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(en) Outcry For Justice

From will kemp x346544 <will@iww.org.au>
Date Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:10:00 +1000 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

                             Outcry For Justice
     If you have the words

                        "To thine own self be true"
                                                 written in your heart
              then please switch on and read on.... thank you.
   My name is Letty Marie Scott. I am an Aboriginal woman of the
   Anmatyerre people from Central Australia. I have been engaged in a
   struggle for justice for more than thirteen years against the
   govermemnt of the Northern Territory of Australia. My late husband,
   Douglas Bruce Scott was unlawfully incarcerated in Darwin prison on
   remand for 61 days, (without his consent), tortured and murdered by
   prison officers employed by the government of the Northern Territory
   of Australia.
   The remand warrant that was used as the order of incarceration,
   alleged that my late husband had committed the offence of swearing in
   a public place. He was remanded to Darwin prison from 31st May 1985 to
   29th July 1985. He did not live that long. He was found hanging in his
   cell on the morning of Friday 5th July 1985. Whilst in custody prior
   to his death, he was threatened by prison officers of their intention
   to kill him. He was bashed by prison officers prior to his murder. One
   of the episodes of beatings by prison officers resulted in a powerful
   blow to the head which severely damaged Douglas's eye to the extent
   that his eye was pointing in the wrong direction, swollen and on the
   verge of falling out of its socket (this is documented).
   There is photographic evidence to prove that my late husband was hung
   There is evidence from the eyewitnesses which reveals that:
     * Four prison officers armed with PR24 batons unlocked and entered
       his cell in the early hours of the morning of Friday 5th July
     * The other prisoners heard my husband calling out for help and they
       heard beating noises coming from his cell.
     * An eyewitness situated in the cell directly opposite the
       deceased's cell called out to prison officers and say "Hey you
       white cunts, that's my mate, leave my mate alone".
     * One of the prison officers came out from my husband's cell and
       attended the eyewitness's cell. The prison officer threatened the
       prisoner to shut up "or you will be next". The officer then
       returned to my husband's cell and continued with his colleagues in
       their attacks on Douglas.
     * After some time the cries for help stopped and the prison officers
       locked the cell and left the block.
     * Shortly after 6am on the morning of Friday 5th July 1985, two
       prison officers attended my husband's cell, unlocked the door,
       opened it and entered the cell.
     * My husband's dead body was hanging by the neck with a white
       tightly twisted sheet fastened around his neck with multiple slip
     * His head was close to the ceiling.
     * There was thick blood on his face situated in the area from
       directly below the nostrils to the chin.
     * Two prisoners were detailed to clean up the cell.
     * They found a lot of blood on the walls, blood on the floor, blood
       on the mattress, sheet and pillow, blood in the toilet and blood
       around the toilet.
     * On the photgraphic evidence it shows that Douglas had cotton wool
       stuck in his ears to cover up the haemorrhaging that occurred
       after the brutal beatings and murder of Douglas Bruce Scott.
   The Northern Territory prison officers held Douglas unlawfully in
   custody for sixty days before murdering him.
   The police, prison and Royal Commission covered up the murder. I,
   Letty Scott have been fighting for thirteen years to expose that the
   numerous "Death in Custody" cases in Australia, of which some happen
   in police custody and some in prison custody, are in many cases an
   outcry of brutal violation against human rights. Nearly 60 million
   dollars of taxpayers money has been used to cover up the brutal
   murders of Aboriginals all over this country. Various state and
   federal governments have tried to smooth over the truth about
   Aboriginal "Deaths in Custody" in Australia.
   My legal representation flew to Darwin in the Northern Territory to
   submit a statement of claim for "unlawful incarceration of 61 days and
   murder" on the 25th of September 1998.
   After the issue of this statement of claim for murder and unlawful
   imprisonment, to the government of the Northern Territory, I received
   a summons to appear in the Darwin Supreme court,. I was given 48 hours
   to prepare myself to appear in court on the morning of the 26th of
   November 1998 at 9.30AM to face proceedings of judgement against me to
   pay damages to the Northern Territory Government incurred over the
   last thirteen years of fighting for justice!
   I am outraged that after all the suffering my family had to go through
   and is still going through, I, Letty Scott, could be facing a long
   jail sentence as I have no money to pay up.
   My family and I have suffered immensely, the trauma has caused
   irreparable damage to my children, they struggle to cope with daily
   life. We have been harassed, followed, slandered and have faced
   extensive racist behaviour towards us. We have been alienated and are
   fearful of our lives, we have been on the run and never stay long
   enough in one place to give my family a normal stable life.
   I am appealing to the world, I need help, financially, legally and I
   need media attention. I have no choice than to bring this to
   international attention, I have fought but lost a battle, there is
   nothing more I can do here, I need to call upon the international
   I fear for the lives of my children and my own life. I call for
   justice. Please hear me and help. I need to raise money as I would
   like to approach the International Court for Justice in The Hague in
   the Netherlands. I have to leave Australia.
   Any response to this injustice is more than welcome. I have opened an
   account for donations to be made towards helping me in this fight
   against human rights violations. There is a web site available for
   interested parties wanting to look at evidential material.
   For donations, please send to:
   Commonwealth Bank savings account
   Casuarina, Northern Territory
   Mrs Letty Marie Scott
   account no: 765903 225214
   Signed: Letty Marie Scott
   25th November, 1998.

*** Letty's court case has been adjourned till New Year's Eve.
Please fax letters of support to Rodney Lewis (International Commission of
Jurors) in Sydney:

Fax: (Australia) 02-9804 6044

*** The web site for information on this case is being built at:



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