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(en) Five pieces on Eastern European anarchism &/or workers' movements

From ralf@anarch.free.de (originally from GraueMaus@compuserve.com)
Date Sun, 6 Dec 1998 02:32:52 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dear friends and comrades,
i've just completed five translations into English which you may be inter
ested in. If so, just send me your "request" of any particular one(s) or 
all five and i will send you the file(s) by e-mail as so-called "attached
 files". (If this method is likely to be a problem, let me know).

The five pieces are:

1. "Under Fire Between the Lines" by Yaroslav Leontyev and Peter Ryabov -
 about the Volunteer Medical Brigade formed by various socialists and ana
rchists during the putsch-like events of 3-4 October 1993 in Moscow. Publ
ished in the Irkutsk newspaper "Versia" (date of issue unknown). Translat
ed from Russian by Will Firth with financial assistance from the Institut
e for Anarchist Studies. (Word 6.0 file, size: approx. 41 KB); 

2. "A Survey of the Anarchist Movement in the Ukraine 1987-1994" by A. Du
bovik & A. Skrozitsky, published in the St Petersburg anarchist magazine 
"Novy Svyet", no. 2 (33), summer 1995. Translated from Russian by Will Fi
rth with financial assistance from the Institute for Anarchist Studies. (
Word 6.0 file, size: approx. 34 KB);

 3. "Down with the Sultan, Long Live the Balkan Federation!" - a compilat
ion of several chapters from the book "National Liberation and Libertaria
n Federalism" by Georgi Khadzhiev, published by ARTIZDAT-5, Sofia 1992. T
he compilation includes the pieces on the St Elijah Day uprising in Maced
onia in 1903; the "Transfiguration uprising" in Thrace in 1903 and the fi
rst libertarian commune in Bulgaria; and the consequences and lessons of 
the uprisings. Translated from Bulgarian by Will Firth with financial ass
istance from the Institute for Anarchist Studies. (Word 6.0 file, approx.
 117 KB);

4. "'Make Way for the Working Class!' - The Russian Workers' Uprising in 
Novocherkassk, 1962." Four pieces from an August 1992 supplement to the M
oscow Trade-Union Federation's monthly paper 'SOLIDARNOST'. Translated fr
om Russian by Will Firth. (Word 6.0 file, size: approx. 120 KB); 

5. "The Workers' Movement in Serbia and Ex-Yugoslavia" - a paper by Revol
utionary Group TORPEDO, Serbia, 1995, translated from Serbo-Croat by Will
 Firth. (Word 6.0 file, size: approx. 52 KB).

N.B. Interested newspaper and magazine collectives or other prospective p
ublishers may be happy to know that there is a certain (limited) amount o
f accompanying graphic material which i can later send by snail mail as r

Piece 1: I could send a photocopy of a reproduction of a photo of some me
mbers of the Volunatry Medical Brigade, but the quality is so poor as to 
be virtually unusable. Instead i would suggest you find a picture of the 
White House in Moscow burning; or perhaps juxtapose two photos, one of Ye
ltsin and one of a National-Bolshevik leader (e.g. Anpilov), representing
 the two camps which clashed in Moscow in October 1993. 

Piece 2: Reasonable-quality black and white photos from the early 90's of
 Ukrainian anarchists at a protest, of a Makhnovist banner, and of one of
 the small carts which Makhno's army mounted machine guns on. 

Piece 3: Poor-quality photocopies from the book the translation is from, 
e.g. of some of the figures mentioned in the piece, or of the cover of a 
revolutionary newspaper from the period. I've done a neat, hand-drawn map
 of the region (with the place-names printed out by computer) which might
 be worthwhile reproducing... I could also send a title page or a little 
graphic from a contemporary Bulgarian anarchist paper, e.g. 'SVOBODNA MIS

Piece 4: Photocopies of reproduced photos from the 'SOLIDARNOST' suppleme
nt which the texts are from - poor quality, but very interesting. 

Piece 5: No graphics. But it might be appropriate for you to do some kind
 of map showing a selection of the places in ex-Yugoslavia mentioned in t
he text and putting them in relation to the current state borders. I have
 listed all the place names at the end of the file the text is in. Also i
 could send a title page or a little graphic from a contemporary anarchis
t or trade-union publication from somewhere in ex-Yugoslavia.

I_M_P_O_R_T_A_N_T : Please only request graphics if you are certain to be
 publishing a piece, perhaps after having read it, since doing up graphic
s and sending them to interested parties involves cost and effort.

Anarchist greetings

Will Firth

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