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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review 22nd July'98

From "Phil McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:24:57 +1000

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Number 309
20th - 26th July, 1998



Anybody who's followed the demonstrations that have accompanied the
photographic antics of One Notion's Mother Hen, as she ducks her way around
Victoria, couldn't help but notice the differences in the average age of the
protesters in comparison to the average age of the One Notion Party
faithful.  It's heartening to see that the bulk of protesters are young.  In
Bendigo in regional Victoria almost two thousand secondary school students
rained on One Notion's Parade.

One Notion's supporters seem to be middle aged or elderly, few young people
have been drawn to the One Notion banner.  Watching the past and the future
confront each other, I know who I'd put my money on.  One Notion's rose
coloured picture of life in Australia in the 1950's may activate some warm
memories for some of their elderly supporters, but it doesn't touch the
heart strings of younger Australians.

Life has moved on, discrimination based on race may have tickled the fancy
of Australians in the so-called good old days, but it doesn't seem to do
much for younger Australians.  Considering how marginalised most young
people are from society and established political parties, it's exciting to
see so many stand up to the ridiculous racial ideas that One Notion and
sections of the Liberal, Labor and National parties have floated over the
past few years.

The Soweto children fanned the flames of discontent in South Africa in 1976,
their brave actions goaded their parents to intensify the struggle against
apartheid.  Our children are standing up to a political and social movement
that uses race as a political battering ram.  Their brave stand may be just
the tonic that is needed to goad a generation that is fixated on consumption
and status to join their children in the struggle to create a society where
people are judged on their actions, not their race.


It looks like the Northern Territory Police have thrown all inhibitions to
the wind and have gone feral.  The Jabiluka protests have put the limited
resources of the Northern Territory Police, judiciary and Correctional
Services under a great deal of strain.  The mass protests at Jabiluka have
highlighted the ineffectual nature of current police procedures.  The rabid
dogs in the Northern Territory government have realised that the threat of
custodial sentence is not deterring protesters.

As far as the Northern Territory government is concerned the judicial system
is too long and costly.  Protesters can clog up the courts for weeks,
possibly months.  Many of the people who have been arrested at Jabiluka have
had charges dropped before they even appear in court.  As well as an
ineffectual judicial system, the ever expanding Northern Territory Prison
system has activated concerns among prison officers.  Prison officers in the
Northern Territory have threatened to go out on strike if protesters are
crammed into Darwin's already overcrowded prison system.  Faced with this
dilemma, in steps the Northern Territory Police Force.

The government has secretly given the Northern Territory's finest permission
to go feral.  Political activists in Darwin have and are being subjected to
intimidatory tactics by the Northern Territory Police Force.  Jabiluka
protesters have recently found out how uncomfortable it is to have your
balls or nipples squeezed by one of the countries finest.  The Northern
Territory government has in the fine tradition of all macho governments
embarked on an unofficial program of intimidation.  Protesters, both at
Jabiluka and other parts of the Northern Territory are being subjected to
extra judicial summary punishment by the forces of law and order.
Unfortunately for the intellectual giants in the Northern Territory,
government and fortunately for protesters the actions of their Northern
Territory feral police force has only hardened the resolve of protesters.


Regular readers of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review will remember that Shell
63, a Darwin anarchist was arrested and charged with a number of offences,
when he went to Darwin's Parliament House to show his disgust with John
Howard when he visited the Northern Territory a few months ago.  Our readers
will be pleased to hear that the Northern Territory dropped all charges
against Shell 63 before the matter even came to court.  Looks like one of
the Public Prosecutors must have told the government that they had as much
chance of getting their ridiculous charges to stick as Shell 63 has of
becoming the Northern Territory's Chief Minister - no wonder the charges
were dropped.


Dapper Pierre Costello (Heir apparent to the visionary John Howard, not John
the Baptist you silly person) launched a Federal Government initiative on
Monday to win the hearts and minds of regional and country folk.  Listening
to Dapper Pierre wag lyrical about the so-called deregulation of the petrol
industry you'd think the stuff was going to be so cheap we could burn it in
our back yards.

