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(en) Greece, Demonstration Saturday, November 2, Victoria Square, 12pm Solidarity with occupations and self-organized structures by vogliamo [machine translation]

Date Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:27:05 +0300

Solidarity with occupations and self-organized structures - Fire in migrant concentration camps ---- To build embankments in state and capitalist barbarism ---- In a crescendo of police and demonstrations and mobilizing huge armed forces, the new right-wing state administration has invaded and evacuated many squatters, mainly migrant women (Spyrou Trikoupi 15-17, Oniro, 5th Sokol) racing centers (GARE, Rosa de Foc) in the Exarchia area and the center of Athens. Armed police officers led hundreds of migrant children and minors to the detention center in Petros Ralli and then to a concentration camp (what the state baptizes as hostels) in order to live socially isolated and dependent. exclusively from state mechanisms and institutionally recognized NGOs.Subsequently, the entrances of the buildings were built and permanent armed guards set up, further intensifying the climate of terrorism and police terrorism attempted to impose on the neighborhood of Exarchates and in the wider neighborhoods of downtown Athens. At the same time, in the area of Exarchia are marked by cops, who act as an army of occupation, a host of attacks, verbal challenges, the use of chemicals against occupied spaces and struggling people.

The choice of the state to place the Exarchate neighborhood as the primary repressive target is not accidental. Exarchia is an area that hosts an alliance of individuals and collectivities that resist state and capitalist barbarism and find sites of radicalization, companionship, and solidarity. Areas of struggle and self-organization, as are occupations, are embedded in catastrophic schemes and at the same time territorialized by the world of power. A world based on the exploitation and oppression of man by man, where everything is a commodity and the maximum value is the profits of the bosses.Occupations, therefore, have been and will continue to be the focus of repression as they challenge the existing and at the same time represent a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom. The attack aims to intimidate political entities and to stifle struggles, while at the same time normalizing bureaucracy in the center of the metropolis and asymmetric violence by the state.

Suppressive movements do not come as a thunder in the air. The "law and order" doctrine has been a central opposition line of the ruling party and has been systematically attempted to present itself as the most important political stalemate in order to divert itself from the fact that both the right and the left (the whole bourgeois political spectrum) agree on substantive politics line applied in the last decade. In fact, the social majority has nothing to promise more than labor exploitation, exclusion, poverty and oppression.The treaty of poverty, the intensity of oppression and exploitation, the plundering of public wealth, the destruction of the environment in the name of "growth" implemented in previous years, through the Memorandums, are permanently consolidated, and both poles of the restored bipartisan struggle for the method of enforcement. With its traditional characteristics of open authoritarianism, violence, racism and police democracy, right-wing management is addressing its conservative electoral base, where most fascists are repatriated electively. At the same time, all racists, fascists and sexists from the ranks of the Bacharasi are closing their eyes, deliberately arming their murderous instincts.

These attacks are no coincidence that they are targeting the most undervalued and depressed part of society, the immigrant women.From the first moment of taking power, measures were taken that made clear the choice to continue isolation, illegalization and repression of immigrants. The management of the "migrant" passed to the Minister of Public Order. The Minister of Labor, Broutsis, has removed the possibility of obtaining AMKA for asylum seekers and unaccompanied refugees, excluding them from basic health services and livelihoods. The second phase of asylum applications was scrutinized, it was decided to step up police checks on migrant-driven streets and squares, as well as to upgrade technical surveillance tools and strengthen cooperation with FRONTEX and NATO to close down maritime borders, boats cannot be crossed with immigrants or even submerged.All state planning aims to prevent immigration by any means. However, this is not possible due to the ongoing war and economic operations of the sovereigns and the conversion of the immigrant populations into "negotiating paper" in the Turkish state's competition with the Greek and the EU. the impoverishment and complete control of the lives of immigrant women. For this reason, concentration camps, which are managed by the police and the army, have been and continue to be built.From Moria to Skaramaga and from Petros Ralli to Corinth, thousands of immigrants are forcibly stacked up in isolated places, in miserable conditions, in containers with three times as many people without the necessary medical care.The concentration camps are the continuation of the war in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and around the world, where powerful capitalist states with their allies wage war operations and economic interventions to plunder natural wealth, exploitation of human societies and world hegemony. It is a continuation of the slaves, the mines, the barbed wire, the fence of the Evros, the Frontex, the border guards. It is the continuation of pogroms, racist politics, fascist attacks, social cannibalism. The state therefore seeks to ensure its grim exclusivity to the fate of the afflicted.

For us, however, there is no choice between a more "human" concentration camp, but only the requirement to close the death camps and free the migrants from the confinement and isolation regime. We can't ignore it, not see reality and then say "I didn't know what was happening behind the barbed wire". Migrant concentration camps are a reality and immigrants in them are right to revolt and seek their destruction. Moria is not the only camp in Lesvos, but it deserves to claim the title of the most infernal hell.That is why we must stand by today's concentration camps, because this is the gloomy destiny of the European states for the afflicted and the poor of this world.

An obstacle to these plans is the occupation of immigrants and immigrant women and the self-organized struggle structures found not only in Exarchia but also in every corner of Greece. Contrary to what journalistic parrots present, immigrants living in liberated buildings live in conditions of dignity and freedom. They live in occupations by participating in collective processes of managing the space, developing contacts and relationships with the "local" population, thereby disrupting their perceptions of xenophobia and racism.Because the common ground occupied by locals and immigrants in the occupied territories creates the necessary condition to communicate the needs and jointly locals and immigrants to fight, through self-organized, anti-institutional, anti-artistic processes radical direction. To fight together against our real enemies, who are no more than the state and the capital. To create communities of struggle against all segregation on the basis of gender, religious, racial, national, and to strive for a world of equality, solidarity, justice and freedom.

The concentration camps are not a picture of the future or the past. It is the management reserved by the state for every oppressed and exploited person who does not need or consider it undesirable.

Common struggles of locals and immigrants against poverty, fascism, war, oppression and exploitation.

Demonstration Saturday 2 November 2019, Victoria Square, 12pm

anarchist collectivism Vogliamo tutto e per tutti

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