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(en) Britain, classwar Daily FRiDAY 15 MAY 2020: YOUR BOSS IS YOUR ENEMY - fuck-tory-skum/

Date Wed, 20 May 2020 09:50:46 +0300

"We're a family here", it's a line every boss churns out like babies first Dale Carnegie and it's probably the most repeated line in the workplace. You aren't a family, you are a peasant in the fields, a kid in the looms, and Dafydd at the coal face. You can cherry pick examples all you want to convince yourself that it isn't true, I don't care if he gave you a day off to look after your kid that time, it's absurd that you'd even need to beg like that in the first place. ---- Your boss is your enemy from the corporation to the small chain he sits atop a tower of clout and you are trapped under his heel supporting him. Maybe you love your job, maybe it's everything you've ever wanted, that's great and you're very lucky. Your boss tho can take that way in a moment in any of a number of ways. Even back in the best of times , when your boss asks if you can work this weekend, behide the veil you know there is an implicit threat of social violence.

Most of us exist in intense
fear of being fired and facing
the very real chance of going
hungry or loosing your home.
During pandemic? They dictate
comes without the pleasant
smokescreen. They want you
to put the lives of your loved
ones on the chopping block too.

Stiff upper lip tho right? Show no
fear, let's work on this together.

They have millions of workers
in a choke hold and they know
it. Your boss is a parasite and
the pettifogging lapdog you
call a manager is little better.

The image there was stuck up
at Paddington Station and is
one of thousands being pinned
to notice boards up and down
the country. They don't care
about you, they don't care about
your family. They believe they
own you and any mention of
resistance to their command
will see you suffer.

As they send us back to work so
we can save their economy and
line their pockets by making
the lock down of the middle
classes a bit more comfortable
we're almost certainly looking
at preceding action while will
result in the murder of hundreds
of working class people.

Whether we see a second wave or
not, they are putting lives in direct
risk. People who would not have
been expoused will be and some
of those people, and some of
their family members, will die.

There is no vaccine.
There is no "herd immunity".
They are taking us back to the
original plan back in March, the
one that saw use fly past the rest
of Europe and see the highest
rate of infection and death.
You have the choice to say
no, not just as an autonomous
individual as an act of
rebellion but as a worker with
legal rights which those who
came before you fought for.
Chiefly Section 44 of the
Employment Rights Act 1996.

Section 44. provides employees
with the means to contest the
adequacy and/or suitability of
safety arrangements without
fear of getting the sack or
getting your waged docked. You
have the ‘right' to withdraw
from and to refuse to return to a
workplace that is unsafe if - in
YOUR opinion - the prevailing
circumstances represent a real
risk of "serious and imminent"
danger which you could not be
expected to avert. You don't have
to wait until you or a comrade
gets sick and if your boss doesn't
take adequate precautions and
gives you the ultimatum work
or the sack, Section 44. provides
the legal basis for suing their ass
for ‘Constructive Dismissal'.

This is why Boris has been so
wishy washy when talking about
the rules of lockdown. The
Tories and the bosses who give
most of their political power
want you back at work, but they
can't actually tell you to do it,
they just hope you don't have
the nous to look after yourself.
It serves them if the working
class remain ignorant to the
rights they fought for. This
isn't a magic cheat code
tho, you need to understand
what it means and how to in
force your rights as a worker.

Talk to your work mates and
organise yourselves on an ad hoc
basis contact local chapters of
militant unions such as the IWW
and Solfed etc. Get organised
and draw the line in the sand.
Even if you go back to work
you should expect and demand
the bastards to provide every
possible precaution. That means
no make shift cling film screens
as I saw in at least one Welsh
factory or packed canteens.

The bastards want you under the
heel and right now they think
they have the deck stacked. There
are no jobs going and money is
tight. If they come down hard on
your they get to set a precedent
for having you put in your place.
You gunna let them?

Peter Ó Máille

Read up:- www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/18/section/44


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