In a nutshell Dapper Pierre has removed government wholesale caps on the
price of petrol and has left it to the market and competitive forces to
drive the price of petrol down.  Good economic irrationalist stuff.  What
Dapper Pierre Costello forgot to mention was that thousands of petrol
retailers will be forced out of business because of these changes.  Petrol
prices will fall two or three cents (their figures not mine) for the loss of
thirty thousand jobs in the petrol retailing industry.  The reforms may
initially lead to cosmetic competitive changes that will see the price of
petrol fall temporarily.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your
frame of mind) small retail outlets will be gobbled up by the current big
four in the wholesale petrol industry, possibly a few new monopoly players
will join the retail game.

Within twelve months, the illusory competitive reforms will lead to the
creation of a closed monopoly market that will be ruled by a tacit
gentlemen's agreement among the big six.  This agreement won't do too much
to interfere with each others market share.  The independent "rogue" traders
that have driven petrol prices down will be forced out of business and their
place will be taken by "your media friendly corporate giants."

A win win situation for the big players, a lose lose situation for small
players and a monopoly necklace for the consumer.  Good one Dapper Pierre
you're Prime Minister material!


Listening to the Federal Government's self-congratulatory tone as they
publicly launched Australia's new vehicle safety design rules.  I foolishly
thought Australia's design rules for locally manufactured vehicles had
caught up with European rules that were introduced in most of Europe over
twenty years ago.

Well silly me, how wrong can one person be.  Looking at the details (as you
all know we're constantly told the proofs in the detail) it soon became
obvious to little old me that the latest vehicle safety design rules were
nothing more than a spin doctors wet dream.  Silly me thought that the
Federal government had introduced minimum safety design guidelines for roof
supports in motor vehicles in order to decrease the number of avoidable
deaths and severe cervical spinal cord injuries in motor vehicle accidents
where vehicles rolled over.

Well actually they hadn't tackled this problem, what they'd introduced with
so much fanfare were some minor safety design changes that would decrease
the cost of repairs in some side frontal collisions.  The four hundred and
fifty million dollar savings that had been trumpeted to the rooftops were
potential savings in repair bills.  It wasn't money that was going to be
saved by decreasing the number of injuries and deaths that are caused in
motor vehicle accidents due to rollovers.

It looks like the major motor vehicle production companies in Australia and
the major importers of cars into this country have once again been shielded
from real changes to Australia's vehicle safety design rules.  If they had
to make changes to increase the strength of roof supports it would possibly
add another thousand dollars to the cost of a car.  They couldn't do that
could they?  If they did it may decrease the vehicle manufacturing company's
bottom line.  No government wants to upset its corporate mates.  It's much
easier to bury a few more people and dismiss the accompanying fuss as the
consequence of an unavoidable accident.


Born 1913 - Died 15th July, 1998.  Vincent Ruiz, a Spanish anarchist who
participated in the Spanish Civil War died after a long illness last
Wednesday.  Vincent was one of the last direct links that Australia's
anarchists had with anarchists who participated in the anarchist inspired
social revolution during the Spanish Civil War.

He was cremated after a simple and moving ceremony in Melbourne on Monday.

After the collapse of the Spanish Revolution he and his family lived in
exile in Algeria, Morocco and eventually arrived in Australia in 1965.  The
difference between Vincent and other anarchist exiles who came to Australia
is that Vincent stayed true to the ideas of his youth and became involved in
the re-emerging Anarchist Movement in Australia.  He was one of the few
anarchist refugees to this country who was able to make that transition.  He
will be missed by his family and those Australian anarchists who were
infected with his enthusiasm for "the idea".


Almost eighty years to the day that the Russian Royal Family were
executed/killed by the Bolsheviks, their remains were transported from the
Urals to St.Petersberg to be interred with the bones of their ancestors.
The most interesting aspect of the media driven frenzy that accompanied the
funeral was not the burial itself, or Yeltisin's inane comments at the
funeral, but the Russian Orthodox Church's reaction to the find of the

The Russian Orthodox Church is divided between two main factions, those that
survived in exile and those that made their peace with 75 years of Bolshevik
rule.  Both factions are currently involved in a life and death struggle for
the hearts and minds and more importantly the wallets of the Russian
Orthodox faithful.  Although some DNA evidence has been trotted out to
support the contention that the recovered bones belong to the Czar, his
family and servants, the Russian Orthodox Church doesn't accept a bar of
these findings.

