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(en) cnt.es: Patriotic selfishness by Inigo Gonzalez (ca, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 30 May 2020 08:00:36 +0300

It could be summed up in these two words what is happening these days with the casseroles of people whose main characteristic is to display the monarchical flag. ---- The question is, what do they ask for? Why are they protesting? From the looks of it, they ask for freedom and for El Corte Inglés to be opened. Let's focus on freedom, El Corte Inglés is more complicated, maybe another day. The concept of freedom is striking in some people, they generally refer to YOUR freedom, the freedom of others passing through the arc of triumph, even resorting to the exploitation (the new form of slavery) of their peers to achieve YOUR freedom. ---- Yes, it seems incredible, but on this planet there are people who consider themselves more entitled than others for multiple reasons: their last names, their possessions, their studies, their noble titles, their place of birth, their skin color, their flag, its genre and a lot of stupidities more, which more crazy, illogical, fictitious, absurd.

We have been playing this for a long time. Generally, these types of arguments have been used by the privileged sectors to exercise control over the dispossessed so as not to lose those privileges. They have always known how to play their cards well, we will not deny it, and they have known how to convince people who do not belong to their circle with the vain hope of entering it. You know, the poor will not be dangerous as long as we harbor the hope of being rich.

Others are clear that freedom is either for everyone or is not for anyone. I cannot be free if my freedom depends on the submission of others because then, I have to take care of keeping those people subject. We think that, to be free, we must all be free, without exception. But for that EDUCATION is needed and, in these times, education is conspicuous by its absence.

There are all kinds of theories about this pandemic, the governments of the different states are facing it in different ways. Generally conservative ideological governments, under the premise of freedom (the freedom to continue making money) are prioritizing economic activity over the health of the population with terrible consequences.

In this era of disinformation, everything must be questioned. I would not know if the measures being taken in the Spanish state are adequate, I am not an epidemiologist or anything like that, but I do have one thing clear; If they tell me that not abiding by certain rules can kill someone, I can believe it or not, but I am not so stupid or so unsupportive as to risk checking it out at the cost of the lives of my fellow men. There will be time after taking the necessary measures if we have been manipulated for some other purpose (as many conspiracy theories defend). Now is the time to observe, analyze, verify, in a word, learn. And maybe unlearn. Laying the foundations that allow us to live in harmony without domination, without government, in peace.

It is difficult to ask this of groups that are characterized by their lack of solidarity, who only think about their well-being, who think that they belong to a privileged group, accustomed to claiming their rights and not complying with their obligations, to the funnel law.

Yes, I also get angry sometimes, the desire to face them and shout that they do not deserve the air they breathe and pollute with their shameful demonstrations by car. I know that they are the same people who throw their masks and gloves on the floor (more than once I have had to hear that this is how they give work to the barrenderxs, this is the level) I know that they are the same ones who make scandals when they take care of them in the ambulatory or in the hospital, the very ones who protest because they are put on the waiting list for an operation, the same ones who vote for parties that destroy public health.

I know who they are, I know how they think, I live with them. I know that it is useless to explain things to them, that they do not evolve, that the only thing that matters to them is to maintain (sadly in some cases, achieve) their status. Don't talk to them about climate change, it would mean going for bread instead of by car, don't tell them about people who are hungry or homeless, they already give their donation in the church brush, don't tell them about precarious work They are entrepreneurs (most of the time with the support of the capital accumulated by their parents and grandparents) and we, simple workers, cannot imagine the difficulties that an entrepreneur has, do not talk about animal abuse, the animals are for serve us (some people think the same), do not talk about mutual support, they value the person who makes himself, although they generally have all kinds of people at their service. We could continue with a long etcetera, but we already know it.

I said before that yes, sometimes anger takes me, but I am clear that violence begins where intelligence ends, so they always start earlier. Let's not go down to their level.

The most painful thing of all is to see how people of humble class join their masters, it hurts. It did not surprise me at all to see the casseroles from the Salamanca neighborhood saucepan in hand, I was amused, they portrayed themselves. The painful thing has been to see people with few resources follow his example, like dogs grateful to their master, waiting for the crumbs of their eater for the good work they have done in defense of their interests. I can't understand it, is it fear? Is it ignorance? Is it brainwashing?

The great work of fascism in the civil war was to end all the intelligentsia of our country, it was clear to them, if you want to subdue the population, there must be no thinkers. Even today we are paying the consequences of this cleaning, people who defend those who exploit, steal and use them with a single argument, diffuse, indeterminate, void of content, irrational: being Spanish.

So we are not talking to you, who have an income of more than € 100,000, we are talking to you, who arrive with difficulty at the end of the month. Who do you think will help you when you need it?

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