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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review 26.8.98

From "Phil McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:22:15 +1000

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Number 314
24th - 30th August, 1998



It's highly likely that when you read this article, Australians will have
been propelled into a festival of parliamentary democracy.  Unless the
Liberal Party suffers a horrendous defeat at the Tasmanian state elections,
John Howard will call a Federal election sometime between early and mid
October.  As anarchist activists we need to be prepared for the forthcoming
two minutes of illusory power.

You know and I know that power does not lie in parliament, it lies in the
boardrooms of national and trans-national corporations.  They draw up the
agenda, parliament colours in the squares.  Australia is one of the last
nation states on this planet that forces its citizens to vote.  Since 1922
both State and Federal electors have been penalised for not participating in
the electoral farce.

As anarchists, we don't want to participate in this sham.  Parliamentary
democracy is two minutes of illusory power.  We believe in direct democracy,
not parliamentary rule.  The Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed
Society/Anarchist Media Institute have had enough of this farce.  Not only
do we believe that it is morally wrong to force people to write out a blank
cheque to give parliamentarians illusory power over the next 3-4 years, we
also believe that the laws that force people to vote are unconstitutional.

We don't want to hide in corners and let the state hold its festival of
parliamentary rule without challenging the law that makes criminals of
people who want to be involved in the struggle to create a society that is
based on direct democratic principles.  Irrespective of when the next
Federal election is held, whether in October this year or March next year,
we intend to launch a vocal direct challenge to the laws that made us
criminals because we don't want to participate in their little festival.

We encourage other anarchists across this continent to launch their own
Direct Democracy, Not Parliamentary Rule Campaign.  We encourage you to
become involved in a movement that calls on people to boycott the
forthcoming Federal election.  The electoral process gives us an opportunity
to present our ideas to people who are disillusioned with the parliamentary
farce.  It's time we used this golden opportunity to publicly discuss the
nature of democracy.

We will not be able to conduct this campaign without your help.  We need
your assistance.  As the campaign unfolds there will be opportunities for
you to become involved.  Think about it!  Do you want more of the same half
truths?  Do you want to support a system you don't believe in?  Or do you
believe it's time that the illusions surrounding parliamentary rule are
openly challenged.

Ultimately the success of the Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed
Society/Anarchist Media Institute electoral campaign depends on the degree
of support our efforts are able to generate in the community.


They both love the elderly, well I tell a little white lie, they both love
to talk about how they love the elderly.  A report was released on Monday
which sank the boot into the nursing home industry in Australia.  Just in
Victoria, forty one nursing homes (1700 residents) have been singled out by
the Commonwealth government for not providing even basic nursing care.

In an attempt to deflect any criticism of the Federal government, just
before an election, Warwick Smith, the Federal Minister who is responsible
for nursing homes, has come out swinging.  Standing on his soap box, he has
publicly carried on about how its not good enough and how he will do
everything in his power to fix the matter!!  Fighting words indeed.  Not to
be outdone, Jeffrey Glib Kennett, opportunist extraordinaire, (the man who
John Hewson accuses of helping the Liberal Party lose the unlosable
election), has come out mouthing off about how he will investigate every

Fighting, caring words indeed.  Unfortunately for any of us who have elderly
friends and family who need nursing care, the tears shed by these two men
are crocodile tears.  Many of the deficiencies that are glaringly obvious in
the nursing home sector, are a direct consequence of policies both men have
devised and implemented.  Just last year the Federal Government made a few
changes to the way Commonwealth payments are made to private nursing homes.
One of their most extraordinary decisions, concerns payment for the number
of nursing hours that are provided in each nursing home.  In the past, each
nursing home was allocated payment for a certain number of nursing hours.
If the hours allocated were not used, the money was refunded to the
Commonwealth Government.  Not any more, nursing grants are allocated and
paid irrespective of whether private nursing homes use nurses or not.
Knowing how the private nursing home industry operates, it's not surprising
to learn that many nursing home owners have pocketed the money and not
provided the necessary nursing care.