The church in exile has claimed since 1924 that they have some of the
remains of the Russian Royal Family stored in Brussels in Belgium.  The
internal branch of the church doesn't want to offend its external brethren
by acknowledging that the bones that were buried last week belong to the
Czar.  If they did they'll expose the con that the Russian Orthodox Church
in exile has played on the faithful.  I don't personally care who's got
what, what I find distasteful about the whole episode is how this very sorry
little saga is being used to whitewash the memory of a group of despots
whose exploits were on par with the worst excesses of the Bolshevik regime.
The sooner both groups sink into the quagmire of history the sooner will
Russians be able to throw off the mental shackles of centuries of
exploitation and oppression.


Q Would an Anarchist Society trade with non-anarchist societies?

A. Whether an anarchist society is able to survive in a non-anarchist world
depends on its ability to protect its boundaries and its ability to be
self-sufficient.  It's highly likely that an isolated anarchist community
would initially be put under military pressure.  If it's able to survive
military threats, it would be placed under economic sanctions by hostile
non-anarchist communities.  How it handles these economic sanctions will, to
a large degree, determine the communities standard of living and its long
term viability.

Although a great deal of effort would be devoted to efforts to become
self-sufficient, the chances are that this drive would not be successful.
An anarchist community in such a situation has two possibly three options.
It makes direct contact with surrounding states and corporations and
attempts to negotiate trade agreements.  An anarchist community will try to
barter with surrounding non-anarchist communities, if unsuccessful it may
have to pay for commodities and raw materials with gold or another
commodity.  In such situations it needs to build up supplies of a commodity
which can be used as an exchange mechanism with non-anarchist communities
that don't want to trade or barter.

The other option that every anarchist society should and would explore, is
what can be described as the people to people option.  Supporters in
surrounding non-anarchist community's may be able to raise the funds or
collect the raw materials that are required for the anarchist communities
survival.  Mutual Aid gathered by supporters is not necessarily one way
Mutual Aid.  An anarchist society could provide a sanctuary for people
persecuted in other societies and also deliver people to people Mutual Aid
to surrounding societies, to build its reputation and provide support for
anarchist movements in surrounding communities.  Whether an anarchist
society is able to survive depends on its ability to break out of the
isolation that non-anarchist communities may subject it to.  The stronger
anarchist movements are in surrounding communities, the greater the
possibility that hostile states will reach an accommodation with their
anarchist neighbour.  If they don't reach some type of accommodation, the
resultant dislocation would have an adverse impact on surrounding states.

As the Spanish anarchists were fond of saying to volunteers who came to
Spain to help them during the Spanish revolution, "the best way you can help
us is by building an anarchist movement where you live".  The creation of
anarchist movements in surrounding societies would put an effective brake on
hostile military and economic attacks by non-anarchist states.


There are many groups and individuals within our spheres of influence who
have similar but not identical ideas to our own.  Many organisations use
anarchist methods of organisation and decision making processes but don't
describe themselves as anarchist or even think they have anything in common
with anarchists.  Although the organisation you're involved in may not have
enough common principles of association to affiliate with these groups and
although you may not agree with all their campaigns and tactics, it's
stupid, very stupid to ignore them.

Networking is a mechanism by which you can set up a relationship with these
groups that doesn't necessarily bind you to them, it allows you to
interchange ideas and set up a communication network between groups that
don't necessarily work with each other.  A networking relationship is
essentially non-threatening.  It can be productive especially in times of
crisis.  How that relationship develops depends on the amount of time you're
willing to devote to networking.

The important thing to remember is that if you don't initiate contact,
nobody else will.  Find out about the activities of organisations in your
area.  If you believe some of them have similar methods of organisations and
decision making processes, write to them or mail them.  If you're on the net
and offer to organise a meeting with the group or a representative or a
delegate from the group to explore the possibility of establishing permanent
links with them.

Another way to approach the situation is by organising a one day networking
conference, inviting organisations in your area to a meeting.  The primary
role of this meeting is one of establishing contacts and exploring
possibilities for the future.  Although the aims of the meeting may seem
limited, the eventual outcomes may surprise you.  Networking is a
non-threatening way by which you can establish contacts and begin to work
with groups and organisations in your area or sphere of influence, who have
similar goals but different ways of achieving them.  It's one option that
everyone of us should think about exploring.



