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(en) Libertarian Assembly Chuchunco: The Capitalist Economy Against Life: Reflections on the Pandemic and Revolt (Part 2) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 3 Oct 2020 11:07:06 +0300

At this time of year the situation in the country does not improve. It has been almost 6 months of quarantine and confinement in which we have seen that the repression grows and intensifies, reaching the point that almost every day there are police and military in the street, raping neighbors, common pots, gassing houses and requesting "circulation permits" with their weapons of war in hand. In spite of everything, the response of the people has not been slow to appear, and it is again that through barricades, cacerolazos, mutual support and a lot of health care we have continued in the streets keeping alive the conflict that began on October 18, 2019 These weeks, new cases of femicides have come to light where justice is clearly shown as classist and patriarchal; We have seen how the intransigent state is incapable of listening to the demands of the Mapuche community members, who denounced their hunger strike after more than 100 days; We have seen how the prosecution sentenced our comrades prisoners of the revolt to long sentences; We have seen how the most disgusting right wing continues to vomit shit on the television mornings and that every time they can laugh in our faces, placing obstacles to get 10% of the AFPs in this complicated context of pandemic ... There are so many reasons that have accumulated ... How not to be angry? How can we not want to go out to the streets to fight? ... It is a matter of time for everything to explode again ... If there is something about which we have no doubt, it is that this is just beginning and that there is no turning back.We are close to turning 1 year from the day we made the powerful tremble, we overwhelmed their police, we blew up their big companies and we met again after so long apart. The community ties that were born in the revolt are those that have given the resistance during all this time. It was neither the municipality, nor the State, nor anyone else but the people. And we cannot forget that! We have a lot of strength and an incredible capacity for organization ...

During the end of July and the beginning of August, the government promoted a deconfinement plan with the aim of "returning to normality", that is, going back to schools, going back to work, consuming again in the malls and going back to buy things we do not need, despite the fact that there is still no health solution that guarantees that the virus is controlled. Although the number of Covid-19 infections (according to government and MINSAL figures) decreased at one point, a resurgence quickly occurred ... The desperation with which they are striving to reactivate the capitalist economy is impressive.They are not even interested in showing that they care anymore,because for them we are simply cannon fodder in the face of a pandemic that they have been unable to handle.

All of the above shows us that they are the ones who need us, despite the fact that they have always made us believe otherwise. They say that wealth is generated by companies and that thanks to them the country progresses. That is completely untrue . It is the workers who move the country, who produce value, who build things, houses, buildings, roads, everything ... they are the ones who generate wealth; the powerful only appropriate it (they steal it, this is known as surplus value ) and if we realize it, they don't even work . The functioning of the capitalist economy is nothing without the workers who make it go; It is not the other way around .It is thanks to the activity of the workers that the powerful live with great privileges, such as the possibility of quarantining comfortably and safely without the uncertainty that they will not eat, or also, the impunity with which they They transgress quarantine by getting on their big helicopters to go to the beach to de-stress without anyone telling them anything.

On the other hand, in the great majority of the communes, also here in Central Station, the quarantine seems to have always been a lie; In the Meiggs neighborhood, underground bars or the mall tray NEVER stopped having people working, because if they don't work they don't eat. This makes us think of the deep contradiction that exists between the capitalist economy and our lives, a contradiction that we experience today on a much more intense level. Why eat, dress, have shelter, health and education have to cost so much suffering? Why is meeting our needs so dependent on money? Why is it so impossible to stop the economy without the country going into crisis?This is because capitalism is a mode of production and a way of understanding life that has us subjected and that the more it develops, the more it takes our lives. The capitalist economy is a contradiction in process that collapses as it advances, leaving in its wake a painful accumulation of catastrophes. From all this, we are not exaggerating when we affirm that the only way out of this catastrophe is the social revolution against this system of death.

We cannot forget the hunger revolt that began a few months ago in the forest commune and that quickly spread to the other territories in the context of a pandemic. People took to the streets out of necessity and because the government did not provide the minimum conditions to stay at home by quarantining . It is from that moment that the common pots are born, completely autonomous instances that arise with the intention of directly solving the needs. ( That is anarchy!.)We consider that it is these instances that we must take care of and promote, keeping away any institution, municipality, politician or company that intends to appropriate them, either to direct them or to clean their image. We cannot fail to mention that weeks ago, in some places it was police and military who raised common pots with a false smile on their faces and with contemptible kindness , since all these months they have shot and killed us! We believe that today, we must continue to strengthen the autonomous and territorial organization.It is essential to think about how to get out of this total crisis, since it is evident that the capitalist economy is opposed to our lives, and that if we do not do something now, the crises will be deeper and repeated over time. It is necessary to create another way of eating, dressing, educating, relating, loving, moving ... of living . The scarcity of money today invites us to think about how to live without it. Is that possible? Is it just a utopia? Can a world exist without money?

We believe that these questions are not resolved, and it is in the struggle itself that we will find answers. This small reflection, which is born from the anarchist perspective and which clearly deserves more depth, in no way seeks to insert itself into the normality of capitalism as we know it; Our intention is to criticize both money, the State, the police and salaried work (that is, work understood as an activity that only seeks to produce money and that is not in tune with our true needs; we are not criticizing "work "Because we are" lazy "). We want to break with this system in its entirety since we believe that this way we will achieve our true freedom.

The revolutionary horizon that we share is one where life is no longer subject to any kind of authority. We believe that life is possible, and even more, it is completely necessary. It just depends on us and us.



Originally published in Chuchunco City . Newsletter of the Libertarian Assembly Chuchunco # 2, September 2020.

Chuchunco, Mapocho Valley[Central Station, Santiago]
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