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(en) The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 21 Aug 98 -- 2:47 (#155)

From Paul Kneisel <tallpaul@nyct.net>
Date Fri, 21 Aug 1998 22:53:48 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

           The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 21 August 98
                       Vol. 2, Number 47 (#155)


The anarchist action-/infocentercenter EuroDusnie in the Netherlands
has received a telephonecall from the Dutch bureau of the European
Commission announcing that they want to take EuroDusnie to court for
a[n anti-fascist] poster the have produced. Besides this threat they
also asked the EU bureau for safety matters in Brussels to act against
us because they feel threatened by our poster(!). [more coverage via]


                     NEW FASCIST ORG COMES ON-LINE

[The material below was posted on 18 Aug 98 to the Usenet news group
called <alt.revisionism>. Other anti-fascist groups who track such
things may wish to check out the group's web site and add it to their
list of hate-oriented groups. --  tallpaul]

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Knights of Freedom (www.kof.net)
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 17:30:37 -0700
Organization: Knights of Freedom
Message-ID: <35DB6E2D.70F9@kof.net>
Reply-To: bdecker@kof.net


My name is Bo Decker and I am the Chief Executive Director of the
Knights of Freedom. 

Let me tell you a few things about the Knights of Freedom.  We were
formed two years ago in response to the rising tide of immigration, the
increasing tyranny of the criminal gang in Washington, the cancer of
smog and drugs which chokes our cities, and the tightening stranglehold
that international Jewry exerts on our people. During those several
years, KOF remained relatively inactive; our belief was that internal
strength and power must be developed before anything else.  We devised
extensive plans for the future, we established a stable power-
structure, and we worked out a dynamic chain of command based on the
"Fuehrer Principle".  We at KOF have built a state within a state,
complete with military, political, economic, and social branches of
organization.  All these things were necessary before KOF became ready
for public recruitment and began phase two of its operational plans.

Who are we? We're White Men just like yourself who feel that the need
for change is NOW and are willing to do something about it.  We're
White Men who refuse to stand idly by as our Race gets gobbled up by
the hordes of traitors, jews, and immigrants who seek to wipe us out. 
We're White Men who are ready to take back our nation and battle for
the cause of Racial preservation!

We believe that building unity in the Movement is the next absolutely
essential phase in achieving the goal that we all seek; the victory of
our Aryan peoples.  The splinter groups and squabbling which divide our
ranks can only lead us into the abyss.  We must all put aside minor
political, ideological, and religious differences in order to achieve
our number-one goal.  Anyone who fights for the Aryan Race is honor-
bound to set aside minor differences with comrades so that we may all
march forward together to the call of Racial Holy War.

By uniting together, Comrades around the world will form an unbreakable
barricade against the rising anti-white tide! 

We must band together in unity to defend our Race.  Either we stand
together and battle for the right to racial existence or we will be
wiped out by international Jewry and their nigger police.

Knights of Freedom is one of the fastest-growing White Power
organization in the country, and we work with organizations all over
the world to preserve the noble Aryan gene pool.  The time for talking
is over.  The time for action is at hand!  Everyone must rise up and
defy our racial enemies.  No longer will we accept the repression of
the ZOG.  No longer will we allow blacks and wetbacks to come here to
steal our jobs, collect our tax money in welfare, and be given handouts
because they reproduce like rabbits!  The white man is discriminated
against, abused, suppressed, blamed for all historical problems, and
expected to feel guilty simply because he is white.  Well, we won't
stand for it anymore.  Now it's time to raise the Racial Holy War and
take back what is rightfully ours; America and world belong to the


Bo Decker
Chief Executive Director
Knights of Freedom


Visit our site, join our organization, and help us in the greatest of
struggles.  The time is now, we can't let it end like this ...


              by Jose A Zorrilla <zorri@mad.servicom.es>

Dear all

Though probably the work is but wishful thinking  I have embarked upon
the task of writing a script on the International  Brigades and I am in
the process of gathering the info previous to the actual technical
thing. The english speaking participation is relatively clear both in
terms of persons and events thanks to the written available material
but french and italian volunteers are almost unknown to me.

Of this two national groups the french are the most valuable since
according to all sources around sixty per cent of all brigadistas came
from the neighbouring country. Any book or short bibliography on the
french participation would be welcome.

The same of the italians, particularly valuable since Italy helped
Franco in such a massive manner.

Moreover. Very recently I watched in awe and amazement a documentary on
a New Zealander, a movie maker, one of the founding fathers of the kiwi
movie world, that filmed his own death when helping a wounded buddy
near Malaga. Did not catch his name. If anybody could lend me a hand,
thank you.

Feel free to forward any particular deed or recollection that might be
of interest. Though I cannot promise anybody that the story or event
will make its way into the script it will be help of some kind.

Thank you all.



                         WHAT'S WORTH CHECKING

Associated Press (no author), "Trial begins in pepper spray case ," 10
Aug 98

Seth Rosenfeld (San Francisco Examiner), "Defense lawyer says deputies
were 'courteous' as they applied chemical," 11 Aug 98

Seth Rosenfeld (San Francisco Examiner), "Officer says you could put
pepper spray on your steak and eat it," 12 Aug 98

Gore Vidal ([London] Obbserver), "Big business doesn't care for Bill
Clinton or the People. So it pays its lawyers to get rid of him," 9 Aug

Emma Webb (Green Left Weekly), "[Australian] Unionists to support
Anti-Racism Rally," 14 Aug 98

InterPress Service (no author), "Human Rights: Holding Transnationals
Accountable," 11 Aug 98

Martha Grevatt (Workers World News Service), "Hundreds Turn Out to
Protest Klan [in Warren, Ohio]," 20 Aug 98

Bryan George Pfeifer (Workers World News Service), "Milwaukee Mobilizes
Against the Klan," 20 Aug 98

Antimilitarist Radical Association (press release), "Vadim Nazarov, A
Religious Conscientous Objector, Has Been Sentenced To One Year of
Imprisonment In SOchi," 3 Aug 98

AFA Stockholm (PGP-signed press release), "Nazi Fiasco In Denmark," 16
Aug 98

action/infocenter EuroDusnie, "EU Commission wants to take Dutch
anarchist centre EuroDusnie to court," 11 Aug 98

Michael Janofsky (New York Times), "Summer of Love Long Gone For
Denizens of the Haight: Streets Marked By Drugs, Despair," 9 Aug 98
(transcript this date via San Jose Mercury News)

Neva Chonin (San Francisco Chronicle), "LA street punk documentary:
Decline of Western Civilization #3," 6 Aug 98

Cheryl Powell (Beacon Journal), "Homeless woman, 58, stands firm:
Patricia Hurd won't leave tent. Complaints rise," 15 Aug 98

donut (multiple authors), "PETA Hates Fat People," n.d. (posted 11 Aug


   We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget. 
       (No permission required for noncommercial reproduction)

                               - - - - -

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