It's easy to break into laughter when you listen to the great helmsman
refuse to take any blame for the current poor state of nursing homes.  You
see the great man and his bunch of intellectually challenged colleagues,
deregulated the private nursing home industry in 1994.  It's really pathetic
when you hear the great man's excuse for the current debacle.  In his
opinion private nursing homes should provide humane care for their
residents, irrespective of whether the industry is regulated or deregulated.
Examining this statement, it's obvious Jeffrey doesn't seem to understand
that profits, not morals, determine the level of care in private nursing
homes.  If there are no regulations, owners will squeeze the residents and
increase their profits.  What else do you expect from the private sector?
We all know the importance of the bottom line in any profit driven industry.
The bigger the profit, the happier the owner.  Nursing homes that are
established to create profits are always more interested in the amount of
profits they make, than the type of nursing care they provide.


Regular readers of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review will be familiar with the
saga of Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, the black anarchist who was expelled from
Australia courtesy of those free thinkers in the Liberal/National and One
Notion Party.  Lorenzo, a guest of the Australian Anarchist community was on
a speaking tour of Australia last year when he was arrested illegally,
jailed illegally, beaten, harassed and eventually driven out of the country.
He now has been banned from the shores of our fair (very fair) nation by the
Liberal/National party goons.

Well Lorenzo has had enough of this garbage.  On the 23rd of July 1998, he
lodged a 50 million dollar law suit in Los Angeles against the Australian
government.  Lorenzo's activities in Australia did not go unnoticed by that
bastion of freedom, the United States government.  Since his return to the
land of Hope and Glory, Lorenzo Ervin has had law suits filed against him
for running a "pirate" radio station.

He and two other members of Black Autonomy, an Anarchist, group face serious
criminal charges because they took over a podium at their local city hall to
protest the gunning down of two young black men by local law enforcement
officers.  Lorenzo's mail is seized (a Federal offence), his phone is tapped
and he is under constant police surveillance.

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin has not been stopped, by these threats, he is still
determined to fight for a new egalitarian community and is still involved in
the struggle against racist violence.    Messages of support can be sent to
Lorenzo via email <komboa@hot.mail.com>


A number of disturbing images of slaughtered civilians have been flashed
across the globe in the past two weeks.  Dismembered and bleeding bodies
from Northern Ireland, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Afghanistan have graced
the world's television screens.  The single most important picture that
flashes across my mind is the indiscriminate nature of these atrocities.

It looks like we all have become potential victims in acts of terror that
are carried out by nationalist bigots, religious bigots and the number one
terrorist in our midst, the avenging nation state. Technological innovations
have changed the nature of post-modern warfare. Chemicals, biological
weapons and possibly nuclear weapons are now not only in the hands of nation
states but in the hands of people who believe that only their ideas and
values are legitimate.  Everybody else is a target.

The portable nature of weapons of mass destruction make all of us hostages
to people who believe there is only one way to approach life - their way.
Although there may be ideological differences between the instigators of the
slaughter of civilians we have witnessed across three continents in the last
few weeks, the perpetrators of these atrocities have much more in common
with each other than their victims.

Those responsible for this slaughter believe that their desires and needs
override human life.  Anarchists across the globe harbour a deep revulsion
against all those who indiscriminately use technology to wage war on
ordinary people trying to survive in an increasingly hostile world.


The writing is on the wall.  Over the next two months the planet will be
plunged into another depression.  As the world's financial markets digest
the Russian economic melt down, investors in Europe and the United States
are nervously looking at South America's markets.

Over the last two years Central and South America has been made into a free
trade zone.  This zone has been held up as an example of how third world
economies can join the big boys and girls if they deregulate their markets
and open up to all and sundry.  A number of South American currencies have
come under enormous pressure over the past few days.  It won't be long
before the last domino outside Europe and the United States collapses.

The ramifications of such a collapse are horrendous to contemplate.  The
collapse of the South American market economy is not just an economic
collapse, it's a political and ideological collapse.  Over the last twenty
years the world economy has been subjected to a triple plague -
privatisation, globalisation and free trade.  The collapse of South
America's markets will precipitate a United States and European depression.

