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(en) Britain, classwar Daily THURSDAY 14 MAY 2020 - COVID Press Conferences Now With Added Adverts

Date Tue, 19 May 2020 08:42:36 +0300

Robert Jenrick Housing Minister struggled to keep a straight face as he described estate agents as an "essential job" who must be in the first rank of return to worker. Not only estate agents themselves but show homes must be open. ---- At this stage I began to wonder weather he was talking about MI5, as in state agents must be back looking after our security. But no it was indeed estate agents. ---- Then came this: Taylor Wimpey -The construction firm who took £674 million net income last year on the backs of workers - had done great work in getting all their construction sites around the country back to work. Well done Taylor Wimpey! He then announced any NHS staff buying a Taylor Wimpey house would get 5% off. He smirked as if this made up for 60,000 deaths. Then, as if he realised he'd gone too far, he ended with "purely speculative viewing of show homes would not be allowed." Oh dear me no.

PMQ's Lies Reflect Badly on Starmer

CWDaily's parliamentary
correspondent assesses the
uselessness of the day's events.

I find that Prime Minister's
Questions works best if you
play the theme tune from
the BBC panel show Would
I Lie to You? Just before
Johnson starts to speak. In
the latest round of questions
between Keith (call me
Kier) Starmer and BoJo the
Clown, the uselessness of
both came to the fore.
Keith has been trying his
hardest to be nice over the last
couple of weeks by asking
questions that trip the prime
minister up without bruising.
In effect he is attempting to
bring parliament back to its
foundations as a court with
detailed questions. The thing
we have all been waiting for
is to see if this alters the way
the prime minister behaves.
It hasn't so far and this week
shows that Johnson has no
intention of ever becoming
a details man.

The PM is still acting like
a minor celebrity on a
panel show with his waffle
answers. This should mean
that killer Keith wins every
time because facts must
surely win over waffle,
peppered with lies. The
problem for Keith is he's
just far too nice and so in the
chamber he fails to go for
the jugular and expose the
answers as lies. He didn't
even pick up on the big lie
from last week.

At the previous PMQs the
prime minister had assured
Keith that he absolutely had
to deliver a TV address on
Sunday because he wanted
people to act on his message
on Monday morning. When
Monday came his second in
command, Demonic Raab,
told the nation that things
were actually changing on
Wednesday. This came about
because the prime minister
waffled in his answer to a
direct and specific question.
It was a gift to Starmer and
yet he failed to capitalise on

Today's first lie was about
what the government were
saying about care homes
just a few weeks ago. Keith
read out from government
guidance from 12th March
that said it was "very
unlikely" that people in care
homes would be affected by
Covid19. Of course, we all
knew then that such advice
would probably be wrong and
it has proved catastrophic.
The prime minister stood up
and not only waffled about
care homes but also denied
that the guidance said what
the knighted one had read
out. This was surely killer's
chance to call Johnson out.
But no, he failed to take the
opportunity. He has since
asked for clarification on
what the prime minister
knows regarding his own
government guidance but it
felt like an opportunity well
and truly missed.

For all the talk of Starmer's
effectiveness, actually
we're seeing the two of
them cancel each other out
somewhat. It should be a
win for Keith every week
but waffle, bluster and
downright lies have their
place and it seems to be the
only way Johnson can speak.
It has an effectiveness of its
own because it can include
vagaries around which
patriotic sentiment can
be encouraged. This week
Johnson has latched onto the
phrase "good old fashioned
British common sense".
This doesn't mean anything
but I suspect in a certain
type of person it suggests
that we can all get through
this by being sensible and
stiff upper lipped.

It's like saying to Starmer
"would you please stop
pulling the great people of
Britain down by suggesting
they don't understand
things?" And so Starmer's
legitimate criticism of the
confusion caused by the
government's deranged
PR machine this week is
seen as unpatriotic, snide
and patronising. Who
needs accuracy when we
can survive just by being

So who won? Starmer
showed the PM up for being
a lying toad and Johnson
showed that such matters
couldn't really hurt him. If
anything, Starmer looked
bad for suggesting that the
British public were confused
by Johnson's nonsense,
rather than Johnson looking
bad for pushing it on us in
the first place. Keith needs
some killer instinct in the
Commons to get more than
just the moral high ground

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