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(en) New Zeland: Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists: Who are we

Date Sat, 2 May 2020 11:29:19 +0300

Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists believe in and strive for a society in which people are in charge of their destinies collectively in their communities, regardless of who they are. This means a society free from oppressive hierarchical systems, such as the state and capitalism. Such a radical change cannot be achieved from within the institutions which maintain this order. ---- Instead, we seek a revolution from the bottom up where regular people free themselves by actively constructing a new free society together. Our organization should not be the institutionalization or substitution of this revolution, which can only be based on the self activity of people and workers in their communities or in mass movements. Instead, this group's purpose and aims are to be a space to bring together, support, build and help theorize this revolution.

Our Principles
We recognize Maori as the mana whenua, and the original inhabitants, of this land known as Aotearoa.
We acknowledge Maori never ceded sovereignty of this land, which means that those who arrived in the process of colonization (including today) come fundamentally as guests in relation to Maori.

We work actively to redress the fundamental wrongs of colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy in all their forms, within these lands and elsewhere.
We support Maori initiatives to regain and restore mana motuhake and tino rangatiratanga and aid these efforts as appropriate, as a first priority, as part of broader indigenous and anti-colonial struggles around the world. We oppose all forms of racism and white supremacy and actively promote and engage in decolonisation and indigenisation.

We work towards a society that restores humanity as far as possible to a healthy place within the ecosystem.
We recognize the current destructive path of human activity caused by the excesses of capitalism, which endangers not only our existence as a dependant species but also all other beings, who are of equal consideration.

We fight for a free society based on cooperation, communal decision making and mutual aid rather than competition, oppression and hierarchy.
We see the current capitalist system, based on the authority of the state, private property and capital, as being antithetical to full human flourishing and seek its replacement with voluntary communities based on full and equal participation and control over the economic, social, cultural, and political conditions that affect our lives.

We believe the radical change needed will come from the self-organization of ordinary people, not from above or from existing institutions.
We unflinchingly state that a revolution is necessary, and will only happen successfully through the initiative of people in their communities and workplaces through direct action and by establishing dual power. We reject the centralisation of power and the hierarchies this establishes.

We advocate for the abolition of gender norms and roles while strongly resisting the heteropatriarchy of our current society.
We have no tolerance for oppression, discrimination and violence committed on the basis of gender or sexuality within our organization and in society as a whole and fight it wherever it is as a top priority. We reject misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and any discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation, sex or gender expression.

Diversity has always existed and is necessary for existence. We acknowledge and encourage genuine pluralities in our society.
We reject oppression and discrimination of any kind. We acknowledge the different skills, abilities and ways of being that constitute humanity and reject any hierarchies based on these.
We understand that a plurality of perspectives are needed to keep our communities and discourses open and to constantly update our theories based on practice and current and historical conditions.

Our own organization actively works along the lines of these principles.
Just as any future society must be free from the scourges of oppression, our group and its members, as an example, must as far as possible strive to work according to these principles and eliminate hierarchies and imbalances of power (formal/informal).

Our work is rooted in a love for all beings and a belief in the tendencies for humans to cooperate, and to have positive relations within our communities as part of the social world from which we cannot be divorced.
We believe that problematic behaviours are largely systematic in origin rather than individual. Therefore, we believe in transformative processes within our community, in a way that doesn't reproduce the negative conditions that helped to construct these behaviours. This comes with the acknowledgement that this is not always possible or safe at any given time.

We believe in the abolition and replacement of the state, and state borders. We reject state violence in all its forms; structural, physical and epistemological. We want a internationalist federation of free communities.
The state is an oppressive institution as it is politically monopolistic and socially compulsory, meaning that it is coercive, violent, punitive and dominating. The state is an inextricable part of supporting and sustaining capitalism, imperialism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and all others forms of oppression. We do not seek to incite violence but do not hesitate to use it in the defence of the oppressed from attack by the more powerful.
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