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Statement from Khalfani Khaldun

From "jonathon@iww.org" <jonathon@iww.org>
Date Sun, 1 Mar 1998 18:06:19 -0800 (PST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Statement from Khalfani X. Khaldun postmarked Feb. 20, 1998

Premeditated Repression
and Malicious Bad Jacketing

Many of my Supporters and friends have recently launched a campaign to
bring more attention to my case and struggle here in Indiana.  A large
amount of letters, phone calls and faxes have been sent from almost every
major city in Amerika calling for my release from one of Indiana's 23 hour
a day repressive lock-up units.

On 2/17/98 I was scheduled to Go before a 3 man committee for the possible
release into General Population at this prison..

My fiancee Penny Kennedy called in on 2/13/98 and was granted 2 Special
Visits coming from out of town, from Poplar Bluff, Mo., which is always
granted, coming from so far away.

I was escorted on a visit at about 1:15 on 2/15/98 and had a visit with my
sweetheart Penny.  The visit was enjoyable.  She promised to bring my
children the next day.  When the visit ended she left and I was taken back
to G.A.S. Upon entering the Unit I was placed in a strip search booth and
was ordered to strip by an Officer Pitts.  I removed my clothes and
complied with all procedures.

When I left the visit room I was eating some peppermints.  Officer Pitts
ordered me to open my mouth.  I told him I had candy in my mouth and
wanted to finish it, then I complied.  His orders were never refused.  But
when I did open my mouth Officer Pitts said "You're too late now, you're
being written up for refusing to obey a direct order", a class C report
minor, premeditatedly written so that I would have a report for this year
on my file, tarnishing my chances for release into General Population.

The Case No. for this report is IR98-02-0074.  No where in this report
does the officer state he saw, nor received evidence of any contraband of
any kind.

But on 2/16/98 when Penny came back up to let me visit with my children,
they told me I was on Non-contact Visit Status.  I was placed in a wedged
in booth the exact size of a telephone booth.  I was separated from my
family and couldn't touch them.  Our only means of communication was by
telephone, which I had to do in handcuffs, shackles and a belly chain
restricting my movement.  Early the next day the Conduct Adjustment Board
came at me again.  All these events happening are premeditated to target
me and penny and to prevent me from  having any physical contact with my

I was subjected again to a report, class C - Lying to Staff, which is not
legit but they found me guilty for it.  I filled out a visitors card early
this year and I placed Penny down as my wife, which she is to me.  But
then she signed in as my fiancee, which she is since we are due to make it
official.  I can't see none of this as being a lie.  But in the State's
attempt to discredit me, again they do this to have it on my file, so in
the case of my supporters requesting an update on my conduct they will
have misinformation in the signs of these 2 recent reports to be able to
discredit me/validate them.  I have taken steps to correct the visit card
so they won't do this petty thing again.  This second report was Code 350
IR 98-02-0098.

Please try to keep in mind, that all this, the assassinations of my &
Penny's characters, these reports of misconduct, all came within one week
of me being due for a release into General Population.  Do you think this
looks premeditated?

I was found guilty on both reports, then one officer made it clear I was a
target, saying I have made someone tied-in mad.  Now they are out to get

After the first visits all of these things occurred.  But once I was
placed on non-contact visits it was clear they had something much larger
in store for me.  On 2/19/98 the unit team 4 Case Manager for G Greathouse
submitted a letter to the Superintendent John B Deuth requesting the
termination of my visits.  But he based All his grounds on unfounded
allegations, NONE of which were in the initial conduct report when it was

My fiancee and I are not dope users or dope smugglers.  But these people
are accusing us of such.  This was the statement made:

"This recommendation is based on information obtained by the internal
affairs office from a Officer David mason concerning a possible attempt by
Offender McQuay to smuggle some type of unknown substance into this
facility.  This attempt occurred on Sunday 2/15/98 and involved McQuay
allegedly carrying a balloon in his mouth back to the housing unit from
the visit with Penny Kennedy."

Assuming my precious love would do such a thing, why hasn't criminal
charges been brought against us?  Then they claim again I allegedly
swallowed something.  Where is proof of all these allegations other than 2
minor class C conduct reports that were maliciously written for the sole
purpose of slandering my name.

Criminal Law

If a person is alleged of having swallowed something of a controlled
substance he or she is suppose to be taken to a area where he or she is
then made to drink a liquid dye that shows up on X-ray of anything you
have consumed in a 24 hour period.  As you will see in the report I was
escorted to my cell after I complied with all shake down procedures.

Pendleton Staff did NOT follow that procedure, therefore I was not allowed
to dispute this claim of allegedly swallowing something.  If I was taken
to the hospital infirmary they would have never been able to allege
anything against me or my darling faith fiancee.  This hurts and it's an
outright insult.

The Hidden Motives Behind All This

Prior to all of this no recent reports were on my file.  So when
Supporters called an nothing bad could be said other than being accused of
the case I am currently fighting.  I was never charged for possessing or
trafficking anything.  If a person receives 5 class c reports in a few
months time he can be sanctioned as a habitual rule violator.  When he can
immediately be given 2 years segregation time.  This is what I am thinking
their plans are for me.  But the beat goes on.

Facts in my Favor

(1) No evidence to suggest I was smuggling anything exist.
(2) That I was sanctioned for refusing and lying to staff, not trafficking
or possession of any form of contraband.
(3) To suggest all their grounds to deny me contact visits on assumptions
and allegations is an obvious miscarriage of justice.
(4) An to accuse Penny Kennedy, my fiancee, of any wrongdoing is to
suggest evidence exists to substantiate it and there is none.
(5) To allege something that's not even stated or implied in the report
would again be basing a claim on what is assumed, not what is fact.
(6) For them not to rush me to the prison infirmary if this was alleged
would be to say they didn't really think I had nothing but candy mints in
my mouth.

Ransacked My Cell

On 2/19/98 I was over at the conduct adjustment board for this last Class
C report.  Upon my return I was told staff was inside my cell going
through everything.  My cell was searched for 45 minutes.  Everything was
everywhere.  They claimed it was random, but how could it have been after
all this shit.

The Officer's name was Fisher and I requested he write a memo of being in
my cell without me being present.  We have been filing Grievances,
petitions, and exposing the overt violations on this unit.  The State is
now trying to counter that by all these premeditated acts.

What I Suggest Of the People

Comrades if we allow this to be imposed upon me without any facts or
tangible evidence is to give the impression they can just do anything and
get away with it.

They are wrong on this one and they know it.

(1) Superintendent John Deuth - call and fax him as many times as it takes
to get through and address that there is Nothing to support smuggling

Phone (765) 778-2107
Fax: (765) 778-3395

(2) Call and fax Commissioner Cohn of the Indiana Department of
Corrections and tell him that all their claims are unsubstantiated by
tangible, factual proof.  They must give me back my contact visits.

Phone: (317) 232-5715
fax: (317) 233-6798

Investigations, Mike Rains: (765) 778-2107

Copies of the 2 reports and other relevant documents can be sent to you on
request from me.

Revolutionary Love,

Khalfani X. Khaldun
(Leonard McQuay #874304)
P.O. Box 30
Pendleton, IN 46064

Note: Khalfani has been charged with the murder of a prison guard.  There
is NO credible evidence against him, yet, without a trial he has been held
in administrative segregation for the last four years.  If he is cleared
of these charges he should be released from prison immediately.

for more information check out this website:


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