn.txt   = Holocaust Newsleter
rww.txt  = RightWing Watch Online

Finally, several of us have been gathering various documents related to
UseNet and creating news groups. We tried to be as thorough as
possible, even if some of the documents could be added to plant life
and increase food yield enough to end global hunger. But even bad data
is useful for critical analysis; knowledge is power, but only if it is
a broad knowledge including material that might be threatening
psychologically or politically. Only the organizationally inept want to
limit their input to things comforting or that confirm pre-existing

The index file to the different documents on the site is:


The Internet Anti-Fascist: Monday, 23 February 1998
FTP Supplement #11 (#69): Abortion Clinic Bombing: Part 2

             The Birmingham Abortion Clinic Bombing: Part 2

5)  Associated Press (no author), "Bombing kills one at Alabama
       abortion clinic," 29 Jan 98. 
6)  Jay Reeves (AP), "Abortion Clinic Explosion Kills One," 29 Jan 98.
7)  Jill Higgins (Naples [Florida] Daily News), "Alabama bombing       
prompts heightened security locally ," 29 Jan 98 
8)  American Jewish Congress, "'Right To Life' Does Not Mean the Right 
      to Impose Death, Says AJCongress 
9)  Condemnation of Birmingham Abortion Clinic Bombing," press release,
       29 Jan 98. Family Research Council (no author), "FRC's Bauer    
   Denounces Abortion Clinic Bombing," press release 29 Jan 98.  10)
Rosalind Bentley (Star Tribune) "Local clinics cautious in light of    
   bombing in Alabama," 30 Jan 98. 
11) Star Tribune (combined news services), "Bomb kills policeman at    
   Alabama abortion clinic," 30 Jan 98. 
12) J. R. Moehringer (Los Angeles Times), "Abortion clinic bomb kills  
     guard: Explosion in Alabama is first to claim a life in United    
   States," 30 Jan 98  
13) Russ Bynum (Associated Press), "Abortion Clinic Bomber Sought," 30 
      Jan 98. 
14) Jay Reeves (Associated Press), "Clues Sought in Clinic Bombing," 30
       Jan 98. 
15) David Sapsted (Electronic Telegraph), "Explosion at abortion clinic
       kills policeman," 30 Jan 98 
16) John Archibald and Carol Robinson (Birnmingham News), "Fatal clinic
       bombing sparks hunt ," 30 Jan 98 
17) Houston Chronicle (no author), "Clinic Bombing: Deaths and injuries
       win no allies for pro-life advocates," 30 Jan 98 
18) Star Tribune (no author), "Another abortion-clinic bombing,"       
editorial, 30 Jan 98 
19) Clarence Page (Houston Chronicle),"Anti-abortionists bombing their 
      own cause," 30 Jan 98
                         - - - - -

The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tuesday, 24 February 1998
FTP Supplement #12 (#70): Abortion Clinic Bombing: Part 3

            The Birmingham Abortion Clinic Bombing: Part 3

The following medical updates were written by Jeff Lyons, the husband
of injured nurse Emily Lyons. They were posted on the web via:

20) Day 1, Thursday, Jan. 29th, 1998
21) Day 2, Friday, Jan. 30th, 1998
22) Day 3, Saturday, Jan. 31st, 1998
23) Day 4, Sunday, Good News: She can see light!
24) Day 5, Monday, Feb 2nd, Another good day for Emily
25) Day 6, Tuesday, Feb 3rd, Great news!
26) Day 7, Wednesday, Feb 4th, more surgery
27) Day 8, Thursday, Feb 5th, a very hard day
28) Day 9, Friday, Feb 6th
29) Day 10, Saturday, Feb 7th, back a little
30) Day 11, Sunday, Feb 8th
31) Day 12, Monday, Feb 9th
32) Day 13, Tuesday, Feb 10th, Better!
33) Day 14, Wednesday, Feb 11th
34) Day 15, Thursday, Feb 12th
35) Day 17, Saturday, Feb 14th
36) Day 19, Monday, Feb 16th
37) Day 20, Tuesday, Feb 17th
38) Day 22, Thursday, Feb 19th


  -- tallpaul 
     Fascism: We have no ethical right to forgive, 
              no historical right to forget. 
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