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(en) Greece, liberta salonica: Call of the Anarchist Federation to the class rallies-marches of May Day. [machine translation]

Date Wed, 6 May 2020 05:27:36 +0300

May Day 2020: Ahead of the reorganization of class resistance and the militant reconstruction of the labor movement in the direction of social revolution and libertarian communism! ---- The covid-19 pandemic is the first drop of a new, more severe storm that is about to hit workers and the entire social base (in fact, its effects are already being felt, they will only gradually become more and more noticeable to all of us). . It is an external factor, however, that has acted hastily in the direction of further deregulation of the functioning of the capitalist system, thus demonstrating its anti-social class nature, which consists in the reproduction of capital for the enrichment and well-being of the parasitic class of capitalists. class that appropriates by force and coercion all socially produced wealth.

As expected, the new phase of the capitalist crisis will be completely loaded on the backs of the working class once again, with the aim of reorganizing and reviving the bourgeois camp. At a time when stock markets are plummeting internationally, bourgeois economists estimate that in 2020 the recession in Greece will reach 10%, a development that automatically implies an increase in public debt. Every month in quarantine for the big capitalist economies is tantamount to a 2% reduction in global GDP. The International Labor Organization estimates that unemployment will rise by 25 million worldwide. while at the same time it is estimated that an additional 20 million people will be on the verge of poverty internationally (in Greece this year the recorded unemployment is estimated to reach 22.5%). In this already volatile situation, imperialist rivalries and interstate trade wars with a focus on oil production have plunged that industry and the corresponding economy into historically low levels, cultivating the ground for impending fierce bloody conflicts that are very likely. the world proletariat.

In the midst of this explosive situation, the capitalists are seeking to maintain their balance sheets in the first place, while at the same time doing everything in their power to turn the crisis into an opportunity for profit. On the other hand, the social base is in turmoil, as evidenced by the complete deregulation of labor relations, the violation of labor rights and employer arbitrariness, with all that entails: flexible, intensive, uninsured and shift work, unpaid overtime, non-payment of gifts and refusal to grant permits, suspension of employment contracts, introduction of tele-work, redundancies and unemployment, allowances-crumbs for those included in the lists of beneficiaries, imposition of a single minimum salary at 533 euros, Lack of occupational health measures, 50% reductions in workers' wages accompanied by a reduction in their working hours. At the same time, the financial support of people with disabilities is being suspended and the support for refugees in the concentration camps on the islands is being deprived. Not the slightest measure has been taken to decongest prisons, migrant camps and psychiatric clinics, where conditions are miserable in every way (and obviously medical). In fact, two detainees lost their lives, as they were ostensibly not transferred to hospital units. Under the current state of emergency, the government has found an opportunity to bring to the polls a bill to restructure all levels of education. which, among other things, turns the Lyceum into a conservative and intensive examination center for unbridled pressure and competition, intensifies the intensification and class barriers to higher education, evaluates teachers by opening new roads of safety and officially introduces the Department of Education. direction of gradual but systematic privatization of education. Now close, if not from 30/4, then from September or even until the end of 2020, the protection measures for the first house will be lifted, paving the way for mass auctions and seizures of thousands of people's homes. In addition to, A government bill on the environment that will be put to a vote immediately provides for a number of facilities for more immediate and more flexible licensing for investments related to green growth, energy and consequently the leveling of nature, with all that this may entail for each. local biodiversity, the local community, but also the ecological footprint that will be left behind by this type of business and construction activities. Furthermore, the same bill explicitly records the further privatization of IPTO, while there is a special report on the expansion of the Greece-Italy interconnection project with the IGI Poseidon gas pipeline, in order to include the interconnection with the East Med pipeline. End, We could not fail to mention the incalculable consequences for the weaker economic strata of the deteriorating public health system over the years through systematic state underfunding and methodical privatization of health-related privatizations. When health becomes a commodity, then human lives are counted on the basis of money for the crows of private clinics and their political bosses.