The writing is on the wall for capitalism.  Whether capitalism is replaced
by a period of barbarism or co-operative change ultimately rests in our
hands.  It's up to each one of us to become involved in the struggle to
create a community where both power and wealth is shared by all, not
monopolised by a minority.


Q.  Are all anarchists atheists?

A.  No!!  Anarchist don't have a problem with people having a belief in the
supernatural or for that matter a deity or a whole bevy of deities.  The
problem anarchists have with people with religious beliefs are threefold,
they oppose organisations that people create to act as an intermediary
between them and their beliefs, they oppose religious dogma that strips the
individual of free will and they oppose religious dogma that are exclusive
and treat the rest of society as heretics.

Many anarchists have beliefs that transcend the material reality that they
are faced with.  Their relationship with their god/s is a personal one which
they exercise as individuals with free will, not as automation's who follow
the dictates of leaders who supposedly have God's ear.  Anarchists tolerate
and support an individual's right to worship as they wish, but they don't
support an individual's efforts to impose their beliefs on other people by
the use of force and fear.

Some of the darkest pages of human history have been written by religious
bigots who capture state power and then use the full might of the state
apparatus to impose their beliefs on other people.  The pages of history are
littered with examples of massacres that have been carried out by various
religious groups and sects.  The brutal behaviour of the Taliban militia in
Afghanistan today, is an excellent example of what happens when groups with
a religious agenda, seize state power and use that power to impose their
will on the community.

Anarchists oppose all religious fundamentalist groups that use their
religious beliefs as a smokescreen to enslave other people.  Anarchist
militants bitterly oppose religious bigots and fundamentalists.  Anarchists
oppose both the secular and the religious state, because they oppose
hierarchy and inequality.  The very structure of most religious
organisations is a bulwark against free choice.

There are both authoritarian and libertarian tendencies within all major
religious faiths.  Anarchists tend to support the libertarian elements
within these traditions.  In some situations anarchists may find themselves
offering temporary support to elements within religious organisations, that
are attempting to stem the fundamentalist tide that has been such a
prominent feature of organised religion as we approach the 21st century.
Although all anarchists are not atheists, they all oppose the dreadful
attempts of religious organisations that try to manipulate and squash
individual free will.


So you're part of a community group that has a particular aim in mind.
You've been able to identify the problem and have built a local movement to
tackle the problem.  You've been so successful in your organisational
endeavours that a government department, the corporate world and possibly
the police are beginning to take an interest in your campaign.

They know that you are now a permanent part of the scene and they know you
are willing to take action to get what you want.  Their plans are
diametrically opposed to your plans, they need to contain the emerging
protest group, starve it of air and slowly kill it.  The organisation has
entered a dangerous phase in its development, how you react to these initial
overtures will ultimately determine the success or failure of the movement.
Remember you'll initially be bliss-bombed.  You'll be told "we're from the
government, we're here to help you."  Corporations will try to negotiate
with you via their public relations arm.  We all know the role of the
corporate world's spin doctors.  The police will want to open up dialogue,
especially if you plan to become involved in mass community action.  The
police force knows there aren't many brownie points to be won by  wading
into community activists with batons and horses.

A few points to help you with your negotiations:

A) Be clear about your aims, put them down on paper.
B) Conduct regular public meetings, the groups ultimate power and authority
revolves around local participation.
C) Keep an eye out for the midwives of state capitalism.  So-called
professional activists who see your local struggle primarily as a recruiting
D) Delegates should have limited mandates and should be local people, not
outside supporters.
E) If outside people want to help you, ensure they don't swamp locals.  The
best way to deal with this situation is by forming support groups that are
separate to the local group.
F) Tell the people from the government, corporate world and the police that
you only have a mandate to discuss and there will be no changes to the
groups aims without ratification of any decision by a public meeting.
G) Ensure delegates who are appointed or elected only have a specific
H) Never see their representatives together, see them one at a time.  This
prevents them from ganging up on you.
I) Always have three delegates or more at any meeting with them.
J) Do not become co-opted by becoming involved in surveys or an endless
round of meetings -  remember they're paid to negotiate, you're a group of
volunteers who have to earn a living.
K) Do not negotiate with lower level bureaucrats, ask to negotiate with
senior personnel in the department.  If they won't come  to the party, no
L) Never negotiate with the Corporations public relations  arm, they have no
power, demand that the person you negotiate with has the authority to make
M) When you negotiate with the police, negotiate with a senior officer from
the local station.  As they are part of the local community they understand
they need to keep up a reasonable  relationship with your group.
Remember, clear goals, clear decision making processes and a flexible
strategy go a long way to helping you secure your ultimate goal.  Don't
forget you are ultimately only as strong as your local support base.  No
local support, no movement.


