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(en) Greece, Against pandemics and state-capitalist crime ??u? We remain in solidarity! By APO [machine translation]

Date Sun, 3 May 2020 08:32:25 +0300

Against pandemics and state-capitalist crime ??u? We remain in solidarity!
For several weeks now, we have been in the midst of an unprecedented health, humanitarian and social crisis, where the spread of the pandemic of covid-19 highlights in the most emphatic way the criminal nature of the state and capitalism. The state and capitalist system of organizing society, which already condemns millions to death by starvation, disease and war, is fighting not against the evolving pandemic, but in order to keep its privileges intact, its political position and financially strong. ---- To date, the state has not taken any measures that are really related to the treatment of the virus, measures that are first passed through the strengthening of the public health system. A system that the state and capital have been trying for years to dismantle through underfunding, layoffs of medical and nursing staff, cuts in equipment and the closure of hospitals. The result today is that the already looted public health system is in danger of collapsing if it is called upon to deal with mass cases in the population.

If this is the case, the political administrators, through the media, are trying, with the rhetoric of individual responsibility, to transfer the full responsibility for the cases and the victims to us, to the underworld, washing away the governments and states from them. their own responsibilities, while laying the groundwork for a free shot at rights, conquests and freedoms. The pandemic is being used by the state and the bosses to impose heavier terms of exploitation and oppression and to shift the burden of the system's crisis to those below.

At this juncture, the authoritarian patriarchal capitalist system attacks even more the women of the Plebeian strata.

This implies the continuation and intensification of the class exploitation of working women, state repression against those who fight, the inhumane confinement of refugees and migrants in concentration camps, the spread of nationalism and fascism, the crowding of people in miserable conditions in prisons, culture. and legalization by the institutions of social cannibalism - which is also expressed through gender-based violence, an aspect of which is domestic violence. All this highlightsthe hypocritical interest of the state and its mechanisms, both for society at large and for the conditions of barbarism suffered by women. Women workers, unemployed, refugees, immigrants, prisoners in revolt. Patriarchal violence is present in all areas of power, as an integral part of state and capitalist barbarism.

Prohibition of traffic, compulsory confinement at home, constant control and the imposition of fines are not related to tackling the pandemic, as the majority of the population adhered to self-defense measures, but to the military management of the crisis. Although they were accompanied by gold-paid "cute" commercials of the channels "we live at home", they were and are for many women and children who experience violence in their homes, catastrophically.

In conditions of incarceration, gender-based violence is taking off: "staying home" with the compulsory and uninterrupted cohabitation involved is nightmarish for women and children who are subjected to domestic violence. It is no coincidence that recorded cases of domestic violence have increased by 30% worldwide. Typical incidents are the murder of the young nurse by her partner in their home in Italy and the double murder of two women by the cop's husband, Kifissia. Of course, the media hastened to present the killings as a logical consequence of the quarantine, "excessive love", "loss of control" and not the ultimate consequence of a system that promotes gender-based violence and social cannibalism. As for state campaigns to tackle domestic violence, they are extremely hypocritical. Because there is no greater hypocrisy than talking about the treatment of gender-based violence by the very institutions of a system that promotes it through its laws and mechanisms. There is nothing more outrageous than the institutions that cultivate and reproduce it as opponents of forced violence.We stand in solidarity with women who are suffering from gender-based violence and stand by their side in every effort to protect themselves!

On the other hand, in fact, "staying home" does not apply much to the thousands of workers in many sectors who are forced to work day and night.

Hundreds of doctors and medical staff - the vast majority of whom are women - are fighting a titanic deficit of self-defense, day and night, with self-denial and solidarity, responding to these critical moments, working hard and being on the side of all patients. , isolated for hours in the wards of patients infected with coronavirus. We stand in solidarity with women working in the health sector and stand with them in their every claim!

Workers in supermarkets, workers in call centers (where countless complaints have been made about dangerous working conditions), cleaning crews and elsewhere are forced to work exhaustive hours, stacked on top of each other, without the necessary protection measures and with obvious danger. for their health. In other cases, they are required to work from home, without being provided with the necessary means and without a specific schedule, the rotating work with cuts of up to half the salary and with the possibility of extending the payment of the Easter gift until the summer. And all this in the midst of a traffic ban, where any claim in these areas is characterized by the state as "unnecessary movement".We stand in solidarity with the workers who are exhausted every day, keeping the production chain open, with the mothers who work and at the same time trying to support their families, with the women who raise their children alone and even face the risk of dismissal when they do not. where to leave them with the unemployed in the middle of a pandemic!

"Staying at home" does not in the least concern the exceptional populations: the homeless and the homeless, the immigrants, the refugees and the refugees, the prisoners and the prisoners, who are being driven to the margins, in a dead end for their own lives, for their own survival.

The outrageous campaign of the state institutions "we live in the camp" which is marketed as the equivalent of "we live at home" and which, in conditions of pandemic, calls on refugees and migrants, migrants and migrants to remain stacked in concentration camps, is more vulgar appearance of the exemption regime. Isolation in the horrors of concentration camps and detention centers, where even the most necessary infrastructure is lacking - accommodation in makeshift lodgings and tents, and in some cases there is not even drinking water - does not provide basic medical care, while it is increasing. Calls for basic necessities, medicines and means of self-defense from the Ritsona and Malakassa camps is clearly a state-capitalist crime. In this condition, Immigrants and women refugees, who have been forced to flee their countries due to war or economic hardship, are being called upon to fight for their lives and the lives of their children, to provide for themselves and even to endanger their own health. Also, as an illegal population without papers and in exceptional status, immigrants remain vulnerable to slave traders and trafficking networks. Neither threats of fines nor repression can silence the voices of the excluded. This is evidenced by the hunger strikes and mobilizations that took place in Moria, in Paranesti, Drama, culminating in clashes between refugees and police on Saturday, April 18, following the death of a refugee in a hotspot in Chios for unknown reasons.We stand in solidarity with the refugee women and immigrants living in exile and we are fighting together against the state and repression, for solidarity and freedom!

At the same time, the same conditions of overcrowding and congestion apply in prisons that violate even the very laws of the rotten system of power and oppression. The deadliest state crime in state-run warehouses is the death of inmate Azizel Deniroglou in the Eleonas prison in Thebes on April 9, who died in her helpless cell while suffering from heart problems. he had symptoms of coronary heart disease. This was followed by an uprising in the prisons by its inmates, which was brutally suppressed by the MAT. Detainees demand the obvious, in the midst of a pandemic: immediate decongestion of prisons due to coronary pandemics, release of patients, the elderly and those considered vulnerable groups,We stand in solidarity with the prisoners in the prisons and stand by them in their every claim. Immediate satisfaction of their requests!

In the face of this gloomy reality reserved for us by the rulers all over the world, we stand in solidarity and propose the organization of those below and the claim of those who belong to us, the organized class counterattack of all exploited people, women and men, for of patriarchy, the state and capitalism, to create a society without exploitation and oppression, to create a society of equality, solidarity and justice.

All for all and for all! Health, Food, Home




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Anarchist Political Organization | Federation of Collectivities

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