Fleming attempted to give the flagging Australian Anarchist Movement a boost
in 1908 by inviting Emma Goldman to undertake an extended Australian tour.
Chummy Fleming was an admirer of Emma Goldman.   He had written to her for
some years before his invitation in 1908.  He distributed Emma Goldman's
journal, Mother Earth since its inception in 1906.  Chummy Fleming, a
bootmaker by trade, worked feverishly to raise the funds for Emma Goldman
and her partner Ben Reitman's journey to Australia.

In late 1908 Emma Goldman shipped 1500 pounds of literature to Victoria ,
where in her words there were "new friends to win, fresh minds and hearts to
awaken".  By April 1909 Reitman and Goldman were ready to go to Australia.
Their bags were packed and a party had been organised to see them off on
their grand adventure.  On the very eve of her departure to Australia, the
American government stripped her of her American citizenship.  After careful
consideration Emma Goldman cancelled her Victorian trip because she was
concerned that she would be denied entry into the United States if she left.

Chummy Fleming and his supporters had already paid for her passage and for
accommodation for their trip.  They and Mother Earth both lost a great deal
financially because of the abandoned trip.  Chummy continued to correspond
with Emma Goldman until she died in 1940.  He continued to distribute Mother
Earth while it was published. I have no idea what happened to the 1300
pounds of Anarchist Literature that Goldman sent to Australia in late 1908.
(If anybody knows, page me on 03 9828 2856).  Chummy Fleming and Emma
Goldman never met, although they continued to correspond with each other.
In 1938 when he turned 75 he wrote to Emma Goldman "I have lived my life, my
small effort is not like yours, but it is an effort".  Emma Goldman died two
years later in 1940.  Chummy Fleming died at his small cottage in Carlton,
Melbourne 10 years later on the 25th of January 1950.

Information for this article obtained from Anarchist Portraits by Paul
Avrich 1987, ISBN 0691 00609-1.

BOOK REVIEW - ANARCHIST PORTRAITS By Paul Avrich - 1988 ISBN 0-691-04753-7

Nestor Makhno and Alexander Berkman, Paris, around 1927

Paul Avrich attempts to fill in the human dimension of Anarchism in this 300
page portrait of a number of anarchist thinkers and activists.  He has
divided the book into three distinct sections.  Russia, America and Europe
and the world.  Many of the anarchists lives he dissects are the lives of
well known activists.  Bakanin, Kropotkin, Proudhon, Berkman, Makhno, Mollie
Steimer and Gustav Landauer are some of the more well known anarchists lives
he dissects.  Reading Avrich's book and studying the photographs I learnt
much about people who I already thought I knew.

The more interesting chapters in the book are those that deal with the lives
of men and women in the anarchist movement who have came and gone and left
no mark on the thoughts and actions of the current Anarchist Movement.
Anatoli Zhelezniakov, Chummy Fleming, Oriole Tucker, V.M. Eikhenbaum and
C.W. Mowbray are a few of the forgotten anarchists whose lives are scattered
on the pages of this book.  Hundreds of names of long forgotten activists
appear in the pages of Anarchist Portraits.  This book is not an uncritical
eulogy to men and women who's lives were intertwined with the anarchist
movement.  It examines their lives, their frailties, their hopes,
achievements, aspirations and in some cases their eventual martyrdom.

Anarchist Portraits is ultimately a lesson in humility.  It drives home the
point that we are all human, that even giants have feet of clay.  Reading
page after page of forgotten names reminded me of the hundreds of thousands
of people who have devoted their lives to create an egalitarian community.
Some, if not most died in obscurity, others paid an enormous personal price
for their ideas.  Reading this book makes me proud to be part of a movement
that has attempted to create the necessary circumstances that will allow
people to develop their lives to their fullest potential.

Anarchist Portraits is the type of book you should read, if you're tired of
struggle and you want to recharge your batteries.  Paul Avrich, a Professor
of History at Queens College of the City University of New York has
succeeded in presenting a lively picture of essentially European anarchist
thought in Anarchists Portraits.  Let's hope that in the not too distant
future he is able to pen some portraits of anarchist activists from outside
the European tradition.