Tom Barker was born in the Lakes District in England in 1887.  He ran away
to Liverpool at the age of 15 and joined the 8th Hussars, an Irish Cavalry
regiment in 1904.  He was discharged from the army in 1909 after a bout of
rheumatic fever.  In the same year he headed off to New Zealand and became
the secretary of the New Zealand Socialist Party, at the age of 25.  He
joined the Chicago wing of the I.W.W. when it formed a chapter in New
Zealand in 1912.  He was heavily involved in the New Zealand strike wave in
1912-13 and was arrested for sedition in 1913.  He escaped to Sydney in
February in 1914 before standing trial.

At twenty six years of age he was an accomplished orator, writer, organiser
and militant.  He joined up with the Sydney I.W.W. in 1914.  By the end of
1914 he was the editor of Direct Action and secretary of the Sydney local of
the I.W.W.  Barker wrote and printed the most famous Australian anti-war
poster in July, 1915.  On the 3rd October 1915 he was charged with
publishing a poster prejudicial to recruiting.  He was convicted, fined 50
pounds or six months imprisonment but won an appeal against the conviction
in October 1915.  He was charged with the same offence (he published an
anti-war cartoon by Syd  Nicholls in Direct Action) in March 1916.  This
time he was convicted and fined one hundred pounds.  He refused to pay the
money and was sent to jail for 12 months.
His imprisonment resulted in widespread I.W.W. protests, the authorities
used these protests as a cloak to frame the I.W.W. twelve.  He was kept in
jail till August 1918 and then deported to Chile.  The Chilean authorities
eventually deported him to Argentina.  He was jailed on his arrival in
Buenos Aires but was released after a short time.  After he left Argentina
he made his way to Norway for an international trade union meeting.

Tom Barker eventually settled in London.  After the Second World War he
became a Labor Councillor in the London borough of St.Panareas.  He remained
a councillor well into his eighties.  He was the only Lord Mayor to refuse
to wear the Lord Mayoral robes and on one occasion shocked the Labor Party
by flying the Red Flag over the town hall.  Many commentators suggest that
Baroness Thatcher's dislike of the Greater London Council was triggered by
Tom Barker's antics.
Source of material for this article, Sydney's Burning (An Australian
Political Conspiracy) by Ian Turner 2nd Edition 1969.  National Library of
Australia Registry No. Aus 67-751.


1868 - 1936, Author - Murray Bookchin
First Edition 1977 This Edition 1998,
Published by AK Press, ISBN 1-873176-04-x

Reading the Spanish Anarchists - the Heroic Years 1868 - 1936 is like
watching a fire.  The  history of the Spanish Anarchist Movement in
pre-revolutionary Spain parallels the fate of a fire.  Initially it begins
with a spark, the spark evolves into a brilliant flame, the flame dies, the
embers smoulder, re-igniting into an inferno when they are fed and fanned.

Murray Bookchin's book examines the various stages of the Spanish Anarchist
Movement from the spark that Fenelli brought to Spain from Italy in 1868 to
the blazing inferno that followed the CNT National Congress in Saragossa in

Murray Bookchin has provided a new preface to the 1998 edition, which I
don't believe adds anything new to the thoughts that were expressed in the
1977 edition.  The rest of this 315 page book is divided into ten distinct
chronological chapters, that examine the development of the Spanish
Anarchist Movement.  One of Bookchin's concluding remarks makes what I
believe is the most important contribution to anarchist thought I have seen
for some time.

 "Their movements "heroic years" 1868 to 1936 were marked by a fascinating
process of experimentation in organisational forms, decision making
techniques, personal values, educational goals, and methods of struggles."

