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(en) Greece, liberta salonica: Antifascist rally: Sunday 18/10, 17:00 at the statue of Venizelos. [machine translation]

Date Wed, 21 Oct 2020 09:19:45 +0300

The struggle against fascism continues, because it still dominates the system that gives birth to it and nourishes it. ---- On 7/10/2020 thousands of anti-fascists, anarchists, communists and progressive anti-racists flooded the streets of the big cities of Greece. Unprecedented in terms of mass was the same day the gathering outside the Court of Appeal in Loukareos, Athens. On that day the class anti-fascist movement achieved a very important but temporary victory against fascism. Following widespread social pressure and class outrage, civil justice was forced to condemn Golden Dawn as a criminal organization and to impose prison sentences on its members, both its leaders and several members of the raid battalions and local organizations. of the neo-Nazi party.

All these years the militant anti-fascist movement diligently dug the hole of the fascists. With marches, rallies, guarded patrols, occupations of the place where the fascists were trying to call a rally, by occupying parts of the metropolitan web that the fascists were trying to turn into their own "castles" and the steady territorialization of the anti-fascist presence, with small , text distributions and political demonstrations in hangouts, squats and neighborhoods, with attacks on local fascist offices, beatings and the hunting of Hitler nostalgia, the anti-fascist movement stood in the way of the fascists' attempted rise and spread. We can not forget, however, that for years the regime media praised the neo-Nazis who "helped" women to receive their pensions and emetically created an overly accessible and popular profile for the supporters of the most murderous ideology of capital. Journalists in the service of capitalist interests, greedy and sold-out, were the ones who threw water into the mill of fascism, motivated by the relevant suggestions of the local capital, which required a supranational strike force to stop the violent social and economic and political power of local and supranational oligarchs. Respectively, the bourgeois and parliamentary parties showed prolonged tolerance for the rise of the fascists and did not refuse to coexist in the seats of Parliament,

After a celebration, then, the representatives of the bourgeois political system and their press spokespersons are presented as late proponents of (institutional) antifascism, hypocritically celebrating over the carcass of the Golden Dawn. These are, of course, the pillars of the same system that the fascists serve, that is, of capitalism. These are the ones who for decades financed underground, who embellished the Golden Dawn in every way and then hoped for a more serious Golden Dawn. They are the ones who ostentatiously and fundamentally spoke of "two extremes", thus rinsing out the fascists, with whom, after all, they "live in the same apartment building on the right" and eat each other to see who will serve their interests more effectively and submissively. shipowners and industrialists. As Pontian Pilates, after raising their hands, now the right, the "left" and the center are competing, to join the condemnation of the Golden Dawn for voting and assimilation purposes. In this way they want to manipulate the people and strengthen their confidence in the institutions of bourgeois democracy and in the state monopoly on the administration and administration of justice. They try to disorient the social base from the class character of fascism and its organic connection with capitalism, so that the class rage of the oppressed and exploited against the privileged and parasitic strata of the capitalist social formation is not manifested. We must not fall into this trap of integrating antifascism into the bourgeois political system. On the contrary,

The New Democracy, however, may be a little relieved, because it can hope to win a section of the Golden Dawn voters, now that the neo-Nazi organization is blowing the whistle, and thus strengthen its electoral percentages in the battle of bipartisanship. After all, today this official state policy is deeply authoritarian and reactionary. The relentless police repression, attacks and arrests, imprisonments fighters, the reduction of the protests, the abolition of university asylum, the decapitation of labor rights and to strike the blow consistent with the totalitarianism of the state management of capitalist interests. In addition, the marginalization, exclusion and racism of immigrants is reinforced by the policy of the Greek state,

Golden Dawn may have paid off, but there are still active pockets of fascism throughout the territory, many of which have an organizational base and are trying to gain public space and speech. In Thessaloniki, for example, the fascist remnants of the Holy Corps and the Nationalist Youth of Thessaloniki, who, wearing the "sheep of the patriot", are trying to recruit people into their neo-Nazi ranks, albeit to a limited extent. Fascism is not only dangerous when it pierces parliament or when it kills. Tolerance of the development of fascist hordes is particularly detrimental to those at the base of the productive and social pyramid, because it directly affects their material interests, that is, their working and living conditions. The fascists are the minions of the bosses, the most reactionary and aggressive reserve of capital, which the rulers withdraw from time to time, in order to suppress the struggles of the labor movement and to suspend its revolutionary perspective. The fascists are the parastatal force that assists the state repressive forces, namely the army and the police. The timeless connections of fascists with police and military circles confirm the above statement. In short, fascism is an organic tendency of capitalism, it is the stern strategic choice of capital, not to lose the power and privileges it holds at the expense of a revolutionary overthrow and fundamental reorganization of social and productive relations. Those who, therefore, exclusively identify fascism with the Golden Dawn,

We must not be complacent about the Golden Dawn court conviction, nor should we delude ourselves about the unquestionably class character of bourgeois-democratic institutions. The capitalist system will continue to create, support and assist the action of fascist formations. The matrix that gives birth to fascism is capitalism. That is why, after all, there can be no struggle against fascism that is not at the same time a struggle against capitalism. The anti-fascist struggle is a basic and daily issue of the class struggle, it is an integral part of the revolutionary strategy. In the workplace, in schools, in schools, in neighborhoods and on the streets, we are called not to leave a shred of land to fascists and nationalists. We must be constantly vigilant and stop any attempted recovery of the fascists, using every possible means. The reorganization of the camp of the oppressed and exploited on the basis of class unity, solidarity and internationalism is today a necessary precondition for the organization of the class counterattack against the state, capital and their fascist reserves, in the direction of the revolutionary overthrow and building of liberal communism.

THE STRUGGLE against fascism continues until the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and winning SOCIAL REVOLUTION



antifascist CONCENTRATION:
Sunday 18/10, 17:00 STATUE VENIZELOU

Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative (member of the Anarchist Federation)

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