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(en) anarkismo.net: The emperor is naked. Catalunya reveals the intrinsic authoritarianism of the Spanish state by BlackSpartak - ALB News(ca, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 31 Oct 2019 09:39:59 +0200

Monday was a curious scene. Pedro Sánchez arrives in Catalonia, refuses to meet with the government of the Generalitat and staged his support for the repressive forces visiting the police station of Via Laietana and then goes to the Hospital de Sant Pau to greet the policeman injured by the events of these days. Behold, as Catalonia is full of "uncontrolled" the hospital staff itself makes a escrache. Sanchez is booed and they must go out to the garage so that this awkward situation does not reach the press. His bodyguards enter the presidential car, and when he starts he can see one of them through the ajar glass, wielding a submachine gun. Just as if Pedro Sánchez had gone to Afghanistan to pull the troops! ---- This is the graphic summary of what is happening. A Spain that gives them democratic that always ends up showing the teeth to which a little clenches. And every time he shows them before.

In this Catalan revolt there are about 600 people injured, 4 will lose an eye, more than 100 processed and 28 of them in jail. These days the mossos d'esquadra are beginning to detain people for their alleged involvement in criminal acts during the riots of these days. For example, a boy who accuses him of launching a rocket at the police helicopter is being accused of attempted murder.

But this is not in Catalonia. Demonstrations in solidarity with Catalonia in other territories are under attack. There were 19 people arrested in Vitoria, 2 in Madrid, 2 in Valencia ... In Madrid the right-wing government wants to ban demonstrations of support for Catalonia. In short, we are facing an authoritarian drift to which all levels of the state, the media and most political parties contribute. In fact in the social networks and comments of the newspapers there is a legion of commentators supporters of the hard hand that act as "public opinion".

The truth is that Catalonia has become the great structural problem of Spain. Contrary to what the Barcelona movement said or wanted at the end of 2017, the Catalan question proves to be a latent conflict that will never be resolved without a large-scale understanding between state leaders and Catalan leaders. Or it will be resolved by force. "Why are we going to talk if we have tanks?" Pedro Sánchez must have thought.

We have reached a point where much of the Catalan population shows their disaffection by betting on independence. If there were a federal Republican party, perhaps it would be channeled there. The downside is that there is no federalist project in Spain. Even the "new" (and not so new) left bets on the unity of the country and is surrounded by a centralism that denies the plurality of the periphery. That way they won't seduce the Catalans. Guaranteed.

Changing third, in the Procés trial it was revealed that the so-called independence leaders did not want to force independence. According to his own statements, everything was a staging that got out of hand. They recognized that they were overwhelmed by the events of October 2017. The people surpassed them, although they managed to return it to the fold with the elections of 21D. The people of order who led the Procés always wanted an orderly independence, without fright, civic, to be accepted by Europe. Therefore, self-determination with the people organizing grassroots committees and cutting roads should not have seemed like a favorable situation. People were serious.

On October 14, people were already with the fly behind their ears. Condemnation seemed inevitable. The question was how many years independence politicians would fall. Seeing how disproportionate the sentences the people have gone out into the street with rage. Such was the case that the Democratic Tsunami that was assembled to convene a massive but peaceful response (following the traditions of the indepe movement) was overwhelmed in its first call of the airport. The pacifist consensus collapsed like a house of cards, at last, and in the streets a new active subject was born: that youth born after the year 2000 (I have seen that it is called "Generation Z" in sociology, which comes after the Millennials). Youth has grown with Procés. He has seen politicians try everything, and he has seen the elders make manifestations of a million people with choreographies and "not a paper on the ground." That is, civic and exemplary mobilizations. But ineffective to achieve independence. The referral to violence was natural. What legitimacy does anyone have to say that dump containers is useless? And yours? Therefore now there is a diversity of real tactics.

He has also engaged with other young people who should not belong to the same sociological substrate. Spanish was also spoken on the barricades. There are three young non-EU citizens pending expulsion from the Spanish state. The lawyers speak of the hardships that a racialized person has to go through who is detained in the altercations or following them. In short, this goes beyond what the press says.

Finally, I want to comment on the role of the second person that the anti-capitalist and libertarian left has played in these events. Without the ability to react quickly, it has again been overtaken by events. In the barricades and in the cuts many people of the movements that go by free have been seen. However, groups and organizations have been ambiguous or cold - with exceptions - until they have seen that the thing lasted longer than normal. It has not participated in the strike of the 18O in the same way that they were summoners of the strike of the 3O (of 2017). Curiously as the strike date approached, support was announced for local unions and union sections, evidencing an internal division that will take its toll sooner or later.

The riots show a lack of widespread project. Independence does not want to declare independence, or it may, but it does not know how. Assembly of elected offices? A new declaration of self-determination in the Parlament (another groundhog day)? From a town hall? Puigdemont from Brussels? While anti-capitalist movements are only encouraged to come together in the fight against repression and against the authoritarianism of the state. To defend the main cause of this conflict, which is nothing other than the self-determination of Catalonia, generates frictions and disagreements between the actors and also at the internal level of each one (Catalonia is still a mixture of populations each with frames different nationals in the head and in the heart).

However, the conflict is structural and will accompany us for a while since nobody does anything to resolve it. So either a position is taken or a subsidiary role will continue to be played. Let us understand that the conflict has been going on for more than a decade with periods that last a few weeks every two or three years followed by an apparent stop. When he reappears, he does it with more force than before and this displaces party leaders, who must rearrange themselves so as not to lose their bases. So far they have been able to control it, but there comes a time when messages of an anti-capitalist, libertarian or revolutionary character are heard and shared by the mobilized population. That can remain in a sympathetic sympathy (while the usual ones return to vote) or from our side proposals can be made, As some groups are trying. What is not functional is the amendment to the whole without getting involved.

If Procés votes for Vox, it is not a problem for Catalonia, but for what kind of ideas make up the Spanish national conscience that hegemony currently has. The confederate proposals do not fit more than on the periphery of the state and even the republic is still a minority against the monarchy as a form of government (although majority in Euskalherria and Catalonia). Every blow that Catalan society takes at the table places Spanish society more to the right (well controlled by the mass media), but that happens due to lack of alternatives. The social movements and the anti-capitalist and libertarian left would have much to say in this regard and lead the territorial proposal. The lack of these proposals means that the only option for Media Catalunya is to leave Spain that is already left impossible.

All this happens in a context of permanent political crisis in the great European countries like Italy, Great Britain, German or France. They seem to compete to see which one sinks before. And this occurs in a curious international context of insurgent struggles such as those that have taken place in Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Ecuador or now take place in Chile or Lebanon. Given how quickly the 15M of 2011 was infected (which in turn had taken elements from the Arab spring and the Icelandic revolt) it is not unreasonable to think that the Catalan revolt will also influence other parts of Europe. It is seen that when the crisis that opened in 2008 did not close, there is now a second phase of rebound. Interesting scenarios open.

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