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(en) International Day Against Police Brutality - March 15

From seahorse@odyssee.net
Date Mon, 7 Dec 1998 09:09:31 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

This day of protest first began in 1997, at the initiative of the Black
Flag collective in Switzerland. Citizens Against Police Brutality, from
Montreal, Canada helped launch this international day of action. In 1997,
over 50 groups from 14 countries participated in this event.

For the last two years, the International Day Against Police Brutality
(IDAPB) has been a success. The groups that have participated in this event
are critical of more than just police brutality: they also criticize white
supremacy, genocide, patriarchy, hetrosexism, capitalism, the state, etc.
Most participating groups have been anti-authoritarian and/or anarchist
However this doesn't mean that participating groups must be of that nature,
only that political parties and other governmental bodies that would use
this day of protest for their own opportunistic ends, would be doing a
disservice to the public. This day of protest should remain as
decentralised as possible, so that groups, coalitions, and people at large
can decide upon what they wish to do.

What to do on March 15?

This depends on what groups in the various regions of the world decide
upon. It is the decision of each group and will often depend on various
things: the political situation in the country, the group's will and energy
to organise an event, resources, etc.

To date various types of events have taken place: street theatre, painting
murals, demonstrations, conferences, workshops, photo and text exhibitions,
radio shows, and cultural events. Some groups have done more than one event
for the day. In some cities, coalitions have been formed to organise for
IDAPB. Any group or individual can do something. Our imagination is the key.

On March 15 as the date:

The date for IDAPB, March 15, was chosen by the Black Flag collective in
Switzerland. They chose this date because on this
day, two youths, aged 11 and 12, were beaten by Swiss police. Some groups
may be unable to organise for this exact date. If the date is changed, it's
a good idea to keep it close to the original date.

Decentralised organisation:

We strive to make this day a decentralised, global day of protest. However
there have been some difficulties in answering all the e-mail, as well as
overcoming language differences. This has resulted in some
misunderstandings. Some people thought that we would put out flyers and
pamphlets to distribute. Our goal is to get the message out. While we would
like to offer more help to
others, we are ourselves busy organising the event in Montreal. It is up to
the groups / individuals to decide how they will organise this day in their

Denouncing state violence with solidarity and creativity

Some people have remarked the fact that IDAPB is a single issue event that
does nothing to change the real problems of the world. However, the state
holds in its possession a monopoly on violence, and denouncing the
protectors of the state - the police - is an action that oppressed people
around the globe can relate to and fully participate in. For it is the
poor, people of colour, the homeless, immigrants, sex workers, political
activists, and all marginalized people in "society" that are the first to
become victims of police brutality and the judicial system. The
criminalization of youth, people of colour, and the poor has reached
epidemic proportions in many regions.

If you wish to contribute a translation of this web page please feel free
to do so. You may contact us by e-mail or regular mail.

We welcome your questions and comments.

Mailing address:

c/o La Librairie Alternative
2035 St-Laurent 2ieme etage
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2T3

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