If one side of the coin shows the class exploitation of those at the base of the social and productive pyramid, then the other side shows the economic and political strengthening of the ruling class. At this juncture, the capitalists have been clearly favored, judging by the facilities, funding and tax exemptions that have been achieved by the state's political strategy. Let's see again what the numbers say. € 30 million went to private clinics for coronary diagnostic tests, while 3 university hospitals already have certified coronary artery detection laboratories and offered to assist. € 20 million has so far been given to TV channels for EODY commercials, which are required by law to be free. Each of the major private television stations has been exempted from the 3.5 million euros corresponding to the costs of securing a television license (ie a € 21 million exemption in total). The major contractors of the tolls pocketed 11 million euros. 54 million euros were granted to KEK and 30 million euros to platforms and certification bodies. The remaining money from the projected total of 193 million euros was not given to the eligible employees, but was exchanged with training checks. In addition, the shipowners, this infamous caste that avoids taxation such as the incense of incense, received targeted money from the state to "stand on its own two feet financially." If you're not fed up with numbers, see how the European Union is doing at the moment. this intergovernmental organization of capitalist integration that serves the interests of the bourgeoisie, in particular the financial capital, the multinational corporations and the monopoly groups. The European Commission has proposed that, on the basis of the European Union's budget, 2 trillion euros be allocated to boost entrepreneurship, ie to the capitalists' treasure. Unscrupulous politicians, technocrats and representatives of multinationals are discussing within the European Union the creation of a "Fund for Recovery", declaring that it will be the lever for overcoming the economic dimensions of the coronation crisis. This is how the ground for new loans is being built, the interest-bearing side effects of which are going to crush wages once again.

And while wealth continues to be redistributed from base to top of social stratification, the government's criminal policies, which are in the same strategic direction as those of its predecessors, are obscured by the methodical propaganda campaign of its mercenaries and well-wishers. of the coordinated interests of capitalist regime journalism, which diligently, systematically and logistically reproduces the infamous narrative of "individual responsibility", washed away thus destroying all state policies of plundering the social majority. For all this, of course, we do not fall from the clouds. After all, the state, as a mechanism of oppression, takes care to serve by all means the interests of the ruling class, that is, the capitalists. He also takes care of to shield the repression mechanisms, especially when it carries out violent attacks on the masses, which inflate the material misery of the latter. Somehow we can explain the government's choice to proceed with the reinforcement with personnel and equipment of the security forces of EL.AS. and the Coast Guard in this case.

At a time when the state and the bosses are trying to quarantine class resistance, workers' demands and the trade union action of the workers, the government announced the transfer of May Day from 1/5 to 9/5, Saturday! Using health pretexts, the government is trying to demystify the political and class content of May Day, citing restrictions on the movement of aspiring hikers, reducing May Day to a common holiday, thus removing its class and strike character. Labor Day is neither a holiday nor a festive day of a spiritual or post-pagan nature. Such a perception is convenient for the ruling class, which is why it is promoted by it in such a systematic way. so that it has been inscribed with this meaning in the alienated consciousness of a large section of society. For us, however, Labor Day is a strike. It is a landmark day that connects the thread of the struggles of the past with the current class resistance of the working class. It is a day for the struggling and dead of the working class, as well as a day that clearly serves as a reminder to the anarchist revolutionaries who were hanged by the state authorities in Chicago because they fought relentlessly in the struggle for the liberation of the working class and satisfaction. of its immediate material needs, of 8-hour daily work in particular. We are called upon to defend this class memory today, now that the state and capital are attacking in a coordinated manner,

Under the pressure of the attack on us by the state and the capitalists, there is an urgent need to organize labor and social self-defense and to create those conditions that will allow our class to counterattack against this system that reproduces injustice, social and economic inequalities, oppression and exploitation of man and nature by the capitalist machine. The formation and strengthening of a class front with the participation of the productively active working class, the reserves of the unemployed, the future workers (see pupils and students of the poor popular strata) and the pensioners on the basis of the neglected, direct democratic organization and in the direction of the anti-capitalist and anti-state revolutionary struggle is a necessary condition for the appreciation of our class position in the ever-raging capital-labor conflict that governs the existing social formation. Class base trade unionism and independent labor initiatives must be supported, in order for our class to rise to the occasion and clash with the capitalist class, which sucks labor power, to accumulate wealth and privileges.

Class solidarity, collectivization and organization are the only forces that can keep our class standing, while at the same time making demands for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. In the extremely unfavorable conditions of the present, we consider it necessary to strengthen mutual aid within the working class. We trust the self-action and self-organization of our class. In this regard, we believe that it is necessary to move towards the creation of mutual aid structures, labor solidarity funds, to proceed in a coordinated and massive manner in refusal of payments, to exert pressure to demand the necessary financial support of workers and poor people, and the satisfaction of the absolutely necessary popular needs (feeding, housing, water, electricity, internet) by any means.

Through the swamp of state and capitalist barbarism will blossom the flower of freedom, equality, solidarity and community, a liberated society of full self-government will be born, a new collective individualism that can be realized and developed. This is the historic task of those at the base of the social and productive pyramid. That's why we will make sure we win!






We participate in the strikes of May Day.

We support the blocs of unions and labor-based initiatives.

Anarchist Federation

Site: anarchist-federation.gr
Twitter: twitter.com/anarchistfedGr
Fb: facebook.com/anarxikiomospondia2015
Youtube: Anarchist Federation

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