Two white ducks sitting on the roof (actually standing), surveying all
before them.  It's one of those cold Melbourne mornings.  I'm just driving
down a quiet suburban street in the eastern suburbs, when I'm jolted by the
sight of two white ducks sitting on the roof, watching the traffic speed
past.  I pull up to the kerb, do a u-turn and stop in front of a white
weatherboard house, sitting in a frost laden garden.  A small yellow Datsun
sits in an open carport.  The windows are frosted with subantarctic cold.

Yep, they are ducks all right, not your wild ducks, but pristine backyard
white ducks.  They look down at me, I look up at them.  Yep they are right,
I'm going to walk down that driveway and knock on the door.  A city street
is no place for a domestic duck.  It won't be long before they are torn
apart by a dog or squashed by a truck if they embark on their grand

I knock once, twice, three times, ah well I've done what I can and am about
to move off when I hear life stir behind the door.  A stringy two metre
beanstalk clothed in dull green undies and nothing else opens the door.  He
wipes the sleep from his eyes as he looks me up and down, well actually
down, he is over two metres tall.  I tell him he's got two ducks on his
roof.  Shit!! He says as he gropes round the door and finds a t-shirt to
throw over his trunk.  It's then I notice his underpants are on inside out
and he has scud marks (yes those embarrassing scud marks that mother's are
always concerned about), running down the back of his undies.

I really don't care what he's wearing, I'm concerned about the ducks, not
the state of his undies.  We walk out of the front and I finger the two
feathery escapees.  He thanks me profusely, mumbling something about not
closing the gate properly.  I've done my duty, it's his problem now.  I'm
not crawling up any roof for anybodies ducks.  I take my leave, wishing him
the best of luck, he runs inside to put on some clothes and find a ladder.
When I drove past the house 30 minutes later, there was no sign of the ducks
or the beanstalk.  Maybe he was inside preparing a roast duck meal with all
the trimmings, who knows?


Pity poor Johnny Howard our beloved Prime Minister, every time he goes to
bed, he's visited by the ghosts of the past.  As he snuggles under the
blankets or maybe a doona, thankful that another day has come to an end, the
ghosts of Black Jack McEwan and good olde fashioned true blue Australian
values intrude, into his slumbers.

Johnny Howard had a vision (yes he's capable of visionary thinking), he saw
in his minds eye a treasure chest buried deep in the heart of the Australian
state.  He dreamt that he would be Prime Minister in the year 2000 and that
he, not Queen Lizzie would open the Sydney Olympics.  The only obstacle
between his ambitions and reality was a tiny little inconvenience, a Federal
election.  Johnny knew that the troops were restless and dapper, Peter
Costello was lusting after his job.  He knew that those old time agrarian
socialists, the National Party had been unnerved by the resurrection of
Australia's true blue bigots in the One Notion Party.

He knew that if his dream was to become a reality, he would have to prise
open the treasure chest and use the treasures in the Telstra dreaming box to
finance his bid to retain the country's number one job.  In one effort to
camouflage his naked ambitions, Johnny Howard buried the Wik debate,
courtesy of Senator Harradine.  He hoped that he would be able to bask in
the glory of his Wik victory (defeat for Australia) and grab the Telstra
treasure chest and use its contents to secure his vision.

Johnny left nothing to chance.  He pushed his ideas through the party room,
bowling over the hayseeds in the National Party with a burst of impeccable
logic.  He won over the willow man Senator Harradine and he dined with Big
Mal.  Big Mal listened and nodded as only Big Mal can.  Johnny called up his
tailor to order his 2000 Olympic ensemble and went to bed bathed in Telstra,
dreaming rays.  He woke up with a song in his heart and a spring in his
step, knowing that in his heart of hearts, his vision would turn into
reality.  Big Mal sat among the assembled Senators, joking with senior
Liberal Party minders.  When the final vote was taken he sided with the

Big Mal, Senator extraordinaire the man who sold his soul for the Deputy
Leadership of the Senate, fractured Johnny's dreaming.  Johnny's dream lay
shattered among the concrete remains of reality.  To make matters worse, the
National Party hayseeds had recovered from his burst of impeccable logic and
now wanted to stop him stealing the peoples' Telstra dreaming.  Looks like
poor Johnny Howard is doomed to be a one term Prime Minister.
JOSEPH TOSCANO (Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society).


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Spencer, Victoria Numero Uno of One Notion - she makes Pauline Hanson look
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