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(en) Philippines, bandilang itim: Every Organization Has a Place in Our World By Black Band [machine translation]

Date Sat, 30 May 2020 07:51:18 +0300

Written by Bas Umali and published in Anarki: Mine is My Life 2.0 in December 2017. Published by Non-Collective (NC) and Onsite Infoshop. ---- We published it in the Black Flag for its importance to anarchists in the archipelago. ---- Anarchy is a living experience. Contrary to other ideologies and political views, anarchy was not invented. It is born of actual human practice. If anyone invented anarchy, it was nothing more than the term anarchy. But the essence of the word has evolved as a result of human need to work together to continue life and secure the next generation. ---- What factors and conditions are needed to ensure safety and maintain life? Pure air, water, food, convenience, culture and culture. All of these are combinations, contradictions and correlations of oraganisms and elements in our natural environment. It is made up of various, various and various life and processes that directly and indirectly relate to the continuous functioning of living or non-living systems.

Science also notes that the abundance of life that exists in a system is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Therefore, more and more diversification is preferable.

Imagine how dangerous the MONOPOLY mentality is. This is the LOOK or FOLLOW-UP THINKING WITH ANOTHER TRUTH.

It is only natural to be convinced of the "beauty" or "beauty" of what you do. It's natural that you CAN'T LOVE music, food, beliefs or CULTURE as a whole. NOT NATURAL is when you consider your culture to be superior. This is often the source of discrimination that leads to contempt and contempt. These considerations are MORE IMPORTANT. This view provides the justification for betraying, avoiding, harassing, harming or suppressing other people's lives or destroying the culture.

The extreme or ultimate destination of monopolistic behavior is to destroy others who do not conform to their vision and taste. Its symptoms are so great that there is a need to consider and study for possible alternatives.

A great example of this symptom is the idea of ANTHROPOCENTRISM.

According to Wikipedia it is:

From Greek Ancient "human being"; and Ancient Greek: "center" the belief that considers human beings to be the most significant entity of the universe and interprets or regards the world in terms of human values and experiences. The term can be used interchangeably with humanocentrism, and some refer to the concept as human supremacy or human exceptionalism. Anthropocentrism is considered to be profoundly embedded in many modern human cultures and conscious acts. It is a major concept in the field of environmental ethics and environmental philosophy, where it is often considered to be the root cause of problems created by human action within the ecosphere.

Obviously this refers to being a human center. It is the belief that man holds the truth and the measure of events in the universe. It is one of the basis for humans to decide to control or eliminate the animals, plants, minerals and other things that are important to the human body.

The widespread damage to the environment in which we are experiencing the negative effects is due to the lack of human respect for Mother Nature where our organic bodies and our well-being are closely linked .

This example does not attempt to provide absolute understanding, rather, it is an attempt to contribute to the elaboration and comprehension of alternatives that reinforce the view that the person is not a CENTURY OF THE WORLD or of SANSINUKOB. THIS HAS BEEN BELIEVED THAT THEY ARE ONLY PART OF THE COMPLETE ECONOMIC ECONOMICS. THE PERSON SHOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE SOFTWARE PARTS ONLY OF THE EXPRESS SYSTEMS.

It utilized the systematic logic of the study of science to refine the view, idea and experience that human and human evolution of the world and the universe are closely linked to the multiplicity of organisms to ten such fundamental things. of water, sunlight, various kinds of energy, air and minerals.

What the world is, therefore, is a variety of systems that are directly and indirectly related to which man is part and parcel of systems that constantly rotate as a result of many and subtle processes.

As mentioned earlier, WITHOUT ANY WORDS, ITS WORDS ARE UNLIMITED . It is the relationship of people, individuals, communities, families and other organisms that is RESPONSIBLE FOR RESPECT AND EFFECT. Respect and mutual respect are not abstract. It is a concrete relationship of people who revolve around knowing that there is "something else." In addition to your "SELF," there are "OTHER" people, animals, plants and things in which the role is essential to the continued existence of a "self."

Self-consciouness is what philosophers call the idea of gaining self-awareness. You confirm and make sure you are on your own because you know that there are others. You face, you talk, you have inter-actions you can be like him, he uses words but you know he makes a big difference. In a nutshell, you wouldn't be you, without him or them. Therefore, being who you are, or knowing yourself is linked to knowing that you are with another person. There are other individuals who are not part of your body. Has his own body, essence including his behavior, likes and dislikes.

There is nothing wrong with starting your own. What are your interests? What do you need? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

Nobody's perfect. This is a fact that is difficult to disprove. At this point, an individual has a need to interact with others. Let's not go further, the individual born from the womb does not come from anywhere. He is the result of the love of two individuals. Even at birth, the baby needs the care of its parents. This baby goes through a process that will awaken him or her into habits, behaviors, skills, knowledge, emotions, tastes, insights and beliefs from his or her parents, siblings, relatives, community and society. S ocialization process is what sociologists call it.

In this sense, the individual or a person does not reflect absolute unity. Man even in his / her individuality represents social or social relations with another person, society and nature. In this view the individual is not isolated or independent but he is part and parcel of whatever society, culture and ecosystem he belongs to. I do not deny that human beings can and do have the capacity to survive alone. It is advisable to leave this deed to their own determination.She will be away from the group of people and will live on her own. It was his decision, but he could never fully establish his relationship with society. Because its very appearance in society is the result of social activity. His biological needs are also linked to his natural environment.

The eloquent words of Russian anarchist geographer Peter Kropotkin are beautiful in his book " Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution ." According to him, the kinds of animals that live alone or the lifestyle they live alone are less likely to survive their species. According to his study, the species that live together through cooperation have a greater chance of surviving their species and their offspring. He noted that so many animals and organisms have shown their ability to work together so perhaps many organisms have survived and existed to this day.


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