This book is not a mere historical catalogue of figures and events, it's
much much more.  This book can and does open windows into the way an
anarchist movement can develop.  Interestingly, the same rapid changes that
catapulted anarchism into the 20th Century are now stirring the social pot
as we enter the 21st Century.

Thanks to Anarres Books for providing the review copy of The Spanish
Anarchists - The Heroic Years 1868-1936.  The book is available from Anarres
Books for $26.00.  Write or Email Anarres Books if you want a copy of the
book or their 1998 catalogue.
Anarres Books, P.O. Box 150, East Brunswick. 3057, Melbourne Australia.
Email Mailorder@anarres.org.au http://www.anarres.org.au


Bloated, swollen ankles hanging over well worn, no nonsense black flat
heeled shoes.  Clean white bandages stained with old blood, hug two human
tree trunks that are covered with ill fitting grey stockings.  I find it
difficult to take my eyes off her stumps.  No human being should be able to
walk, let alone stand on those diseased stumps, but walk she does, one foot
after the next, pausing for breath, as she makes her way to the bus stop.

Old, tired legs are topped by an old body that's fighting to break out of an
ill-fitting knee length purple dress, that's seen better days, possibly
better decades.  Her crumpled green cardigan covers ample breasts that have
merged with her midriff.  Her white plastic bag hands limply from her left
hand, a book snuggles into the palm of her right hand.  One minute, two
minutes, three minutes, she covers the necessary distance and finally leans
against a tree half her age.  She waits and waits and waits.

Although she's over eighty and displays some of the most prominent signs of
congestive cardiac failure I've seen in over twenty years of medical
practice, no taxi for her.  She waits for the next bus, leaning against a
tree, catching her breath while she opens her book.  She struggles to find
the right page, but find it she does.  She reads, her eyes popping over
thick rimmed glasses that were all the rage in the 1950's.

She waits, she reads, she thinks, occasionally she raises her head, scanning
the horizon for a non-existent privatised bus.  The balloons at the end of
her feet swell as she waits, the bloated skin oozes over ankles that can't
carry her weight.  I move on, part of the convoy of cars and trucks that
blow fumes in her face as she waits for the next bus to ferry her to who
knows where.


I've heard of duelling banjo's, but I've never heard of duelling tax
packages, that is until this week.  The Liberal/National party released
their "everybody's a winner" tax package two weeks ago.  Not to be outdone
the Labor Party has just released its "battlers tax package" trumping the
government's new improved G.S.T. added tax plan.  Not to be outdone by the
governments and Labor's duelling banjo's, the One Notion mob has decided to
sit this one out and wait until an election is called to announce their tax
package, while the very reasonable Australian Democrat folk (who put a
little bit of steel in Peter Reith's middle aged penis by passing the
Government's Industrial Relations Laws), are now toying with the idea of
passing Howard's GST package if he wins the next election.  Looks like some
people are born masochists, they never seem to learn even after repeatedly
being kicked in the head.

The rest of us mere mortals are supposed to dance to their duelling banjo's.
Well I know one little black duck that won't be dancing to their tune - you
guessed it, moi!!  As an anarchist, I'm interested in living in a society
where wealth is held in common, where you don't need to levy taxes because
what is yours is mine.  Tax is the mechanism by which the nation state
raises the necessary revenue to lubricate the wheels that keep the whole
sorry mess turning over.

I don't care about their duelling tax packages, their tax plans reinforce
the mirage that somehow governments have the power to control the corporate
sector. Tax packages are for the mugs in this society - you and me.  The
Howard and Beazley tax packages don't even address, let alone tackle the
underlying problem that all governments face, power doesn't lie in
parliament, it lies in the boardrooms of national and transnational
corporations.  Any tax plan that doesn't attempt to tackle this fundamental
problem is part of the problem, not the solution to the problem.  Let's do
what we can to break their banjo strings before the next looming festival of
powerlessness - the Federal election.

JOSEPH TOSCANO (Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society).


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Has been won by Crown Ltd boss Lloyd Williams for blaming everybody except
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